Douglas Carswell

07 JUN 2016

Mass emigration shows the EU is an economic failure

"Leaving the EU will cause a global recession," runs Downing Street's laughable scare story. Let's be serious. If the EU is such an economic success, why are millions of EU migrants looking for work here?

European integration has been an economic disaster. The EU is the world's only declining trade bloc. The euro – which many Remainers once said we couldn't live without – has brought nothing but debt crises, austerity, and stagnation.

Young Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and even French nationals are increasingly looking for work here to escape sky-high unemployment at home.

But picking up the slack for the Eurocrats' economic mismanagement comes with costs for us.

Britain takes in a city the size of Oxford just from the EU every year. That makes it more difficult for young people to buy their first home. For parents to get their kids into the school they want. For old people to get the care they need.

We're also on the hook for more Eurozone bailouts. In fact, we may have to cough up another £2.4 billion just to plug the EU's budget black hole.

If we leave the EU, we'll be able to increase our trade with the rest of the world, and build a points-based immigration system. Controlling our trade policy will create hundreds of thousands of jobs. Controlling our borders will relieve the pressure on our public services.

Tying our future to the failed European project is the high-risk option.

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