Best Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited – Reviews and Buying Guide

Many reasons drive people to purchase Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Some like the greater head- and leg-room it provides to passengers in the back seat. Others are convinced by its better towing capacity and bigger seating capacity vis-à-vis the traditional Jeep Wrangler.

All these are valid explanations of why the sales of this four-door have gone through the roof and stayed there for the last many years. But none of them tells the full story as to why, when there are multiple Jeep Wrangler models on the market, the Unlimited remains the go-to choice for the majority.

The drivers of Jeep Wrangler Unlimited know why. It’s the aggressive looks of this vehicle that Jeep emphasizes in its commercials. But it’s a bit unfortunate that the forceful look doesn’t come from the factory. You have to earn it by installing the best lift kit for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Here’s where this article comes into play.

Best lift kits for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Rough Country 2.5’’ Suspension Lift Kit

Best Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Everything you need to provide your Jeep with extra clearance comes in this suspension lift kit. The contents in its package are the reason why. It comes with front/rear coil spring spacers, has brake line brackets, rear track bar brackets, rear sway bar links, shock relocation brackets, and other hardware.

One of the best things about this lift kit is its ease of assembly. Its 100% bolt-on installation means that you can assemble it without help. On top of that, the instructions given in its manual make the process of assembly extremely straightforward. Hence why you’d be able to install in in 2 to 3 hours.

You’d have to try very hard to find any fault about the clearance that it provides. This awesome kit lets you install up to 35 inches of tire. The resulting increase in the center of gravity of your Jeep will help it traverse rocky terrains and other steep roads without hitting any obstacles.


  • Full bolt-on installation
  • Provides enough clearance to fit 35’’ tires
  • Levels the front with the rear


  • Won’t come cheap

Rough Country 60930 3.5’’ Suspension Lift Kit

Rough Country 60930 3.5 inche Suspension Lift Kit

In search of a lift kit that won’t interfere with your Jeep’s factory settings? The Rough Country 3.5’’ Suspension Lift Kit does that, and more. It provides factory-tuned coil springs in its package that are based on the stock spring rate of your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Hence why no need for modifications.

There are some areas where this product will modify your vehicle’s factory settings. And there’s no reason why you should be worried about that. After all, if its coil correction plates correct the rear coil angle of your vehicle by 10 degrees and allow the coil to function more efficiently, isn’t it good? Of course, it is.

Aside from that, its Premium N2.0 series shocks level the front of your jeep with the rear to give it that aggressive look that Jeep Wrangler uses to market its 4WDs. It also features 18mm spring-loaded piston rod and a faster-cooling 54mm shock body. Both work in tandem to dampen vibrations.


  • Has premium N3 shock absorbers
  • Provides factory-tuned coil springs
  • Corrects rear coil spring angle by 10 degrees


  • Pricey

American Automotive 2.5’’ Front + 2.5’’ Rear Lift Kit

American Automotive 2.5’’ Front + 2.5’’ Rear Lift Kit

Would you like to get your hands on a lift kit whose manufacturer is famous for churning out quality products consistently? We already know your answer. That’s why we recommend you the 2.5’’ Front + 2.5’’ Rear lift kit from American Automotive. Though that isn’t its only plus point.

American Automotive claims that the bolt-on installation of this model is so sturdy that it has guaranteed this product to outlast your Jeep. It’s a huge claim, no doubt about that, but having seen what we have seen in the package of this model, there’s no reason, at least for us, to doubt its veracity.

In addition to the steel spacers front and rear, it comes with front and rear mount extenders as well as brake line brackets. Add to the mix the hardware which we aren’t mentioning due to lack of space, and this kit is undoubtedly one of those that uphold the reputation of its manufacturer with aplomb.


  • Competitively priced
  • Lifts without compromising your ride
  • Boasts heavy-duty construction


  • Difficult to install

Teraflex 1251000 Lift Kit

Teraflex 1251000 Lift Kit

Since its name doesn’t convey much, we must tell you that this lift kit provides up to 2.5’’ of clearance. That isn’t much if you’re going to traverse rocky terrains or other difficult-to-navigate roads. But the clearance is more than enough for almost everything else.

You can count on this lift kit to let you run up to 35’’ tires. But there is a catch. You’ve to make at least two modifications to your Jeep Wrangler’s underbody to achieve that much lift. The first is obvious: any aftermarket wheel that wants to work alongside this kit would have to have 4.5’’ or less backspacing.

The second modification is limited to drivers who use 2012 or above models of Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Provided their front extended shock length is > 24.5’’, these unlucky drivers have to either install exhaust spacers for this lift to work, or they’d have to get exhaust modification.


  • Comes with all necessary hardware
  • Increases your Jeep’s off-road capability
  • Ensures functionality of all factory stability controls


  • Requires modifications

Rough Country 2.5’’ Coil Spring Kit

Rough Country 2.5’’ Coil Spring Kit

In case you’re confused by the similarity of their names, rest assured that there’s nothing common between this lift kit and the one by Rough Country we discussed earlier. Know why? Because this kit is a ‘coil spring’ lift kit whereas the one we discussed above is a ‘suspension’ lift kit.

Having addressed this simple yet crucial point, let’s turn our attention to this model’s features. To provide your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with the 35’’ tire clearance that it claims it would, it comes with all the hardware that one knows are crucial if it’s to stay true to its word.

Aside from increasing the center of gravity of your 4WD, it levels its front with the rear. That helps the vehicle give an aggressive look to the onlookers. Also on offer is bolt-on installation. Plus, you get a spring retention design which ensures that even in extreme articulation, the coil springs remain in place.


  • Hundred percent bolt-on installation
  • Levels the front with the rear
  • Takes 2-3 hours for installation


  • Rubbing may occur with extreme articulation

JKS 9904 1-1/4" Body Lift System

JKS 9904 1-1/4" Body Lift System

If you’re looking for a lift kit that provides minimal tire clearance and won’t interfere much with your Jeep’s factory suspension, you might want to take a good look at this model. It provides a minimal 1.25’’ additional tire clearance and has no effect whatsoever on your vehicle’s spring rate.

Secondly, this product raises the body of your vehicle relative to its drivetrain and chassis. This mechanism stops it from having a significant impact on your Jeep’s center of gravity. Its vehicle-specific design means that this kit would ensure perfect fitment and reliable operation.

The three poly spacers that cover its body mounts all but guarantee a secure installation. Then comes the soft urethane grill which guards the entire lift system in the face of pressure. Throw into the mix its premium-grade body, and not many faults can be found with this product.


  • Vehicle specific design
  • Soft urethane grill
  • Easy and secure installation


  • Only provides 1.25’’ of additional clearance

Teraflex 1155200 JK 2IN FRONT 1IN REAR BOOST

Teraflex 1155200 JK 2IN FRONT 1IN REAR BOOST - Best Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Did your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited came out of the factory or dealership with its nose pointing towards the ground? Then you have an extra incentive to install this lift kit. It provides more lift to the front (2’’) than it does to the rear (1’’) to give your vehicle an aggressive-looking attitude.

This spacer leveling kit doesn’t only make way for larger tires. The additional height that it provides paves the way for you to install added extra aftermarket gear such as bumpers. Also, given how much it does, this lifting kit still doesn’t have any effect on ride quality. So you can continue to enjoy factory comfort.

Provided you have the right sockets and a torque wrench, this product is very easy to install. Those of you who have little prior practice of getting underneath your vehicle’s underbody will be able to get it up and running in no more than 3 to 4 hours. Just make sure that you take it for an alignment post-installation.


  • Gives your Jeep an aggressive look
  • Comes with front sway bar links
  • Package has all the necessary hardware


  • Requires alignment after installation

Rough Country 907S 4" Suspension Lift Kit

Rough Country 907S 4" Suspension Lift Kit

This Rough Country lift kit is unique in more ways than one due to the 4’’ additional clearance that it provides to your Jeep. The addition of so much lift means that not only would you be having a bird eye view of the road, but the underbody of your model would never come into contact with road debris.

It has its downsides too. Jeeps who are lifted to such an extent have to undergo massive modifications to remain safe and drivable. You’d have to install bigger tires, have the Jeep realigned, adjust its shocks, and might have to realign engine fan with shroud. More modifications cannot be ruled out.

Provided you have the patience to do all that, this lift kit won’t disappoint you. We recommend that you have it installed by a professional because even though you can do the same on your own, the modifications required are so large in number that a mechanic is the best person to do them.


  • Competitively priced for a 4’’ lift kit
  • Provides Premium N3 Shocks
  • Cleveite bushings and sway bar links


  • Requires modifications to your vehicle

MotoFab Rear Full Jeep Lift Kit

MotoFab Rear Full Jeep Lift Kit

The MotoFab Rear Full lift kit is designed and manufactured for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2007 to 2018 models. It is made with high-grade steel and boasts a black powder coat finish that protects it from rust and corrosion. That is probably the reason why MotoFab equipped this product with a lifetime warranty.

The 3-inch front and 3-inch rear left kit comes with shock extenders for both the front and rear. Provided you venture towards the off-road destination on a consistent basis, this kit will come useful by providing a ground clearance of up to 3 inches, thereby saving your vehicle from roadside debris.

As far as its setup is concerned, it provides a 100% bolt-on installation and comes with all the hardware necessary for a lift kit installation. Apart from 2 Front and 2 Rear Coil Spacers, its package includes 2 Front and 2 Rear shock absorbers and front and rear brake line bracelets.


  • Complete bolt-on installation
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Made of high-grade steel


  • Post-installation alignment is required

Liftcraft 2-inch Spring Spacers Lift Kit

Liftcraft 2-inch Spring Spacers Lift Kit

Would you prefer a lift kit that provides up to 2-inches of additional clearance without necessarily affecting the performance of your Jeep? In case you’re wondering, that is precisely what the Liftcraft lift kit provides to make sure that even when the Jeep is lifted, the ride quality stays intact.

Apart from taking care of your ride comfort, it also pays extreme attention to ride performance. The DELRIN suspension spacers included in this model’s package give your Jeep the ability to tackle some of the roughest terrains without breaking a sweat.

Similar utility is on offer for its setup. Its bolt-on installation and the ability to work alongside your Jeep’s factory parts make this kit incredibly easy to install. Add to the equation its lifetime warranty, and this lift kit should be at or near the top of your list.


  • DELRIN suspension spacers
  • Works alongside factory stock
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • None

Best Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited – Buying Guide

Here’s what you should look for when finding the best Jeep lift kit for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited:

Type of lift kit

Following are some of the most common Jeep lift kits:

  • Suspension Lift Kit

Also known as short-arm lift kits, their effectiveness and relatively affordable price should make these kits one of your top considerations. You can count on them to provide a lift ranging from 2 to 6 inches, but might have to install additional components for anything higher than 2.5 inches.

Provided you’re going to use your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for off-roading, the 4- to 6-inch suspension lift kits are your best bet. This size range gives you the necessary clearance exploiting which you can use massive tires. But a lift with such a high center of gravity will be less comfortable and safe.


  • Relatively easy to install
  • Provides extreme ground clearance
  • Allows installation of larger tires


  • Makes the Jeep less safe and comfortable
  • Long-Arm Lift Kit

When compared with their short-arm cousin, long-arm lift kits have their control arms mounted further back. This gives them the ability to keep the suspension angles of your vehicle as close to the factory settings as possible. Hence why they provide better tire clearance, wheel travel, and ride quality.

But not everything is top-notch with these lift kits. If you intend to use your model for off-roading, the extended arms are more likely to rub against rocks. Their installation is relatively tricky since it requires you to modify the exhaust. Long-arm lift kits are pricier too.


  • Better ride quality
  • Excellent tire clearance
  • Huge wheel travel


  • Installation isn’t easy
  • Body Lift Kit

If you want an inexpensive option to lift your car, body lifts deserve your attention. They provide between 1 and 3 inches of lift and don’t require you to replace the factory shocks. But that doesn’t mean that no modifications will be necessary.

Provided you want more than 1.5 inches of lift, you’ll have to install new shocks, or your vehicle might start having major suspension issues. Go above 2 and 2 inches, and you’ll need to install new extensions/brackets to accommodate the shifter, fuel filler tube, and radiator.


  • Affordable
  • Won’t change driveline angles
  • Helps install larger tires


  • Won’t increase ground clearance
  • Coil Lift Kit

Here’s another budget-minded kit to attract the majority. It increases the height of your Jeep by a few inches by installing coil spring spacers at the front and larger shackles at the rear. Any driver with basic mechanic skills won’t encounter any problems when installing a coil lift kit.

Does that mean there is nothing questionable about this kit? We didn’t say that. It might be an inexpensive option to lift your kit, but it still requires you to replace your factory shocks or extensions. Ignore this warning, and you run the risk of bending your shock mounts.


  • Affordable
  • Won’t change driveline angles
  • Helps install larger tires


  • Won’t increase ground clearance

Features to consider

Following are some features you need to be on the lookout for:

  • Desired Lift Height:
  • Looking to extend the size of your Jeep’s tire to 33 inches? Then go for 1.5-inch Coil lift kits. If you want 35-inch tires to conquer the terrain, a 2.5-inch suspension lift will come handier. More than 3.5-inches of lift will be required if you're going to mount tires larger than 37 inches.
  • Kit components:
  • If you’re going for a 1.5-inch coil lift kit, you’d need longer sway bar links, spring spacers, brake-line extensions, and shock spacers to be a part of the package.  

A 2.5-inch suspension lift kit must come with track bars, front control arms, brake lines, shocks, sway bar links, and springs.

Any kit that would provide more than 3.5 inches of lift must have sway bar links, control arms, shocks, springs, brake lines, and track bars.

  • Installation Time:

First of all, we always recommend that you do not install your lift kits and hire a professional mechanic for the same. The process is more complicated than it seems, and if you remain hell-bent on doing it on your own, you might experience problems.

Still, if you are convinced you can easily install the kit, many factors will determine installation time. They include the type of kit, the type and number of components, and whether or not the kit requires you to make some modifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is a lift kit?

A: As most of you will already know, a lift kit raises either the body or the suspension of your vehicle after you install it on the vehicle’s underbody. It does that by either increasing the distance between the frame of your Jeep and its boxy (body lift kit) or by increasing the distance between its axles and body (suspension lift kit).

Q: Why should I lift my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?

A: Following are some of the reasons given by your fellow Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Drivers:

  • To enhance its aggressive looks
  • To be able to install bigger tires
  • To increase the vehicle’s ground clearance
  • To help it traverse rocky terrains with ease

Q: What are the differences between Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?

A: Here are the major differences between both these Jeep Wrangler models:

  • Cost: As far as the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is concerned, Jeep Wrangler costs less.
  • Comfort: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited performs better on this count. It offers more head- and leg-room to its backseat passengers.
  • Utility: With its 5-person seating capacity and more cargo space, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited provides more utility that Jeep Wrangler which can house only four persons at a time. 


Whether you want to improve the off-road abilities of your Jeep, or looking to enhance its aggressive looks, choosing the right lift kit is crucial. That’s where this article, with the recommendations of 10 best lift kits on the market, will come to your rescue. 

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