How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record? A Long Way to Step!

If you have to face charges for driving under the impact in the State, you may not know how long the crime will stay on your record. A drink driving charge, for instance, is a wrong doing offense and will appear on your records. Credit cards, criminal information, driving, and even insurance records will be … Read more

Best Air Filter for Duramax Diesel

Best Air Filter for Duramax Diesel

 Some people blame diesel engines for the rising CO2 emissions in the transportation sector. A few others believe that these units cannot achieve best-in-class fuel economy. Both assert that it is the relatively low combustion efficiency of these engines that makes them perform worse on both counts. The Duramax Diesel aims to change that perception. Here … Read more

Toyo Celsius Review: A Tire That Works in All Conditions

Pros Excellent snow and ice traction and braking performance Very good traction in dry and wet conditions (regardless of the temperature) Durable for a tire that works in the winter Comfortable ride quality Cons Slightly more noise on the highway Worse than all-season tires in warmer conditions All-season tires might look like the perfect option … Read more