How to Tow a Jeep: 5 Easy Ways to Follow!

You are planning to go camping with your jeep and you do not how much does your jeep can tow. Although you have checked the towing capacity for your truck, you still are not sure how to tow a jeep. Do not worry too much about this point as I have some ways for you. Keep your attention to the post below!

How to flat tow the jeep

Maintain the tow rig and jeep

How to tow a jeep? To tow your jeep precisely, you should add fresh oil and transmission fluid on a regular occasion. You also need to check the coolant, electrical, air pressures, and braking systems.

how to tow a jeep
Check your jeep before towing

Use the tow bar

You should install a tow bar on your jeep bumper. You can put more than one tow bar bracket for getting the right weight capacity.

You need to add the bumper from the Jeep and a T-55 Torx fitting is an appropriate tool to kick off. Before starting the bar brackets, you will need to diminish two bumper pads from the bumper.

You probably use the existing bumper pad holes for these brackets if you know how to control them. In the installation instructions, you could mount the tow bar brackets from 24 to 41 inches on the bumper.

When it comes to the tow bar, you can select the equipment on the market at different prices. Use a tow bar with a chain that may help you hit the front bumper in the jeep simply.

You also fold it down to catch the hitch of the tow rig. Make sure that the chain is compatible with the bracket, including the length and safety issues.

Most tow bars have suitable features to suit the factory mounts of a Jeep bumper. In case you have an aftermarket bumper, you ought to choose adapters and mounting plates.

Some mounts need to drill the bumper to create a solid point on the mounting surface. When doing your research, please keep those points in mind even if they are small things.

Establish safety chains

It is said that a tow bar cannot tow a jeep because you may not receive the exact towing capacity of your vehicle. Or the tow bracket has failed when taking a motion, an urgent backup is vital. A security chain will support the jeep get a D-ring or hooking to the right points.

Some jeeps do not have hooks, so you need to find how to tow a jeep and make a hook. The function of a hook does not only tow the vehicle but also could be used for improvement in case your jeep gets stuck on the road.

Set up the hook if your jeep does not have

Tow the lights

Some people think that the lights on the jeep are not important. Nevertheless, the light system possibly avoids your rig and driver’s accidents when towing a jeep. You can use a portable trailer light or touch the jeep light.  

  • If you choose transportable trailer lights: these light often mount to the jeep and inherit both brake and turn signals. The only drawback of this set is it requires batteries and you have to replace batteries on a regular basis. This method also allows you to transfer between the lights and the trailers. You even change from trailers to vehicles.  
  • If you use the jeep lights: this option is better and more solid when you tow a jeep in the flat. Find a kit and connect it to your jeep and four lights. You also attach the RV light to control your vehicle without any problem in the electrical and lighting systems. When completed, everything you need to add is put four connectors and the jeep lights will connect in place once you are turning the vehicle, stopping, or braking.

Adjust the jeep mode

When you set up your jeep, do not forget to adjust the tow mode. Read the jeep manual before doing that. This is because each jeep demands different steps for putting in the tow mode. Keep the instruction in hand and do not try a guide online as it could be not correct.

In essence, the process is easy but you still need to follow the manual. Otherwise, you probably destroy the transmission. The manufacturer often provides a catalogue and an instruction, so do not skip them!

Some jeeps have towing mode automatically

Bottom line

My post is informational and basic for any jeep. It helps you to know how to tow a jeep with ease. Before choosing a product, make sure that you read all instructions. Consult a professional if you are not sure about the installation procedure. If you purchase an additional element, check it for your certain jeep.

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