Douglas Carswell

30 MAR 2017

After Brexit, spread power

Now we're leaving the European Union, we have the chance to rethink huge areas of policy that were subcontracted to Brussels. Our aim should be to spread power outwards and downwards.

Britain is breaking free from an oligarchy. In Brussels, decisions are made by a tiny elite behind closed doors. Special interests have more say over legislation than voters. Taking back control means leaving that system of government behind.

So repatriating powers from Brussels shouldn't just entail transferring them to our own elites in Whitehall. It should mean giving people control over their own lives.

Yes, we'll be able to spend the money we currently send to the EU on our public services at home. But why not let individuals – not bureaucrats – control their own share of spending on health and education?

Yes, we'll be able to decide our own product regulations. But why not empower consumers to choose between goods regulated to different – competing – standards?

Yesterday, Theresa May talked about building a fairer Britain – to spread wealth. But financial inequality doesn't happen in a vacuum. It's the result of oligarchy. The way to spread wealth is to spread power.

Prosperity increases when oligarchy is overthrown. We need to Rebel.

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