r/UnethicalLifeProTips: How to slash tires without getting caught

If the process of cutting tires causes loud noise, it will attract attention. Focus on learning the process of cutting the tires quietly and without attention.

Cutting a tire or puncturing it is very difficult. Because tires have incredible durability. They withstand the weight of the vehicle and everything in the car, rolling at high speeds on highways or bumpy roads. So many people have tried to use power and choose the right way but nothing is sure you will damage it.

No noise when slashing tires

The best way to reduce tires without making noise is to puncture. It is not entirely reliable because it depends on the type of tire you want to puncture but is currently the best solution. You should go away after doing that.

The tire will look normal as soon as you puncture, the tire will keep getting flat continuously until the owner replaced a new one. Because such a puncture is difficult to find, it cannot be detected immediately.

Puncture tires can be repaired

There are many methods to repair punctured tires such as cold patch, hot patch, self-filling. The methods will have different costs. But when repaired tires are not good if the owner goes at high speed, especially highways will make things worse. Not every punctured tire can be repaired.

How to puncture the tire?

You can use sharp. It must be strong enough not to be bent or broken and very sharp.

The diameter must be large enough. If it is already used, sharpen it more aggressively. You want it to be easier to puncture the tire than you can put it on a fire until it glows, then dip into the engine oil about 10 times. However, this method should not be used too much as objects may be brittle.

Make it easier by lubricating it. To carry this item you should wrap with plastic bags, paper, and tape to ensure your own safety.

How to be undetected?

You should not go by car in this case, you walk and check around you and use the item to press on the tires. Do the same thing on the other side of the car if you want. After doing so, put it in your pocket so others don’t have evidence.

We recommend that you do each one at a time, and this should be methodical and extremely careful. You have to look natural, they won’t notice what you do. For example, one hand holding the phone pretends to text and the other hand performs.

Always be careful and check your camera, check to see if anyone is around or in a car. Doing it at night would be a lot easier, with fewer people going in and out at the time. Wear a hat and mask to prevent others from knowing who you are. The area where you puncture the tires may be on watch, trying not to draw attention to them, which is not safe for you.

Be as careful as you can and don’t let the police catch you. Because nowadays there are many automakers born with very high values. The police will rely on the damage you caused to criminal prosecution and administrative fines, or worse, you could be put in jail for your behavior.

Some other ways

You can also use a knife to cut the tires. But with the condition that the knife is brand new and extremely sharp. You should really sharpen 2 sides of the knife. Take off your jacket and roll it onto the tire then push the knife over it. Your coat will make noise, so this cannot be done while someone is there even at a distance.

This way, when you use a knife to cut a tire, the tire will deflate a lot faster, perhaps immediately. And it is completely irreparable. Owners will have to replace the new.

After puncturing the tire will be like?

For convenience, you should have a good idea of time. The small car will take 30 minutes for the tire to deflate after you puncture, the big truck will take about 8 hours.

During this time the driver will go somewhere and think the tire is cut there. Or the tire has trouble getting into traffic. Even if drivers stop immediately when they feel something is wrong, it is not possible to know when and where their tires were cut.

Go at high speed, the car will turn around when the tires are flat and the driver will recognize immediately. It will be dangerous for the vehicle and the person in the car.

What’s worse is that old truck tires after being punctured a number of times they can explode.


Long-term observation and monitoring will help you determine when and how to act. To make everything perfect, you need to prepare carefully. You need to use the best and most suitable item. Do not hurry or sketchy. It all affects you. The most important thing is not to let the camera save you. It will be great evidence to accuse you. The owner of the car can sue you.

After doing so, do not tell or brag to anyone. There is no explanation for your action. But you should not trust anyone, they may resent and denounce you or tell the victim. It was worse.

Do not leave any evidence, especially the items you use to cut the tires. After done, you must bring it back. Because tires are extremely necessary and expensive, they can endanger the vehicle’s owner and those around them. People will be angry when they find out their tires are cut and of course, will alert the police.


Above we talked about how to slash tires without getting caught. Hope you have found the best solution and it is useful for you. Wish you carefully and success. Thank you for reading our article. See you again.

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