How to put on a spare tire? – The step-by-step instruction

So let imagine that you are driving down the road, and you get a flat tire. So, of course, you have to pull over in a safe place and replace the flat tire. But in this article, we will let you know how to put on a spare tire and how to change a spare tire. Yes, we will show you exactly how to go about doing that!

How to put on a spare tire

How to put on a spare tire?

Don't worry if you are not an engineer because we have easy-to-understand and step-by-step instructions so you can follow it and get out of trouble.

What is the spare tire?

Before finding out how to put on a spare tire, you should have some necessary information about the spare tire itself with some unique features.

The spare tire is a tire. And it is an indispensable part of the car all the time because it will ensure that your vehicle can continue the journey without interruption when the main tire has a problem. And of course, there are so many different types of the spare tire. But most of them are smaller than the main tires so that it will be easier to store and move.

So, what you should note is that with a spare tire, you can only drive your car with speed up to 80km/hour, and you have to change it as soon as possible.

How to know when do you have to replace a spare tire?

Well, running on the road, your car may see many obstacles like potholes, curbside, sharp objects, speed humps. And if your wheel abrasive tread exceeds the recommend tread wear, you should change a spare tire. Also, if there is any hole in the thread surface that is larger than 6mm in diameter, you have to change it right away.

But you can't check it by yourself, so let pay attention to the feeling when driving. If it is not running smoothly and quietly, maybe your tire is worn out. If you notice a car shaking or other shocks while driving, you should check the tire, too.

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When do you need to replace the tire?

What tools do you need when replacing a spare tire?

Do you have any idea of how to change a spare tire? You will need useful tools, and you will need to know how to use these tools. So here are some tools that will help you to put on a spare tire:

  • A jack
  • A lug or an impact wrench
  • A well-made and inflated spare tire
  • Vehicle manual

Above are the must-have items, and here are some new things that will make your job easier:

  • Flashlight
  • Raincoat
  • A small cut of 2inch x 6inch to secure the jack
  • Gloves

How to put on a spare tire? – detailed instruction

Step 1: Remove the flat tire

When you are ready in a safe area with the necessary tools, you can start to remove the old tire by remove the bolts. So, the first thing that you will do is jacking up the car by using the jack toolset.

Then, you should check your owner's manual to look out for the spot that is designed for the jack. This spot will near the tire underneath the car, and it will have some extra reinforcement that is for the jack only.

Once you have located that spot, you can place the jack at the right place and use it to raise the car. Then you can use the lug wrench or impact wrench to remove the bolts that are holding the tire in place. You should turn them a quarter of a turn first for all of the locks, and then raise the car higher and remove the bolts entirely.

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Step 2: Change the tire

How to change a spare tire? Well, after removing the bolts, you can easily remove the old tire. After that, you can get the spare tire and place it onto the spot where you just removed the flat tire. You can use your food to hold it in place while installing the bolts. But be careful not to put your foot underneath the tire.

Then, you put all of the bolts back on. One tip for your question of how to put on a spare tire is that you should use for finger first to keep it in the right place, then use a wrench to make sure all the bolts go on as plot and uniformly as possible.

So, to do that, you should not tighten them in order. It would help if you tightened bolts in the star pattern. Select one bolt, turn it two or three times, then you can go to other pins that are across from that bolt. By doing that, you can tighten it up to 95%.

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The last step to change the tire is tightening the bolts

Step 3: finishing

At the final level, you tight the bolt up to 95%. And this step will help you to tighten the bolts 100% because you will not want it to loose on your way. So, you should lower the car just enough so that the tire touches the ground. It will let some weight from the vehicle to be on suspension and the casing.

Then you can use the wrench to fully tighten the bolt according to the same star pattern that you did before. When you tighten it absolutely, it will be safer for you when on the road.

And now, let's lower the care entirely and remove the jack. And we've done!

Final verdict

We hope with the explicit instruction above; you will understand how to put on a spare tire and how to change a spare tire. Please note that when raising the car, please do not raise it to be high. It would help if you only grew it to the point where the wheel is off the ground. We mean, you lift the suspension while the motor is still touching the ground. And when removing the bolts, you should keep it in one safe place so you will not waste time to find them.

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