Douglas Carswell

23 DEC 2009

Why politics?

 Yoosk is running a competition to find "Britain's best MP".  Half a dozen politicians on the short list get to explain why they stood for election in the first place. 

Me? I explain that I'm in politics to make sure that there's less of it.  Get politicians off people's backs - and out of their wallets.

Too many politicians are in politics to run / supervise / regulate / oversee things for us.  (When did we ask them?)  Stop the quango state running folks lives.  Let people run things for themselves, or locally in their communities.

Imagine if politicians ran supermarkets?  There'd be catchment areas for breakfast cereals and waiting lists for bananas.  Like they run education, in fact.

Have a listen, decide which answers you like best, then vote here.

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