How to let air out of tires safety with 5 easy step!

Being pneumatic, tires require a specific amount of air to run smoothly. Therefore, when it might be over-inflated, the question is: How to let air out of tires properly? 

By following the right air pressure level as recommended by the manufacturers, you will ensure your vehicle to have the best efficiency and performance.

let air out of tires

Why over-inflated tires are bad for your vehicle?

Many car owners assume that the more inflated the tires, the better it runs. However, over-inflated is real, and it might be more dangerous than we think. It can also make your car more prone to damages. 

Compromised Safety

First of all, over-inflating can cause the vehicle more prone to traction loss. It will lead to unwanted accidents, especially in the winter or snow season

Secondly, there is a high risk of a blowout, which can affect negatively on braking system. Once a blowout happens, you will lose all control over your vehicle, endanger yourself and other cars on the road. 

Damages and Wear out

Over-inflating can cause your tires damaged easily. If you drive on those, the center tread can wear down faster and easier, as it will be the only part of the whole tire to touch the road. Eventually, your ride will become harsher and bumpier. 

It is surely not going to be a pleasant ride. 

How to let air out of tires?

With all the reasons listed out above, it is important to keep your tires’ air pressure at the right level to avoid all nonessential accidents or damages. Let us take you to our step-by-step guidance on how to let air out of car tires safety. 

  • Step 1: Locate the valve stem 
Locate the valve stem
Valve stem

Valve stem, connected to tire tube, is included in every tires so you can easily inflate or deflate them. The valve stem has a cap on it to avoid dust from entering. Once you locate the valve stem, remove the cap by turning it counter clockwise. You’ll see a metal pin inside the stem.  

  • Step 2: Utilize special equipment
Tire gauge pressure
Tire gauge pressure

When it comes to pneumatic work, the more detail the better. You might consider using a special tool for checking air pressure inside the tire. In this case, the best thing might be a pressure gauge, which can indicate the exact air pressure level. 

This step isn’t mandatory for how to let air out of tires, but it will help you specifically how much air you should release. 

  • Step 3: Press down on the metal pin
Press the pin inward
Press the pin inward

As we have mentioned above that you will see a metal pin after opening the cap. Use a flat-head screwdriver or any sharp objects, place it on over the metal pin, then press the pin inward. By this step, the air inside the tire will start to leak out through the valve stem.

  • Step 4: Double check the air pressure level
Check the tire pressure
Check the tire pressure

Stop by removing the screwdriver. Checking on the air pressure by using the pressure gauge. Make sure the air left is at the correct level as manufacturer’s recommendation. 

If the air is still more than the desired level, repeat the steps above until you get to the correct tire pressure. 

  • Step 5: Close the valve stem cap

Don’t forget to attach the cap back to the valve stem to keep out the dust. Just put it back and rotate it clockwise.

The importance of getting to know how to let air out of car tires safety

While you can just easily take your vehicle to a maintenance shop, there are several benefits of knowing how to let air out of tires on your own. 

  1. Convenience

It surely will be much more convenient for you to let air out of your tires at home, than bringing it out to the store and wait until your turn to get a simple work done. 

Moreover, you can just do it whenever and wherever you’d like to, not depending on the shop or anyone else’s time. This also will come very handy if you’re in the middle of the road alone. 

  • Maintain your tires at its best

Knowing how to let air out of tires can help you to avoid causing any damage to your tires. You can easily avoid them from being over-inflated, which might really lead to a lot of negative effects on the tires. 

  • Save your money

By learning how to let air out of tires, you can cut down on the unnecessary costs if you take the car out for a repair shop. Why spending on the services while you can just have it done easily at home?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How often should I check on my tire pressure?

Answer: It is recommended to check your tire pressure at least once every gas fill-up, or once a month. However, you should also check it every time before you plan to hit the road for a road trip, to make sure the car is at its best condition for a smooth ride. 

Some people advice car owners to have their tire pressure check every time there is change of 10 degree in the temperature. 

Question: Do I need to use a pressure gauge?

Answer: Yes. When it comes to tire pressure, it’s hard to tell just by visually checking with your bare eyes. It’s highly advisable to use a pressure gauge to know the exact air pressure level in the tires.  

Question: How can I know what the recommended tire pressure is?

Answer: You can find the specifications for tire pressure in the following places:

  • In the vehicle owner’s manual
  • In label stickers posted on the door jamb of the driver’s side
  • Labels on the fuel door or console, or even on the trunk lid. 

Sometimes, you can even look up your car type online for the specifications. 

Final words

With this article, we hope you now know well how to let air out of tires. Throughout the time using the car, there will comes a time you need to use this skill to keep your car tires at its correct pressure level. 

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