Douglas Carswell

19 DEC 2012

Today's Energy Bill is a disaster in the making

Today the House of Commons will be debating the Energy Bill.   It is a disaster in the making – both economically and electorally.

Having signed up to renewable targets during the boom years, the governing classes realise that we will never meet those targets without massive subsidy. So rather than repeal those renewable targets, today's Bill puts in place a system of expensive subsidies. 

No longer will energy companies compete to produce energy at a cost that customers are willing to pay.  Instead, customers will have to stump up more money to allow big corporations to produce what the man in Whitehall thinks is renewable.  Credit bubbles, shale gas, Euro disaster - is there nothing the Whitehall elite don't accurately foresee?  

Forget the economic madness of further increasing energy costs at a time of declining Western competitiveness.  Set aside the system of crony corporatism that the Bill puts in place. In purely electoral term this Bill is daft.  

Far from helping strivers, today's Bill hits them with a massive hike in living costs.   

Adding a few hundred pounds a year to one's bill might not seem much to the SW1 elite.  But it is a lot of money to many of the folk I represent, who are struggling with fixed incomes and rising prices.

This might look like a smart move amongst the smart set in London. They won't see it that way in marginal seats in a couple of year's time.

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