Douglas Carswell

29 DEC 2008

Why your heating bills are high

Polar bear This winter, many of my constituents - especially older folk - are anxious about being able to pay their heating bills to keep warm.  Affordable energy is fast becoming their top priority. 

It's no good blaming high prices all on Russia or the Middle East.  Government policy over the past decade has very deliberately pushed up the cost of energy. 

All around Clacton are plans to build expensive wind farms - both on shore and off shore.  Where do you think the money to pay for these has come from?  From your heating bill, of course.  

It is through higher heating bills that the hidden subsidies are passed on to the energy companies to pay for wind farms that would not otherwise be built.  That's right.  Local pensioners are left with higher bills today to pay for the vanity projects of the political establisment. 

And why?  All because fashionable opinion asserts that man-made global warming is a fact.  Setting aside the growing evidence that global warming is not primarily caused by human activity, to what are these monstrous wind turbines the answer?

Surely if CO2 emissions need to be reduced, the answer must be nuclear power?  It's cheaper and more relible that wind.  It's safer than coal with far fewer fatalities and accidents. 

And if government had invested in new nuclear power stations - like they have in France - over the past decade, our energy bills would all be lower.  It's time for a coherent and sensible approach to energy.

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