Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Review: Top of the high-performance tire chain

Dry 95%
Wet 90%
Snow 80%
Comfort 85%
Noise 80%
Treadwear 85%
Overall 86%

Hello and welcome to my Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 review.

Other than testing tires, one of my other jobs is testing new vehicles. By far the most interesting aspect for me is asserting the handling and comparing it between models. The thing is, most of the time the difference is not in how a car drives, but how the tires perform.

I’ll take the Toyota 86 for example here – with the stock tires it is a fun-to-drive coupe, but after I’ve tried it with the ultra-high-performance Continental ExtremeContact DWS06, it became a different animal. It was almost like driving a new car, made for racing and precise handling control. The small Toyota immediately felt safer and allowed me to drive much more aggressively without worrying too much about the back end sliding off.

I know, this was a jump from normal all-season tire to an ultra-high-performance one and the difference in performance was expected, but little I knew at the time that I’ve probably driven the best tires for all-season sporty driving. Continental is so sure about the performance of the ExtremeContact DWS06, that they often let journalists compare them directly to competitors from Bridgestone and Michelin. And of course, they win.

Is my experience with these tires equally positive? You bet it is! Read on to find out why they’re one of the best tires for sports cars right now.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Overview

The ExtremeContact DWS06 is an ultra-high-performance all-season tire, made for sports cars, sports coupes, performance sedans, and even sports trucks. The DWS in the name means Dry, Wet and Snow, which means that this tire should be ready to tackle any driving scenario out there. A lot of competitors also try to do all those things, but almost never successfully.

To achieve that, Continental equipped the tire with their proprietary SportPlus Technology, which enhances handling in dry and wet conditions, as well as minimizing wear. As with every high-end Continental tire, this one is made of silica-enhanced all-season compound featuring +Saline additives for increased grip in rainy conditions and extended durability.

The design of the tread is asymmetrical and unique to this tire. The Chamfered Edges that are also Continental’s proprietary technology help with maximum tread contact in dry conditions, thus giving this tire its ultra-high-performance moniker. On the other hand, the Traction Grooves give this tire true snow capability. Moving on, the outboard shoulder macro blocks bring responsiveness and stability, while independent inboard shoulder blocks help with better water evacuation.

Continental wouldn’t be one of the most innovative companies in the world if it weren’t for some other interesting technologies, such as the QuickView indicator. This indicator shows the driver if the wheels are perfectly aligned early in the tread life so that they don’t degrade very quickly further on. And I am not finished – Continental even thought about long-lasting performance with the addition of the DWS symbol, which indicates that the PureContact has sufficient tread depth for driving in dry, wet and snowy conditions. However, over time the “S” wears away and that’s when the tire is not able to tackle snow anymore.


  • Exceptionally high level of grip in dry conditions
  • Responsive and precise handling
  • Amazing in wet conditions
  • Solid tread life for an ultra-high-performance tire


  • A tad louder than some competitors

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Review

Treadwear and Durability

The ExtremeContact DWS06 tires will certainly be driven fast, which means that owners will need to change them more frequently. They will also not last as long as grand-touring tires, but I didn’t expect them to. When compared to other tires in this category, they perform admirably – tread life is solid and the structure of the tire doesn’t lose its shape very fast.

Dry Traction and Grip

If you’re reading this review up to this point, I am sure that you badly want an ultra-high-performance tire for those twisty mountain roads. And you’re in the right place! The ExtremeContact DWS06 is the best sports tire in my testing so far. Handling with this tire is very precise and responsive, and it loses grip at the limit progressively.

Other tires in this category may have an excellent dry grip as well, but once you lose the grip, they simply snap and you lose control of the car. With the ExtremeContact DWS06, there are tons of grip – you can maintain extremely high speeds in the corners, and when you lose the grip, they still let you make the appropriate adjustments to stay on the road. It’s the new benchmark of what an ultra-high-performance tire should be.

Wet Traction and Grip

Continental’s “wet” prowess shows in this tire as well. Wet performance is equally as impressive as the dry performance. Stability is very high, there are tons of traction and grip, and the tire also resists hydroplaning like a champ. I can’t remember of a tire that made me feel safer behind the wheel in very wet conditions. Another benchmark result from the ExtremeContact DWS06.

Snow Traction and Braking Performance

When I look at a high-performance tire, I almost always overlook the promise of snow traction. Every manufacturer today promises that their all-season tires are great in the snow, but real-life testing doesn’t show that. The ExtremeContact DWS06 surprised me at how much of traction it has on snow, given the fact that it’s an ultra-high-performance tire, but I still wouldn’t use it in the winter. Only sports vehicle owners that live in areas with mild winters should use this tire in those conditions. Other, go find a proper high-performance winter tire. You will not only be safer, but you can have fun in the snow too.

Comfort & Noise

You should always expect more noise and worse comfort when you buy an ultra-high-performance tire. The ExtremeContact does produce more noise, especially at higher speeds, but I think that it’s an average result for the class. It’s the same with comfort too – there are worse tires and better tires in this category.


I think it is pretty obvious by now – the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 is the best ultra-high-performance tire with all-season capabilities right now. It is exceptionally good in dry and wet conditions, and adequate in light snow. More importantly, it provides the driver with responsive handling, tons of grip, and predictability at the limit. Highly recommended for every owner that wants to have fun driving.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this review of Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 helpful. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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