What is the best carburetor for Chevy 350?

So, you own a Chevy 350, and you need a carburetor? Yes, and because this is such a common question, we will try to help you out with our reviews. There is no denying that this question applies to everyone, whether needing this for a race car or a street car. In fact, numerous brands and companies offer various types of carburetors, but they all differentiate in size and style. This is why choosing just one can be a tough thing.

Let’s clarify what is the carburetor, so we know what we talk about! The carburetor is basically a device which mixes fuel and air with the purpose of engines for internal combustion working properly. So, it probably makes some sense at least to why you need to choose the best carburetor for the Chevy 350. It will pay off, trust us.

To start off the browsing and purchase well, keep in mind that there are three types of carburetors: street legal, then high-performance street/strip, and lastly the race-only. And, in order to pick the best one for the Chevy 350, you must decide what you need from a carburetor; in other words, pick the main type, and refer to our reviews below.

4 barrel or 2 barrel carburetor?

Of course, for different needs, you would need different carburetors, and this applies to anything car-related, whether tires, carburetors, or else. If you seek acceleration that never disappoints, then choose the 4 barrel (with venturi booster).

But, if you need a fuel economy carburetor, go with the 2 barrel, not the 4 barrel one.

Which carburetor for the Chevy 350 would be the best choice?

So, if you need to save some bucks and go fuel economy, get the Holley 2300 that has a manual choke, and 2 barrels.

Also, if you need a not-so-pricey workhorse that boosts the car power and performance, go with the Rochester 2GC.

Best Carburetors for Chevy 350

Best 4 barrel carburetors for Chevy 350

Edelbrock #1406 600 CFM Performer 4 Barrel Carburetor

Best Edelbrock carburetors for Chevy 350

Edelbrock 1406: Performer 600 CFM Carburetor

This carburetor is one of the best 4 barrel ones with quite distinctive features. It might be a bit pricey, but it is a classic one that really affects the speeding and the overall drivability.

First, the electric choke. This is perfect for very cold weather, and you will start the car easily without any fuss. Plus, no adjustment is needed. Then, there is the fuel economy as well, and it surely feels good when you save money!

Then, the boosted venturi. The design and diameter have a huge effect on the engine performance, so in this case you know you will get an amazing acceleration performance. Can we also say there are no leaks? It gets even more convenient for the Chevy 350!

This is similar to the Holley 4 barrel, but the quality is much better, so the overall performance is much better. And, as far as extra items for this carb go, you might need a transmission kickdown cable for start, of course. Also, if you are keen to improve the acceleration, a word of advice is invest in new oil as well.

Holley 0-1850sa Aluminum 600 CFM 4 Barrel Street Carburetor

Holley 0-1850sa Aluminum 600 CFM 4 Barrel Street Carburetor

If you want reliable and popular, this might be a good choice for you. The 600 CFM with single fuel inlet, vacuum secondaries, and also a mechanical choke is an amazing combination for the Chevy 350.

This carburetor was made and specially designed to be a great replacement, universal one as well, since it fits both V6 and V8 flange manifold engines. It is made of aluminum alloy, so it will result in 40% less weight, and even astonishing 60% more strength! Because the main material is aluminum, the outside shiny look will remain intact for a long time.

If you choose this, you get a sophisticated aluminum polished surface, with weight saving, and a lengthy shine with amazing strength of the structure. This very model also is a great addition for stock vehicles, and you will install it very easily because its system of calibration allows for a speedy and precisely simple bolt-on installation.

There is a cable-actuation of the manual choke that you can control by hand, and it is definitely great to fully control the cold start, right? The fuel inlet is single-fuel and further simplifies the installation, along with the blow-out protection of the power valve it comes with.

Holley 0-80457S Model 4160 600 CFM Square Flange 4 Barrel Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke Carburetor

Holley 0-80457S Model 4160 600 CFM Square Flange 4 Barrel Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke Carburetor

This carb is aluminum, polished, and what stands out the most about it is the electric choke, so it can be said it is like perfect for a great, powerful, and pumped ride.

The Holley 600 CFM 4 barrel will definitely give you a perfect performance, all-out. If you need to replace the stock carb on the Chevy 350, go with this one. It will last a very long time because it is made with aluminum alloy.

Simply put, you get a 4 barrel, and an electric choke. There are 2 circuits as well, with a single fuel inlet - it means easy bolting on. The aluminum alloy body has a 66 primary jet, and a 6.5 primary power valve, with a great 31 primary pump nozzle. Also, 1.563” throttle bore and vacuum secondaries.

Such an electric choke carb will simplify the warming up, and the design if it is incredibly popular because of the 1-timed port, PVC full vacuum port, and the single feed fuel inlet too. You will also easily preset for any kind of fuel pressure with the seats and adjustable needle as well.

Expect a great performance here. The unit comes with the factory preset electric choke by default, so there will be no need to worry about recalibration after you install it. It is wet-flow tested too.

Rochester Quadrajet Stage 2 Carburetor JET 35002 (4 barrels)

Rochester Quadrajet Stage 2 Carburetor JET 35002

The Rochester carburetors are quite famous, and the reason is the features they offer and the quality as well. Basically, you can’t go wrong with these, because for a Chevy 350, this is a typical good choice. The other name for this one is Q-Jet, but you might know this by now.

When someone asks about the best Chevy 350 carburetor, this could be the answer. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but it offers a lot and it justifies the price.

First, there are the 4 barrels. Two of them are primary, and the other two are secondary. In case you had a 2 barrel one before, this one packs a good surprise! And you can’t neglect the fact that 4-barrel is always better for the Chevy 350 than the 2 barrel, right?

Next, we have the high-speed circuits, so there will be no response lags and throttles, all with flawless calibration. Another thing is the aluminum dual plane intake manifold that is generally great for street cars and low RPM.

The idle speed is improved as well, which is the case with carb stage 2. You can find similar to this one, stage 1, but the idle of that one is not as good. For a maximum HP, get stage 2, and if you seek unchanged engine performance, get stage 1.

This carburetor is easily personalized, and it all gets more convenient with the fast and good start. Warm or cold engine, it doesn’t matter, just pop the key and that’s it.

And, the best oil choice would be the Brad Penn 30.

Demon 1901 625 CFM Electric Choke Polymer Street Demon Carburetor

Demon 1901 625 CFM Electric Choke Polymer Street Demon Carburetor

Let’s see what this Demon is all about with its major updates and improved design. It is a 4 barrel carburetor perfect for numerous vehicle applications, and it has a dual mounting pattern as well. So far it is good for a Chevy 350, but let’s see more.

First, there is the electric choke giving 625 CFM for a CFM range of 600-599. It is made of a strong polymer with a bolt hole pattern, and the carb flange has a ball burnished finish and a 4-barrel square bore type.

What makes it ideal fit for more vehicles is the dual mounting bolt pattern together with the electric choke. A cold start will amaze you, and there is a single fuel inlet. Installation will never be easier!

The heat insulation function is more efficient, and the area overall will remain cooler than it is normally, all due to the aerospace composite fuel bowl. Let’s also mention the better performance than other aluminum models, better by 25%! This material is incredibly strong, and half the weight lighter than ones of Zinc. The same bowl has a gasket located over the fuel level, with unplugged passages and no risk of leakages.

No throttle! There are Triple-Sack boosters with throttle bores for crisp performance, sharp responsiveness, and of course, fuel economy. With the primary bores there will be more air flow and a deeper guttural sound. The throttle response from the primary to the secondary one is seamless thanks to the torsion spring valve control.

Edelbrock 140535 Carburetor

Edelbrock 140535 Carburetor

Such 600 CFM ones were made for giving you perhaps the best performance there is. This carburetor is an aluminum body of 2 pieces which lets the metal go through expansion and constriction without the bad buckling, and it keeps the coolness of the interior temperature as well.

There are less gaskets here, and with it less leakage as well. No plastic parts in this one because they are prone to melting, or blowing and buckling when there is pressure. Some melting rods are inserted for more precise tuning, and you will notice a very pleasant and smooth acceleration because of the nice bottom feed design featured here. A good choice for the Chevy 350 as you see!

It is a 4 barrel carburetor, it has a square bore, plus a manual choke and it will deliver flawless 600 CFM. So far it sounds good.

Quick Fuel Technology BR67212 Brawler Street Carburetor

Quick Fuel Technology BR67212 Brawler Street Carburetor

A very good quality carburetor made specially for rough and raw power. There is nothing fancy here, everything is functional. It is a brawler with sinews and scars, and wild machine power for the Chevy 350.

The best thing about it perhaps, is the price it has - very affordable for anyone interested! Price is not just thrown there, it surprisingly offers latest technologies, and amazing features, as well as materials.

This 4 barrel carburetor is made of aluminum, it has a booster down leg, and it also has an electric choke for 650 CFM. Then, dual inlet fuel system of airspeed 31;31, good air bleed of 71;71, and 2 circuits as well.

The primary power valve is 6.5, the primary jet valve is 70, and the primary pump nozzle is 31. The secondary jet (main secondary) is 76 and has a (secondary) pump nozzle of 31.

A very budget-friendly option with good qualities for the Chevy 350, would you agree?

Proform 67301 Carburetor

Proform 67301 Carburetor

Brace yourself, because this might be the very carburetor quality you seek for a Chevy 350!

What we have here is an aluminum body, 4 barrels, and a very lengthy-lasting and durable metering blocks, as well as billet throttle base plates too. You will get a good 650 CFM with a very high flow body unit, air bleeds that are easily adjustable and screw-in, and even down-leg boosters that are perfect high-performance.

To make things even better, the air horn is not there! Other things lacking are the choke control and the choke tower, so the airflow will be top-notch and maximum level. Now, sturdiness - the base plates are so secure you won’t believe it, and they come with the button torqued screws too.

You can expect a valve blowout protection with secondary linkage and a base plate with slip link. The material for the metering blocks is purple anodized aluminum for great regulation of the airspeed.

The design is something special as well, with changeable screw-in bleeds, center hung floats, and screw-in air bleeds that are adjustable. For high-performance needs it has the down leg booster, and for better airflow it has recessed air bleeds.

Another thing - the billet blocks from aluminum are tested (metallurgically) for porosity.

Best 2 barrel carburetors for Chevy 350

Holley 2300 0-7448 2-Barrel Carburetor

Holley 2300 0-7448 2-Barrel Carburetor

This carburetor is a 2 barrel type that is a bit less powerful than others, but still good in the long run.

First, it is all about fuel economy. Budget-friendly is always welcome! Engines like the Chevy 350 are not the best fuel-wise, but with lower CFM, there is better economy. Over here the CFM is 350 or pretty low, so at low speeds it is a great thing.

Then, we have more torque. If there is more torque, it means there is less carburetion, and acceleration gets better with this. Additionally, the manual choke. Electric choke is a good thing, but somehow the manual allows for warming up and control, and there is no risk of troubles.

You can install this very easily, and adjust it as well - all manually. We could say that this definitely looks like one of the best Chevy 350 carburetors, but just in case, keep on reading.

Rochester 2GC 2 Barrel Carburetor

Rochester 2GC 2 Barrel Carburetor

The Rochester 2GC 2 barrel is amazing, but let’s see why.

First of all, it is a carburetor that adds HP! Every carb does it, of course, but with this one, the mileage will not decrease to a lower number. Let’s say you have up to 15 miles with a gallon, maybe it will remain the same. Now imagine more power, more speed, and powerful acceleration. Amazing, right? Could this be a fit for the Chevy 350?

If you choose this, forget the fuss about fuel flooding and its issues. This carb has a great design and there is no way the fuel could flood it ever. In other words, the most annoying carburetor problem is not an issue here with this choice.

Next, the manual choke assembly. There are many benefits to it, but the best thing is you will adjust it as you please, and you can expect nothing but a great performance of it.

Another amazing thing is that it is not expensive - it’s cheap in fact! Can you imagine getting the same quality for a lower price, compared to other ones?

Cool and simple design of the mounting holes, heavy structure, and easy to install.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size carburetor do I need for a Chevy 350?

For the Chevy 350, a good choice ise the 600 CFM which is quite suitable for it, and delivers a good performance. But, once you start to add power additions like maybe the dual-plane manifold, or the hotter cam, or aluminum heads, you would have to switch to 700 to 750 CFM accordingly.

How do you install a carburetor on a Chevy 350?

If you need to install a Rochester: put the vehicle in park, then remove wires from the posts. Turn the rod and remove the choke riser rod connection. Loosen and remove the 4 bolts with the socket, ratchet, and extension. Put the new gasket over the intake manifold. Screw back the nut on the fitting to reconnect the heat tube.

If you need to install a Holley, from the stock top, remove the air cleaner. Disconnect the vacuum lines and throttle linkage. Then, disconnect the carburetor from the fuel line, and then remove the 4 nuts that connect the engine top with the carb. Put the new gasket over the engine. Now, put the throttle linkage to the driver’s side of the carb. And, remove the center carb stud.

If you need to install an Edelbrock, remove the rag of the manifold and put in the new studs. Now put the carb on the gasket. Replace the washers and nuts. Connect the transmission linkages with the throttle ones, and with the throttle return springs. Then, for manual choke, connect the choke lever with the mounting bracket. For electric choke, connect the 12 volt + with a red choke wire. Continue to connect, now the vacuum hoses in appropriate places, and then connect the carburetor to the fuel line. Install the air cleaner stud with the air horn gasket. Mark the length of the air cleaner stud and cut it with a hacksaw (out of the carb). Repeat the connection of the battery with the negative battery.

How much does a carburetor kit cost?

If you rebuild the carburetor, it will be circa $10 to $60 (doing this yourself). If you opt for a repair shop, then it would be $70 an hourly price, with extra $10 to $60 for parts.

If you replace the carburetor yourself, the cost is between $20 and $200. In a repair shop, it would be again $70 per hour, with additional $200 tops for parts.

How to remove a carburetor from a Chevy 350?

First, turn off the engine (of course!). Open the hood and let the car cool off first, then touch the top of the radiator cap, carefully to avoid burns! From the top of the air cleaner, remove the wingnut, then from the carb, pull the air cleaner to the side.

With your hands, pull off the tiny vacuum lines off the carb. With the hands, unplug the wiring harness to the carb. Now, with a line wrench, remove the fuel line, and this line should now be plugged with a rag (no spills please!). Throttle linkage is now disconnected, and pulled to the side.

From the intake manifold, unbolt the carb, lift the base to pull it to the side, far from the engine.

How to clean a Chevy 350 carburetor?

Remove the carb, and then remove the float. Now, remove the jets, and the outer parts too. Clean the parts, now install back the jets, and install the outer parts, then the float too. Lastly, install the carb again.


We hope we have helped you choose the best carburetor for Chevy 350. Consider your budget, decide what you need (this one is easy, between the 4 and 2 barrel type), and choose!

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