Douglas Carswell

26 DEC 2015

EU Rich List - why every day is Christmas day for the Euro elite

How much do you think the top EU officials get paid by the taxpayer?  Now you can find out.

This week the UKIP Parliamentary Resource Unit has published the first ever EU Rich List – setting out the salaries, pensions, benefits, and tax advantages of the 200 best-paid Eurocrats. It makes astonishing reading.

Our research reveals:

• The top 200 EU officials cost taxpayers over £50m last year

All of the officials in the EU Rich List earned more than the Prime Minister.

• The top 200 EU officials each brought home nearly ten times as much as the average British worker.

On average, officials in the EU Rich List each pay £50,000 less tax than they would in the UK.

• Pensions of officials in the EU Rich List are projected to cost European taxpayers £4.5m every year

Since the financial crisis, central EU institutions have imposed severe austerity packages on several member nations. Yet while Brussels has forced cuts on the peoples of Europe, it has allowed its own budgets to balloon. Our report shows Eurocrats' salaries have increased in real terms in spite of the financial crisis. EU officials have insulated themselves from the pain they have inflicted on the people.

Want to see the full scale of Euro excess? Read the EU Rich List here.

Cheer up!  This time next year, we could have voted to leave......

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