Douglas Carswell

09 DEC 2015

Fake rows. Bogus bust ups. The EU elite take us for fools

The Prime Minister is supposed to be at odds with the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk. If the anonymous briefings are to be believed, unless Brussels backs down, daring Dave will jolly well campaign to leave.

Except it's all balls. A deal has been quietly agreed, and all this bogus bust up is designed to make it look like a big win for Britain.

We know this because Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith has let it slip that the PM has already cooked up a deal "behind closed doors". This whole row is a farce.

What this bogus deal does reveal is the contempt that the political elite have for the voters. Thinking that it is still 1990-something, they believe they can spin and manipulate public opinion.

Stage a couple of fake rows, and their pet pundits in the press lobby will loyally write it all up as a big win for Blighty.

I'm not so sure. We live in an age of deep seated distrust of politicians. Folk can and will see through it.

Dave's new deal is meaningless. Staging a scripted row fools no one.

It's because of stunts like this that trust in the political class is at an all-time low, and radical politics around the world is on the rise.

We don't need to be governed by a remote elite that holds us in contempt. Come the referendum, we can end this charade – and defy the Downing Street clique - once and for all.

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