Douglas Carswell

26 DEC 2008

The appeasement of evil

I'm reading a history book about Persia / Iran.  She is clearly an ancient civilisation and a great country.  Yet her people deserve better than to be ruled by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Yesterday, Channel 4 used your money to allow him to deliver an "alternative Christmas message". He spoke about a return to "human values".  What about respecting "human values" with regard to those killed at the bombing of the Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires?  Until those within the Iranian government involved in the massacre have been brought to justice, there should be no encouragement of Ahmadinejad - let alone promotion of his views.    

Shame on Channel 4.  Shame on those at Channel 4 who decided to give this man a platform.  And shame on us for allowing Channel 4 to use our money to broadcast a lecture from a truly evil man.  Today I feel deeply ashamed as I wonder what people in Argentina must think of our country, Britain, for giving this man airtime.

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