How long do spare tires last? Check it out!

Rotating tires here we mean a treatment for a single tire when you are not driving your car. Remember sometimes during the ride, you have to cross uneven road, off-road or slope?

At these terrains, tires worked not evenly, as a result, they would wear out differently. That brings us to the chore “rotating tires”. And also, how long do spare tires last?

Maybe you haven’t done or heard about it before because you just have a car a month ago. Then, you start worrying about what should you do, or “well, then what if I don’t want to care about it?”.

Here, we’ll tell you everything related. Then you will decide should or shouldn’t.

How long do spare tires last
How was the spare tire located in your car?

What if you don’t have a spare tire?

Here you go, the first and foremost issue you care about when you catch sight of this topic. What results will come if you don’t rotate tires as advised?

There are somethings quite serious that you should know!

Creating uneven tires

Obviously, you will see the tires are not even anymore. Some of them worn out more and the others wore less.

It will be clearer and clearer every day if you don’t go to an automobile’s shop and ask for a rotating service. The fact foreseen here is the one with more worn-out will wear much faster and come out of order.

At that time, you have to change totally new 4 tires.

Why don’t you consider how much it would cost?

Quick degradation

Not only the tires themselves, but the whole car can also be affected by the uneven function.

Cars with even tires will malfunction or run badly more than cars with frequently rotated tires.

Yes, how could it be possible?

Apparently, the uneven tires will put on different pressure on the car. When you run on a long road, your car is no longer a united unit. Therefore, you may not get the mph as the first days or break as effectively as before.

Explanatory, the worst tire cannot handle sudden break as good as others and that influences the operation of the auto.

For example, looking at the point you have to change 4 wheels because of one. It’s one of the results.


When the unevenness is small, you may not feel it yet. But coming close to the day when you should go to rotate, the vibration appears more apparent, usually at high speed.

Vibration is supposed to happen at generating phase, speeding function.

The more uneven tires, the clearer you feel about it.

To be fair, we would say it’s not a good signal for both the car and your safety.

How long do spare tires last?

As far as you may know, most spare tires with the full size are well designed to be able to last at least 7 years. From reliable statistics, the longest duration for them can be 10 years.

That said, drivers should not use a visibly damaged tire, such as after a crack in their sidewall, impact bulges, irregular tread car wear or punctures – all of them are truly dangerous when driving on.

How to know when you should change your spare tires?


Reading the above, you might start to worry about your car and even go check if any tires are worn out more than the others.

But don’t be too scared. Rotating tires are not a thing that you must do daily or weekly. Frequency depends on how often you drive and where your car run.

We have collected some signals or schedules possibly for commonly operating cars. You can base on these somehow.

Counting miles

Counting the miles is sure not everyone’s habit. However, a lot of maintenance happens due to how far you have driven, such as oil change, engine maintenance, break and so on. So, let’s pay more attention to the miles clock from now.

Usually, after 7000 to 10000 miles, you should go check the tires. At this point, wearing-out occurs a significant difference so you can see the unevenness among them.

Especially, if you usually run the car on off-road or up hills, we suggest having your tires examined every 700 miles.

At the time of oil change

If you cannot remember how far you have driven, you can vaguely count on your oil change schedule.

An oil change can happen in a larger range of miles so we consider it could be a good time to get your tires checked.

It’s convenient, by the way.

When feeling the vibration

Another way to know when you should rotate the tires is vibration.

If it’s operation on low speed and you feel the vibration, it’s urgent to check your car right away. tires could be terribly uneven and some functions become awkward.

Sometimes, you can only feel it at high speed. It’s quite a normal signal the car sends you to say “well, let’s check my tires!”.

Where to roll?

Rotating tires is not so expensive. It’s quite a simple service, to be honest. Therefore, you can have it done in almost all auto garages.

They will measure and consider to make them even again, with the tool. So, don’t risk doing it on your own if you’re not professions.

You can also check if your purchase includes tires rotating service.

Final thoughts

We believe you have known clearly what happens if you don’t rotate your tires by now and how long do spare tires last.

For your safety, your car’s smooth operation and your money, we hope that rotating tires will be marked in your schedule now.

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