Douglas Carswell

26 DEC 2012

The price of being in the EU

How much does it cost us to be part of the EU?

There are, of course, all manner of hidden costs - red tape, high external tariffs, bad governance.  But one of the direct costs is the UK's contribution to the EU budget.

The EU elite would like to increase our net budget contributions to over £9 billion each year (the red block). 

That is much more than the entire police pay budget (£8.2 billion), or the amount we pay our armed forces (£7.5 billion).  It is not far off twice the amount we spend on special needs education (£5.8 billion).

Of course, we have had to largely freeze - or even cut - the amount we spend on police pay, the armed forces and education.  Yet the greedy Eurosystem keeps on demanding even more of our money. 

Why don't we just quit the EU? 

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