Douglas Carswell

22 APR 2016

Brexit will sow the seeds of change

My vegetable garden in Clacton is where I go to escape politics. With the EU referendum looming, I rarely get much chance to go there. But even when I do, I recently discovered I can't escape Brussels.

You see, I recently ordered some seeds from It's a small, independent business which sells a huge variety of open-pollinated seeds for proper vegetables – not the hybrid seeds behind the tasteless produce sold by big, corporate supermarkets.

But it turns out the European Commission wanted to introduce a new EU Seed Law to regulate the varieties of seeds that could be sold.

What possible justification for EU regulation of trade in vegetable seeds could there possibly be?

The EU's assault on seed was classic Commission corporatism. In every industry, small firms that can't afford lobbyists and compliance departments get crowded out by Big Business buddying up with Brussels bureaucrats to rig the rules.

Gardeners of Britain, Vote Leave! (And buy lots of seeds from small, independent producers .....)

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