Ohtsu FP7000 Review: a solid all-weather tire but far from best value

Dry 90%
Wet 80%
Snow 70%
Comfort 80%
Noise 85%
Treadwear 85%
Overall 82%

Hello and welcome to my Ohtsu FP7000 review.

Cheap tires are all over the market right now, something that makes choosing a good one almost impossible. Almost every tire manufacturer has a budget-friendly brand in their portfolio. Take the Ohtsu brand for example – they are the budget brand of the already budget-friendly Falken company. Do they deliver? We’ve taken the FP7000 to find out if it’s a tire that’s worthy of your vehicle.

The Ohtsu FP7000 is an all-weather tire for compact and executive vehicles, available in sizes ranging from 14”-18”. Its biggest advantage over Falken tires, as well as premium tires, is the price. The FP7000 is a very cheap tire – a set of four can save you more than $100. These are tires you would consider if you have an older vehicle or if you’re really on a tight budget. Let’s start with Ohtsu’s words about these tires and then give our opinion on them.

Ohtsu FP7000 Overview

Ohtsu says their FP7000 offers “outstanding all-weather capability”, which sounds a bit pretentious for such a cheap tire. They continue with saying that you should experience high-performance cornering, braking, and acceleration through the year. This tire is also available with low-profile sidewalls that are worthy of sportier vehicles, but we wouldn’t go as far to say that they’re the best choice for such a car.

Even though it’s a cheap tire, the Ohtsu FP7000 has a lot of features built-in. First of all, it’s a non-directional design, which according to the company enhances all-season traction, provides a smooth ride, and multiple rotation patterns for less irregular wear. Durability is enhanced by dual steel belts as well. There are even tread wear indicators built-in, so the owner will know when it’s time to change the tires.

As a matter of fact, the FP7000 has other features that just a few years ago were only available in premium tires, like variable tread block design for reduced noise while driving, high-volume circumferential grooves for less hydroplaning, and belt cap for high-speed stability. By features alone, and especially when you consider the price, the Ohtsu looks like a real winner, worthy of every vehicle. However, let’s see how it really handles real-life scenarios and then give the final conclusion.

Ohtsu FP7000 Review

Treadwear and Durability

Ohtsu may promise durable and strong tire, but we wouldn’t go as far to say that it’ll last as much as premium tires. It’s good, don’t get us wrong, but if you want a longer-lasting solution, we would go for a Falken tire, or even some more expensive premium tires.

The thing with the Ohtsu is that they last very long if you put them on lighter and less powerful cars, but they can degrade quickly if you put them on more powerful vehicles. We certainly don’t recommend buying these tires if you drive more vigorously and want a tire that will last you a long time.

The only bright side is that they still keep their shape, even after thousands of miles, but there can be extensive treadwear, so be aware of that.

Dry Traction and Grip

For everyday driving on dry surfaces, the Ohtsu FP7000 really holds itself very well. However, if you push it through the corners more aggressively, it will lose grip sooner than premium tires. We wouldn’t go as far to say that it’s not recommended as a tire because of that but stray away if you have a more powerful vehicle.

Wet Traction and Grip

The same can be said for wet traction. The Ohtsu FP7000 resists hydroplaning very well, almost on par with premium tires but traction is not very impressive. In other words, it’s a safe tire in wet weather – it brakes well and keeps you going in a straight line, but it doesn’t provide the confidence some more expensive tires do in the corners.

Snow Traction and Braking Performance

If you want a good winter or snow tire, we strongly recommend a proper winter tire or a good all-weather alternative. Well, that is unless it’s the Ohtsu FP7000. See, the company markets this tire as an all-weather one, but in reality, it can’t keep the pace in the winter even with some all-season tires. It’s not bad – it still provides decent traction in cold weather and light snow, but we would stray away from it if you live in areas with heavy snow. It’s also not very good in dry and cold conditions, as the FP7000 is not a very pliable tire, and braking could also be improved.

Comfort & Noise

The Ohtsu FP7000 are not rated as touring tires, which really shows in the noise department. These tires are louder than premium equivalents by a significant margin, and that can be especially felt at higher speeds, or when driving on rough patches of road. This is one of the worst aspects of this tire, especially because it’s geared toward family-oriented vehicles. In urban driving and at lower speeds it’s okay though, so you should consider it if you drive mostly in congested areas.

Comfort, on the other hand, is acceptable – they offer a very smooth ride even on bumpy roads and we don’t have a lot of complaints here. It’s a shame then that they’re louder than we’ve expected. If they were a bit quieter, they would be a great tire for compact vehicles.

Ohtsu FP7000 Review: Conclusion

Buying very cheap tires can have a negative effect on the safety of your vehicle and we recommend you to be very careful when choosing your next set. The Ohtsu FP7000 are solid tires for the price – they offer acceptable performance in dry and wet weather, and they are not woeful in the winter as some other cheap all-season tires.

However, don’t expect them to replace a set of premium tires or even some slightly cheaper budget alternatives from the likes of Falken or Hankook regarding performance. They are also pretty loud at higher speeds, which is something that might not bode well with family buyers. When you put the price in consideration though, they can be a good choice if you’re on a very tight budget or have an older vehicle.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this review of Ohtsu FP7000 helpful. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


  • Acceptable dry and wet traction for the price
  • Excellent comfort over bumpy roads
  • Very cheap


  • Below-par winter and snow performance
  • Loud at higher speeds

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