Douglas Carswell

03 MAY 2016

UKIP Spring

Spring is here - and the outlook has never been brighter for UKIP.

Britain's creaking old political cartel is falling apart.

The Conservative party has the slenderest Commons majority, and is led by a clumsy Downing Street duo, staggering from one blunder to the next.

The Labour party has exited stage left from mainstream politics.

The Lib Dems, meanwhile, are on a holiday from history.

The cartel consensus is crying out to be broken. UKIP is the party to do it.

Look at Wales. UKIP is consistently polling at record highs. We have first-class candidates standing in this week's Welsh Assembly elections. If they win, they will bring a new energy and freshness to an assembly that has been dominated by one party for far too long.

The big parties have failed because they have cut the people off from power. UKIP stands for bringing power back to the people at every level. More power for local communities and individuals. Less power in the hands of remote bureaucrats.

Freedom and direct democracy, or the tired old status quo? I think UKIP's future looks bright!

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