Best Cold Air Intake for Dodge RAM 1500 5.7 Hemi

Do you have plans to invest in the best cold air intake for Dodge RAM 1500 5.7 Hemi truck? Then you will get more detailed information on how to formulate the soundest and wisest decision through this article.

The good thing about investing in a reliable cold air intake is that it allows you to modify the engine system of your truck. Once correctly modified, this specific item can help in heavily boosting your truck’s overall performance.

Whether you intend to use your truck for hauling heavy loads or towing, the integration of the cold air intake can significantly increase the performance level of your vehicle. What is great about the air intake is that it can raise the flow rate. All it has to do is to draw cold air to the engine and increase the combustion.

It can then result in a higher HP and torque. However, you may get confused once you start shopping for the best cold air intake for your Dodge RAM 1500 5.7 Hemi truck. It is because of the numerous choices that will be introduced to you.

You should, therefore, make it a point to turn yourself into a well-informed buyer. If you are still on the stage of gathering information about this product, then the short product reviews that follow will surely be of help to you.

Best Cold Air Intakes for Dodge RAM 1500 5.7 Hemi

K&N 63-1561 Cold Air Intake Kit

The Ultimate Choice

K&N 63-1561 Cold Air Intake Kit

This air intake kit from K&N is mainly designed to excel, which is why it is considered to be the ultimate choice in this list. It can drive up the performance of your vehicle whether you intend to use it for towing, hauling, or climbing a slope.

It comes with high-quality filters that are both reusable and washable. Also, this cold air intake kit has parts and components that are easy to use and install. As a matter of fact, you can have it installed using just the commonly available tools around your home.

It is also known to be long-lasting. It is even possible for it to last for around 100,000 miles before requiring another service, although it will also depend on the usual driving conditions you are facing.

This cold air intake kit also comes with a design that can help boost the engine sound and throttle response. Moreover, it can guarantee users of a huge increase in horsepower as it can provide a max of 50 percent more airflow compared to the one it is replacing.


  • Features reusable and washable filters
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Longer lifespan compared to other cold air intakes
  • Can greatly improve your vehicle’s throttle response
  • Increases horsepower significantly


  • The included instructions on how to use the system are not that easy to understand.

K&N 57-1533 Cold Air Intake Kit

Most Durable and Longest-lasting Option

K&N 57-1533 Cold Air Intake Kit

With the rigid and strong chrome metal tubing used in this cold air intake kit, the durability and the ability of this K&N product to last longer than the others is undeniable.

Apart from being highly durable, it is also effective in providing a huge increase in your engine’s horsepower. It is also beneficial as it can greatly improve throttle response, leading to better towing by also improving uphill performance and acceleration.

Another thing that makes this kit impressive is that it is easy to install. You can even quickly do it using just basic tools. Expect the installation to get done in less than one hour with the aid of its bolt-on power.

Most users also love the ease of maintenance guaranteed when investing in this cold air intake kit. You can even go for a hundred thousand miles without the need to clean the filter.


  • Highly durable and long-lasting, thanks to its rigid chrome metal tubing
  • Promotes a great improvement in horsepower and throttle response
  • Can be easily and quickly installed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Promotes a strong yet low engine rumble


  • Somewhat lacking in the included hardware

AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake System

Most Affordable yet High-quality Option

AF Dynamic Black Cold Air Filter Intake Systems

If you are on a budget but still want to make sure that you are getting a cold air intake system of decent quality, then the one offered by AF Dynamic is suitable enough for you. Apart from its great quality and affordability, this system also takes pride in its reflective insulation mat.

This mat is extremely useful as it provides additional protection from overheating. You usually need to connect it to the heat shield. The filtering efficiency of this system is also higher compared to the others as it is rated up to 95 percent.

This kind of efficiency is one reason why it is effective in improving your engine’s horsepower and throttle response. It is even possible for the total horsepower to gain an increase of around 10 hp.

Another reason to give this system a try is the quick and easy installation process. You can just use simple hand tools to install it and complete the process in as little as thirty minutes. You will also love the fact that the entire setup does not need you to do other tasks, like drilling, fabrication, or cutting.


  • Highly affordable cold air intake system while retaining its impressive quality
  • Comes with more protection against overheating in the form of the reflective insulation mat
  • Impressive filter efficiency rating of 95%
  • Can improve throttle response and horsepower
  • Quick and easy installation guaranteed


  • Some of the included bolts do not have lock washers.

S&B Filters 75-5106 Cold Air Intake

Best Option in Terms of Performance

S&B Filters 75-5106 Cold Air Intake

Your Dodge RAM 1500 5.7 Hemi will also get the chance to use a highly dependable cold air intake if you choose to invest in the S&B Filters 75-5106. It is a good choice if you are after quality and performance because the overall performance efficiency of this product is quite impressive.

As a matter of fact, you will be able to enjoy a higher airflow from the use of it. The increase would be around $41.28%. The durability of this cold air intake is also very impressive. Unlike others that make use of steel material for their primary parts, this one has silicone components.

What is great about the silicone material is that it is famous for lasting longer. Wear and tear do not affect silicone that much, too. Another nice feature of this cold air intake system is the silicone enclosure.

It does a pretty good job of blocking heat, thereby ensuring that there is only a low risk of overheating. This system also aids in increasing the throttle response, overall horsepower, and mileage.


  • Focuses more on performance, which is why its efficiency rating is high
  • Low risk of overheating, thanks to the silicone enclosure
  • Long-lasting and less prone to wear and tear as it is constructed from silicone
  • The filter included in the kit is reusable and washable.
  • Available in dry and oiled filter


  • Comes with plexiglass screws that are somewhat prone to falling

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit

Most Effective in Increasing Torque

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit

Lastly, I would like to recommend this Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit. It is the ultimate choice for those who are looking for a kit that is truly effective in increasing torque. It guarantees a vast increase in torque and horsepower, which just proves its incredible performance in the industry.

Another nice trait of the Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit is its versatility. It is so versatile that it is compatible with various truck models, including the Dodge RAM 1500. It also boasts of its nice and sturdy construction.

One thing that you will notice from its structure is the polished aluminum tubing, which is strong and sturdy enough, as well as the powder-coated steel heat shield. The kind of protection it offers on your engine is also top-notch. It can even protect it from debris and contaminants that might harm it.

It also takes pride in its highly advanced and high-performance oiled synthetic filter, which offers further protection to your engine. Moreover, the filter is easy to maintain as you do not need to clean it up to a max of a hundred thousand miles. Installing it is also a breeze as it only involves the use of simple and easy-to-find tools.


  • Significantly increases torque and horsepower
  • Sturdy and gorgeous construction
  • Can protect your engine from anything that might damage it, like debris and contaminants
  • Features an oiled synthetic filter, which delivers superior performance and efficiency
  • Easy to maintain and install


  • A bit hard to set up the heat shield

How to choose the best Cold Air Intake for Dodge RAM 1500 5.7 Hemi

During your search for a reliable cold air intake for your truck, it is essential to get an idea about what you have to look for. Note that several factors, parts, and features of the cold air intake can greatly affect the Hemi engine of your vehicle. With that in mind, you truly have to sift through your choices and figure out which one truly fits your requirements.

In most cases, the following factors and features, when carefully considered and analyzed, will have a great impact on your final choice:


The actual size of the specific cold air intake you are planning to buy is one of the major contributors to the decision of buyers. When checking and analyzing the size of the product, make sure that you decide based on how compatible it is with your vehicle. If you do not check the compatibility of the size, then it is highly likely that the cold air intake will not fit.

To ensure that you are getting the right size, spend time checking and analyzing the compartment. It is also very necessary to measure the compartment and make your final decision regarding the size based on the accurate measurements you have taken.


Another crucial factor and part to evaluate in a Dodge RAM 1500 5.7 cold air intake is the filter. Check the overall quality of this filter prior to buying. As much as possible, go for one with a filter that is both washable and reusable.

With both those qualities, you have an assurance that the filter will last longer than expected. A washable and reusable filter can also save you money since it is unnecessary to replace it too frequently. You just have to clean it when necessary and reuse it.

Check the size of the built-in filter, too. It is because the size of the air intake filter can greatly affect the length of time it takes for this feature to get clogged. Spend time researching and assessing the level of filtration it can do to.

It is because it has a say on whether or not it can stop certain contaminants, such as fine dust from penetrating the air supply of the engine. In most cases, the rate or level of filtration is based on the mileage it takes before needing changes or replacements.


It is also advisable to check and analyze the material used in creating cold air intake. The material is important as it helps you determine how durable the product is. In most cases, this product is constructed from stainless steel. Many prefer this material for their cold air intake as it is corrosion-proof and rust-resistant.

Such qualities also make the stainless steel cold air intake last longer than others without incurring too much damage. Another long-lasting material used in creating this product is silicone. If you choose one with silicone parts, then you will instantly feel at peace since this material assures most users of its extreme durability.

Another thing that you have to remember is the main purpose of the product, which is to get rid of heat buildup to let the cold air flow to the engine. With that in mind, you have to consider picking one constructed out of heat-resistant materials.


Check the style of the cold air intake, too. Basically, you have a couple of options as far as style is concerned. These are:

  • Short ram system – It is a great choice if you want one with a style that promotes ease in accessing the air filter. It is also one of those cold air intakes with hassle-free designs because it requires minimal fabrication and plumbing work.
  • True cold air intake – This specific style emphasizes more on moving the filter far forward. The good thing about this style is that it is capable of supplying more supplemental flow of cold air compared to the short ram system.

Heat Shield

Spend time analyzing whether the cold air intake has a reliable heat shield. Keep in mind that the specific temperature of the air that penetrates the engine has a major contribution to its final performance.

Also, note that the Hemi engine of your Dodge Ram 1500 is built in a way that it can supply cold air. With that in mind, it is necessary to look for an air intake that has a heat shield. By having this feature, the unit can prevent heating the air once it starts moving through the housing and filter.


It is also advisable to consider the air intake housing before making your choice. Remember that the size and shape of the housing aid in funneling the air to the Hemi engine. Also, you need to look for a cold air intake with a housing that can hold a sufficient volume of air. Check how the housing’s straightness can greatly impact the total air volume it can deliver to the engine.

Branding and Price

Make sure that you also greatly consider the branding and the price of the cold air intake you are planning to buy. It is important to consider the two because it is highly likely that you want to buy a reasonably priced one while ensuring that its quality is not poor or subpar.

Check the reputation of the brand offering the item before buying. Read reviews and find out what its previous users are saying about the brand and the product it offers. Compare prices, too. Your goal is to find a reasonably priced cold air intake at the quality you prefer.

Stay away from low-quality ones as they are prone to get clogged faster than expected. The problem with having clogged air intake is that it might just cause the system to consume too much fuel. It is the reason why comparing the quality, price, and branding of your choices is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is actually a cold air intake?

It refers to the bolt-on aftermarket replacement designed for your vehicle’s stock air intake system. The main purpose of this cold air intake is to draw air starting from the outside then let it flow via an air filter. It should then reach the throttle body of an engine injected with fuel to combine diesel or gasoline.

The result of this is the production of vapor injected into the cylinder heads. It eventually gets into the combustion chamber that needs to be burned. It should be noted that the cold air intake is not a system, which can directly make surrounding air colder. What it does, instead, is remove the generated heat from the stock intake because of the location.

What are the benefits of investing in a high-quality cold air intake?

Investing in this system allows users to enjoy several incredible benefits. One of these benefits is that it helps improve power. Provided you invest in a cold air intake with a higher level of airflow, you can expect the HEMI engine to receive enough oxygen for it to increase its hp.

The system is also beneficial as it results in better fuel economy. It is mainly because of the better flow of air that it can cause, causing a major improvement in the engine’s diesel fuel economy. It does so by burning all fuel penetrating the combustion chambers. It eventually results in a higher number of miles driven for each gallon.

Aside from that, the system also aids in reducing the need for engine maintenance as well as speeding up the throttle.

What are the signs of a malfunctioning cold air intake system?

There are a couple of signs that indicate that the existing cold air intake system in your truck is already malfunctioning. One of these is significantly reduced engine performance. It usually happens due to clogged or dirty air filter as this scenario can lessen the amount of air that reaches the engine. It can lead to problems in power, fuel-efficiency, and acceleration. Aside from that, the system might also experience a vacuum leak, which is often characterized by an extremely high idle.

Can the filter in the cold air intake aid in boosting performance?

The answer is yes. It is mainly because this filter can help in supplying a higher amount of clean air to your engine. Having a higher amount of cold and clean air within your engine will result in the system running more smoothly as well as a huge increase in the overall power and acceleration.

Does the cold air intake system aid in increasing the lifespan of my truck’s engine?

Yes. Of course, the system can help. Note that in most cases, your engine’s wear and tear is caused by contaminants clogging up the whole system. By having the cold air intake, it is possible to filter such contaminants. It can, therefore, prevent your engine from experiencing wear and tear too soon.


Buying the best cold air intake for Dodge RAM 1500 5.7 Hemi does not have to be too tricky. By gathering as much useful information as possible, you can confidently make a selection from the numerous choices being introduced to you. Make your choice based on which one can modify your truck’s engine for the better. You have to pick one that can help improve the reliability and safety of your truck’s performance and lessen possible issues and damage later on.

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