How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record? A Long Way to Step!

If you have to face charges for driving under the impact in the State, you may not know how long the crime will stay on your record. A drink driving charge, for instance, is a wrong doing offense and will appear on your records. Credit cards, criminal information, driving, and even insurance records will be … Read more

What is covered in a Jeep Powertrain Warranty? Easy to Find!

what is covered in a jeeppowertrain warranty

When buying a vehicle, you should discover coverage options. This is an essential part that a manufacturer guarantees in warranty policies of your vehicle, especially the Jeep. Understanding everything in the jeep’s factory warranty provides and the period play an important role in making a purchase decision. Moreover, you also take into account other selections … Read more

Best Safe Driving Apps to Help End Distracted Driving

Safe Driving Apps - Feature Image

Speeding and distracted driving are the main causes of accidents. That is the reason why some countries over the world ban the use of hand-held equipment while driving. While smartphones are considered as the most dangerous distraction, accurate use of apps on smartphones can minimize risk and increase safe driving behaviour. There are some best apps … Read more

How to let air out of tires safety with 5 easy step!

How to let air out of tires - Feature Image

Being pneumatic, tires require a specific amount of air to run smoothly. Therefore, when it might be over-inflated, the question is: How to let air out of tires properly?  By following the right air pressure level as recommended by the manufacturers, you will ensure your vehicle to have the best efficiency and performance. Why over-inflated … Read more