How long do winter tires last?

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Let’s review a little bit about “them” – their shape is round, their color is black, and their responsibility might just protect your life. Unlike truckers/ ski bunnies, and they are non-stop at snow. Winter tires are highly appreciated as one of the most miscalculated components that you can furbish for your car – lots … Read more

How long do spare tires last? Check it out!

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Rotating tires here we mean a treatment for a single tire when you are not driving your car. Remember sometimes during the ride, you have to cross uneven road, off-road or slope? At these terrains, tires worked not evenly, as a result, they would wear out differently. That brings us to the chore “rotating tires”. … Read more

How Long Do Trailer Tires Last?

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Trailer tires or usually marked as “ST” to differ from “LT”-light truck tires are known for being industrial. It outshines common truck tires by certain features only made for heavy trailers. But for that special usage, will trailer tires manage to endure for longer? And how could we know when to replace trailer tires while trailing is … Read more