Douglas Carswell

12 MAY 2016

In Gordon we trust?

Britain can't make it outside the EU, says Gordon Brown. He's never been wrong before, right?

Lest we forget, here are some of Gordon's greatest mistakes:

  • Sold the gold. Gordon swapped Britain's gold reserves for euros when gold fetched less than $300 an ounce. Now it's worth nearly $1300 an ounce. That's a loss of some $13 billion to the taxpayer.
  • Doubled the national debt. Even without counting all the PFI and pension liabilities he hid off balance sheet.
  • Abolished boom and bust. He said he'd beaten the business cycle. Reality begged to differ...
  • Didn't spot the financial crisis. In 2008, Britain's biggest banks faced total collapse. The Chancellor never saw it coming.
  • Bailed out the banksters. The Brown bailout was one of the biggest transfers of wealth from the poor to the rich in British history – yet the banks are still as broken as before.
  • Never got elected PM. Gordon was handed the keys to Number 10 by Tony Blair, Labour's most successful PM ever, who won three successive elections. He couldn't win one.
  • Lost Labour Scotland. Labour used to be Scotland's dominant party. Today even Gordon's old constituency is an SNP stronghold.

Now Gordon Brown is taking a leading role in the Remain campaign. What could possibly go wrong?

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