Toyo Proxes 4 Plus Review: How good is it?

Dry 90%
Wet 90%
Snow 80%
Comfort 90%
Noise 90%
Treadwear 85%
Overall 88%

Hello and welcome to my Toyo Proxes 4 Plus review.

If you have to contend with extremely freezing weather on your trips every day, you know what you need to survive such precarious driving conditions: winter tires. What if you want to give yourself a healthy chance of enjoying a relaxing drive during steaming summer?

Your best bet is specialized summer tires.

What about if your wants are in-between? That is your area is neither dominantly hot nor too chilly for the better part of the year?

Now, that’s when your car says:

“Bring on a good all-season tire!”

And that’s where you will be hearing of the Toyo proxes 4 plus tire. Well, it’s not the only ultra-high performance all-season tire out there but since its release in 2012, the tire has steadily held out strong despite vicious competition all over. Designed for vibrant sports car, the company says that this is the tire to deliver an exceptional all-season performance plus a quiet ride all-year round and for its entire lifetime.

Who is this tire for?

As I mentioned earlier in this Toyo Proxes 4 Plus Review, this tire is an ultra-high performance tire meant to offer a quiet, reliable, and a sumptuous drive whatever the weather or season. It’s ideal for bouncy sports cars where performance reigns over qualities like comfort and noise when the rubber meets the road.

And so the tire prioritizes performance over everything else though it doesn’t entirely ignore the fact that you would do with a bit of comfort and reduced noise as you chase the excitement.

It can, therefore, be a timely option for high-octane machines such as a Ford Mustang, Nissan 370Z, Jaguar XE, Porsche 911, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge challenger, Chevrolet Corvette, Tesla Model S and their kin so long as you are after a performance with stability.

What terrain is it mostly suited for?

As things stand, this is quite promising on a number of areas:

To begin with, the tire’s high-grip silica tire tread compound delivers impressive braking and handling when driving both in the rain and dry conditions. Then, the closed shoulder and wide ribs help to make it more responsive on a sunny, dry day while also improving its handling of corners in addition to helping it to dissipate heat.

That it scores about 80% on dry handling is further evidence of the talent the tire possesses on dry pavements. Okay, it wobbles a bit in sharp corners but that’s something common in most all-season tires and hence it’s not a good enough basis to dismiss the Toyo proxes 4plus tire.

So, how does it fare in snow?

According to Toyo Proxes 4 Plus Review, the tire comes inbuilt with more multi-wave sipes as well as wider grooves which help it to improve its traction during light snow and to evacuate the water/ice. Hence, you are assured of a safe ride so long as the frost isn’t that serious. Suffice to say that if you’re usually faced with exceedingly freezing conditions for the better part of the year, you are better off going for a specialized winter tire such as the Michelin X-Ice Xi3 tire.

One more thing:

The Toyo proxes 4 plus tire isn’t that outstanding off-road.

For sure, its unique “W-Shape” tread seems to favor paved highways over gravel. However, light off-road trips seem ok but this is clearly not the king of the rough country roads. In any case, many performance-first all-season tires afford very limited off-road ability so this is in line with our expectations.

What about Comfort?

Performance tires are just about performance! So do not expect this to be the most comfortable all-season tire out there. However, on further analysis, like some of its competitors including the New Pirelli P ZERO High-Performance Tire, it at least tries to make the driver a little bit comfortable; thanks to slightly softer sidewalls.

Yes, that may affect its chief mission- results- but it’s not a gap that you’ll notice- at least not during regular rides. The Proxes 4 Plus tire also remains quieter (90% score on quiet ride ability) all through thanks to its sophisticated tread pattern design which helps to minimize humming/droning noises.

You, can therefore, tiptoe around potholes that could be on your way on the highway while you won’t feel overly stressed on potholes- again pretty much at par with its peers. Overall, it’s prepared to make your adventure less-stressful if you are looking at an assured performance coupled with some basic comfort.

It certainly hits a lot of spots, but is it expensive?

The Toyo proxes 4 tire comes in a numerous sizes (67 in total) so you’re almost sure of getting a fitting size for your performance-hungry car. From the smallest 195/50R16 tire all the way to the gigantic 315/35R20, you have lots of options for your convertible.

Prices start from $91 for the smallest with the 225/45R17 size costing about $124. In comparison, the Pirelli P Zero High-Performance Tire (225/45R17) costs around $139 so the pricing is quite competitive in its category.

On average, the Proxes 4 Plus tire lives approximately 47% longer and with the company offering at readlife warranty of about 50,000 miles, this could be a resilient tire.

In general, online commentators seem to agree with its long-lasting tread with a number reporting being impressed by its ability to survive thousands of miles even with care-free driving.

Should I buy it?

If you drive or own one of the burlycoupe or sedan sports cars which are happy to hog all the attention on the road, then this could be a timely option. The tire has a remarkable high-grip which allows it to hold firmly on the tarmac as you battle to outpace the rivals.

The tire is customized with the latest technology and improved materials to handle extreme speeds, torque, and the g-forces that result from your car’s extra horsepower. And at an 80% success score in dry handling and 90% reliability on wet roads, this is a well-balanced all-season ride. Another talking point is the longer tread life which means you won’t be spending again on tires in the immediate future. And so if you are after a non-complacent ultra-high performance tire capable of producing gold-medal results consistently and without entirely forgetting your comfort needs, then the Proxes 4 Plus tire has superb potential.

Speaking of the competition, the tire scores very highly when paired with the Pirelli P Zero High-Performance tire and the budget Ohtsu FP0612 A/S tire.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this Toyo Proxes 4 Plus review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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