Douglas Carswell

15 JUN 2016

Let's stop bankrolling the Brussels gravy train

The EU has admitted spending six-figure sums on private jets and five-star hotels for Euro elites. Who seriously believes we're better off funding their extravagance than taking back control of our money?

The Brussels gravy train is no myth – as our EU Rich List revealed a few months ago.

Eurocrats don't just earn more, get bigger pensions, and claim better benefits than the taxpayers who pay their salaries. They also pay far less tax themselves.

Our research showed the special discounted rate means the top EU officials each pay £50,000 less tax on average than they would in the UK.

The Remain campaign has spent a lot of time quibbling about precisely how vast Britain's EU membership fee is. Surely the focus should be on ensuring taxpayers' money is spent properly.

Britain is the second-highest net contributor to the EU. We put in nearly double what we get back – and what we get back, we don't control.

Why should British taxpayers, who've suffered cuts to public services at home, have to pay for largesse in Brussels? It's a trade-off that makes no sense.

When youth unemployment, austerity, and economic stagnation are the norm across the much of southern Europe, the fact that Euro elites are living in luxury at taxpayers' expense is disgraceful. It shows just how out of touch the EU's ruling classes are.

Taking back control can only make us better off.

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