Douglas Carswell

19 DEC 2011

Lobbyists for more Europe

2011 was the tipping point.  It was the year when it became obvious to anyone with eyes to see that Europe cannot be arranged successfully by grand design. 

The consequences of trying to organise the lives of millions of European's according to the heady schemes of the Brussels elite has proved disastrous. 

Europe's share of world trade and wealth is plummeting.  The currency union has become a debt union.  Far from imposing discipline on member states, it has transferred fiscal folly across the EU, penalising prudent states and rewarding the feckless. 

Earlier in the year, a Westminster commentator hectored me for daring to suggest we need to have an EU referendum.  Last time I read one of this pieces, he seemed to have switched and was calling for much the same.

It seems to be left to certain lobbyists to defend the EU project.  

Those lobbyist who grow rich by graft and deal making are defending those Eurocrats who impoverish the rest of us with their deals.  I wonder why?      

What is it about big business regulation Brussels that attracts the support of corporate lobbyists in the first place? 

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