Best FM Transmitter for Car: Bluetooth Ready

Looking for the best FM transmitter? Don’t make the decision without reading this guide first.

"How can you transmit your favorite playlist from your Android or IOS system to your car stereo and get calls through your older car's stereo without installing an aftermarket receiver?" Since not all cars’ stereos are the same, it is such a tough mission to give out just one right answer. However, there is one thing that nearly all car audio systems include: an FM radio. When it comes to connecting a smartphone to a car stereo, FM transmission is the greatest way.

If you want to hear songs playing on an mp3 player, iPod, and any other audio device wirelessly on a car radio, an in-car FM radio transmitter is a perfect choice for you. The transmitter changes the output sound from these audio devices into radio signals that can be tuned into on any radio player.

Some of you might not be the biggest fans of FM transmission technology due to the inherent limitations. However, for many people, there is no better way than this low-tech solution. Awesome gadgets that will work well with a Smartphone whether it is Android or iOS as well as an MP3 player, FM radio transmitters are the best option for those who are interested in electromagnetism.

What is FM transmitter?


Even though a lot of drivers still prefer to use traditional CD-receivers, we are living in the 21st century where the world of 3G telephones and Wi-Fi network services allows us to play smooth and relaxing music straight from our Bluetooth devices with just an FM radio transmitter. Just plug your phone, Ipod, or MP3 player into these devices, which operate by broadcasting a portable audio source over a standard FM frequency through an antenna. You can expect to immerse in your favorite music on a FM radio receiver of usually up to 3 meters away as if it were an FM radio station. It is clear that each model of this high-tech device has its own features. To find out which FM transmitter perfect for you, make sure to spend time scouting the market thoroughly.

An FM radio transmitter is a great device producing radio waves with the help of an antenna that allows anyone to get audio from your smartphone or to listen to your own style music playing on an iPod or any other audio device wirelessly, even at a great distance from the audio player. It must be a go-to solution in your family, especially for your older vehicles without Bluetooth audio.

Why use FM transmitter?

There must be good reasons why wireless frequency modulated (FM) transmitters has long been popular.

No one can deny that drivers can take advantage of the transmitters - a viable option for older cars without a hard wired connections or Bluetooth - for playing audio. Not only a wireless solution, which will work with pretty much any car to make sure you always have your tunes with you, FM transmitters can also rectify the issue of both repetitive and unwanted music. However, FM transmitters’ function is not all about sound and music.

While there are a lot of ways to connect a phone to a car’s head unit, an FM transmitter is clearly the most low-cost, greatest, and easiest way to keep you excited with your own style of music all the time. In addition to its reasonable price, it is also easy to install and use. They come in all shapes and sizes, with some being better than others. Needless to say, their prices also vary significantly.

The GPS function is an added advantage of buying an FM transmitter. If your smartphone which has had navigation apps from third parties such as or Scout GPS Navigation is connected to your stereo via an FM transmitter, you can find the right frequency and find the way to your destination by the spoken audio through your car speakers.

Best FM Transmitter: Bluetooth Ready

Best PickGOGroove FlexSMART X2 FM Transmitter

GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

​GoGroove’s X2 does not win the heart of users for its sleek design but its excellent features. This Bluetooth FM transmitter model can provide your vehicles with Bluetooth connection with relative ease due to its on-board controls which can give any driver quick accessibility to settings, Bluetooth, volume, and call button functions. A perfect-customized built-in mic is designed to pick up your voice while the person on the other side comes in over the speakers.

What makes GoGroove compatible with a lot of car console designs? It is its sturdy yet flexible arm for FM transmitter’s flexibility. GoGroove’s X2 is simply described as a Bluetooth FM transmitter designed to allow anyone to add Bluetooth connectivity to any car. A powered USB port and line-in connectors offer an ultimate performance by making sure the Bluetooth-paired handset stays charged while in use.

While music, an in-built microphone for hands-free picking of calls, and line-in connections are the biggest selling point, GoGroove’s X2 also comes with a pair of 3.5mm analog audio connections that enables you to connect any Bluetooth device and stay excited in your own music world. Thus, the Bluetooth connectivity with multiple points makes offers easy charging of up to 2 music devices simultaneously.

Extremely flexible with an easily positioned neck and 3 different ways to act as a bridge between a smartphone and a car's stereo, GoGroove’s X2 is not surprisingly a highly rated product.

One of the best FM transmitters for sound quality.


  • Includes an FM transmitter and a line out option.
  • USB and line-in connections for phones and MP3 players.
  • Multiple-point Bluetooth connectivity.
  • A pair of 3.5mm analog audio connections.
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling.
  • A sturdy yet flexible arm which puts the controls within reach.


  • In some instances, FM transmitter power might not be high enough.
  • May interfere with center console buttons or the shifter in some vehicles.
  • The plug is held in place by rubber tabs that can easily tear off.

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Runner up - BT69 Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit FM Transmitter

BT69 Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit FM Transmitte

You can find cheaper FM transmitters that work just about as well, but the BT69 Bluetooth FM transmitter offers a feature set that is difficult to pass up. The BT69 is built around the basic platform of an FM transmitter, which can be used to broadcast music from your phone or MP3 player to your car’s FM stereo. In addition to the FM transmitter, the BT69 is also a device to service your constant power needs and a Smart Car Finder which help you quickly find your car.

Utilizing the modern Bluetooth 4.2 FM transmission technology, this unit performs ultimately and supports redial last call and voice broadcast. No matter what connection you choose, the BT69 Bluetooth FM transmitter allows you to call and receive calls hands-free and also transmit the high quality soothing music from your phone or MP3 player to your car FM stereo system.

In addition, it has a single powered 5-volt USB port with built-in smart chip that outputs 2.1A of current. That's enough juice to get your USB devices faster to fully charged as well as charge most smartphones, including iPhone and larger-screened Android phones. If you are looking for a no-install way to pipe calls and music through your car stereo, the BT69 is a good option, but not the best.


  • Includes an FM transmitter with the perfect Bluetooth 4.2 technology.
  • Powered 5-volt USB port with built-in smart chip
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling.
  • Easy to set up and operate.


  • The IOS system cannot be automatically connected after the first use.

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Also Great - Comsoon Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Comsoon Bluetooth FM Transmitter

If you are seeking for the smallest Bluetooth FM transmitter, nothing can beat Comsoon. In spite of its small size, Comsoon wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter has all the excellent features including hands free calling with in-built microphone via Bluetooth, a dual USB charging port allows you to use up to 2 smart devices at the same time for easy streaming of music.

We also have to mention the hands-free call feature giving you more control over the music and your entire phone as well as allow you to safely receive calls while you are driving and the smart charging IC guaranteeing ultimate performance.

Together with its small size, its reasonable price (Comsoon wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter is the cheapest one on the market) is also a reason why it is one of the best products you could purchase this year. A disadvantage of its size is the LCD screen and the smartphone calling and controls located on the side of the device. As you cannot see the incoming caller ID information, it may be awkward for answering calls you would rather ignore. Overall, Comsoon wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter is the best small FM transmitter for the money. Why not check out the Comsoon wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter?


  • Clear audio
  • Easy to set up.
  • Small, just the size of a normal in car charger.
  • Charger ports on top so you can still charge your phone whilst in the car if needed.


  • Music is half as loud as the normal level.
  • Smartphone calling and controls located on the side of the device.

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Best FM Transmitter for Android

Best Pick - VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter

VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The VicTsing’s Wireless in-car FM transmitter works better in some vehicles than others, but this high-performance FM transmitter works well with most modern smartphones including iPhone, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, etc. In addition, the integration of the CVC technology not only can take audio in from a number of sources and broadcast it via low-power FM radio but also ensure a full-duplex audio and also remove noise and wind so you will enjoy only clear conversation.

The VicTsing FM Transmitter is a little more compact, but adds in a few extra connectivity features that you may find amazingly useful. Not only does it fill the gap for car owners that don’t have an integrated audio system, but its feature set has been expanded to offer everything you would get with a new model car.

A large and convenient LED display with clear details—incoming phone number, song name, and even the car battery voltage makes sure that users can definitely experience driving pleasure and driving safety at the same time. With the flexible positioning head designed to provide quite a bit of customization, you can easily find an ideal spot that promotes safe driving with plentiful practicality.


  • High-quality audio
  • Easy to install and use.
  • A flexible customized head.
  • Connect automatically to resume from where it last stopped.
  • Dual USB chargers ensure to meet your constant power demand.
  • The convenience of leaving your phone in pocket or purse.
  • Reasonable price.


  • The display on the transmitter can be hard to read in daylight.

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Runner Up - AUKEY BT-C4 FM Transmitter

AUKEY BT-C4 FM Transmitter

Our next recommendation on the best FM transmitter for android is the Aukey BT-C4 FM Transmitter. Even though the Aukey Wireless FM Transmitter Kit is setup to be compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, it receives so much love from Android users due to its simple usability and reliability.

The first highly-rated feature of this all-in-one interface between your car and your mobile devices is its ease-to-use. Thanks to an incredibly clear LCD screen, users can easily choose and know their selected FM frequency. 2 buttons - a left and a right one are used for scanning the channels to find the perfect frequencies. These buttons are easy to use even if they need to be adjusted while you are on the way.

Expect to get a 1 USB charging port with 2.1A output with only a 12v/24v outlet. The extra USB port means that you can keep your phone, laptop, or tablet fully charged for continuous music output while you are driving or you can keep a GPS going. Not only working really well, the AUKEY’s reasonable price is also a reason to go for it. Plug it into your pocket lighter jack and enjoy your music after tuning it to 88.1 and even up to 108.8 FM.


  • High-quality audio
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Wireless Upgrade.
  • Handy USB Charging.
  • Dual USB chargers make it possible for you to play music in long hours.


  • The display on the transmitter can be difficult to read in daylight.

Also Great - LDesign Wireless In-Car FM Transmitter

LDesign Wireless In-Car FM Radio Adapter Car Kit with Hands-free Call

Thanks to its front-pocket size with the weight of 2.88 ounce and 4.9 x 1.5 x 3.8-inch size (with the diameter of 22mm/0.87inch, LDesign Wireless In-Car FM Radio Adapter Car Kit is one of the smallest Bluetooth FM transmitters currently available. The FM transmitter in shape of a well-engineered inverted J letter is compactly plastic. Ldesign is available in 7 different colors but what makes this model look really modern among the transmitter world is its black main interface and a small blue LCD screen for channel selectionsand to play your own music and take hands-free calls easily.

Its unique construction with a completely different style to the rather large alternatives that also offer Bluetooth makes it a great pick for older car models with all newfangled technology. When it comes to delivering high-definition audio, the LDesign’s wireless in-car FM transmitter does not make you disappointed.

Other excellent features of LDesign Wireless In-Car FM Radio Adapter Car Kit are an effective USB port for charging your iPhone and keeping your music played for hours on the go, great HI-FI stereo sound quality thanks to the application of CVC technology for sieving out voice distractions and noise. The main interface with a button used for answering and hanging up calls allows safety driving while receiving coming calls.


  • Clear audio
  • Easy to set up and easy to operate.
  • A sturdy and flexible positioning head.
  • Versatile Multifunctional Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car
  • The convenience of leaving your phone in pocket or purse.
  • Easy to operate and Fast Adjust Station.
  • 4 Modes Play Music
  • Perfect HI-FI Stereo Sound.
  • Universal design to compatible with almost any types of devices.


  • The Bluetooth connect range is around 10-15 meters.

Read customer reviews on Amazon right here.

Best FM Transmitter for iPhone

Best Pick - Nulaxy KM18 Bluetooth In-car FM Transmitter Radio

Nulaxy KM18 Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio

Featuring all of the best qualities of a FM transmitter, Nulaxy KM18 Wireless Wireless In-Car FM Transmitter is definitely one of the best iPhone FM transmitters for your car. The number one best selling iPhone FM Transmitters on Amazon excels as car FM transmitter, Bluetooth receiver, or car audio adapter.

Nulaxy KM18 Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter is equipped with a wireless Bluetooth connectivity so you will definitely be able to send audio data from virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device, from your laptop to your iphone, directly to your car stereo system. On top of that, this great car gadget can serve as a car audio adapter, FM radio transmitter as well as Bluetooth receiver for easy, convenient, and high quality music streaming.

Also, it has an integrated microphone function, so you can take the incoming important phone calls with a breeze while on the road. The single powered 5-volt USB port with built-in smart chip that outputs 2.1A of current lets you safely charge your device. The crystal clear blue LED display helps you choose FM frequency easily and quickly while ergonomic sound dial and buttons rounds out Nulaxy KM18 Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter’s easy-to-set-up and –to-operate device.


  • High sound quality.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Superior and modern technology.
  • Dual USB chargers keep your music being played for long hours.
  • Work well with almost devices curently available on the market (Apple, Samsung, Sony, Oppo, HTC, LG, and Xiaomi)
  • Noise cancellation technology makes it the best output you might have heard from an FM transmitter


  • All components are grounded to the chassis (static noises).

Read customer reviews on Amazon right here.

Runner Up - JETech Wireless In-Car FM Transmitter

JETech Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit

JETech Wireless FM Transmitter is a small yet intuitive device coming in a simple yet attractive design to use when answering calls or playing your favorite music playlist. The perfect combination of a built-in microphone for the hands free kit over Bluetooth with an FM transmitter is handy, and the JETech Wireless FM Transmitter has just about every input and output option you could ask for.

The sides of the device are streamlined with easy-to-read or –tune large LED display and tactile buttons to adjust the frequency for easy utilization.  How to easily enjoy a Bluetooth music or audible books and calling experience from your iPhone through your car’s speaker system? Look no further than the JETech Wireless FM Transmitter!

It is important to know that this simple designed FM transmitter is only compatible with smartphones and tablets with a 3.5mm phone connector. Therefore, it is such a pity that iPhone 7+ smartphones which have no AUX port cannot be compatible. Expect the FM frequencies ranges from 88.1 to 107.9 Hz. And for a cheap FM transmitter, this FM transmitter is a simple, portable, and lightweight FM transmitter that will continue to work for years to come with a 6-month warranty card that is confidence by the transmitter manufacturer.


  • Crystal - clear connection
  • Charging port
  • Numerous stations to choose from
  • Simple usability
  • Reasonable price
  • Quality and uninterrupted listening


  • Not support SD or USB
    • Two-side buttons for easy adjustments
    • The gadget does not have volume control
    • Not be compatible with iPhone 7+ smartphones due to the lack of AUX port
    • Only available in a few colors

Read customer reviews on Amazon right here.

Also Great - Aphaca Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Aphaca Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

With Aphaca Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter, you can simply connect and enjoy your favorite music and phone calls without static interference directly from your car's stereo system. However, the main reason for buying this device is not for the hands free calling but for audio streaming through your cars stereo. Like other FM transmitters, the CVC Technology  applied with the Aphaca transmitter also promises top-notch audio. Thanks to the application of the noise cancellation technology, users do not have to worry about the radio interference.

While transmitter’s face with blue LED lettering is easy-to-understand even for the least intuitive techie, the Aphaca transmitter is feature-rich with a SMART CAR finder – which helps you to quickly find your car in an enormous area and a high-quality dual USB charger. The Aphaca also picks up a lot of new devices easier and more quickly than ever before thanks to the application of the Bluetooth 4.2 technology that transmits only perfect sound to your car’s FM stereo.

As well as the smart car locator and the dual-USB car charger, the Aphaca is a strong, iPhone-worthy Bluetooth FM wireless in-car transmitter for high-definition MP3/4 playback. If you are a travel lover, this amazing car gadget is certainly a must-have addition. With Aphaca, long hours in your car with pass by with only good music with optimal sound quality.


  • Easy-to-set-up and –to-operate device
  • Compatible with a lot of other devices
  • Stellar sound quality
  • Noise Cancellation Technology for optimal sound quality
  • Lightweight and Portable


  • Signal interferences

Read customer reviews on Amazon right here.

How FM transmitter works for car?

There is nothing quite like listening to your own favorite music while driving down in long hours through a long winding road with the windows down. Is putting our FM radio (or even AM radio) turned on the only choice? Drivers sometimes want to download their own tracks into their vehicles head unit to play a specific song or use an external music device to play music through the aux cord to listen to a certain podcast or an audio book. Yes, you can have numerous in-car solutions for listening to your iPod while driving.

However, not all drivers can afford a brand-new automobile (cars, trucks, suv’s, and vans) equipped with a modern wireless speaker. The older models of car radios and speakerphones pose a lot of limitations and inconvenience, resulting in the consumers’ chances to have to deal with the fuzzy audio.

This can be an issue for the many that don’t have a USB jack or an auxiliary input. Don’t be upset if your automobile has no ports to plug in your phone or MP3 player. That's when you need an FM transmitter.

FM transmitters allow you to fill your car with your favorite audio source you have on your handset by transmitting the signal from your portable audio device to your car’s FM stereo without an auxiliary input. All you have to do is to plug these devices into your vehicle’s power outlet, connect it with your iPhone, Samsung, tablets, or other devices with the help of a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable or Bluetooth, and enjoy hours of relaxing music at any FM radio. With the simplest and most easy-to-operate bluetooth devices, you can make sure you always have your tunes with you and a dreamy traveling experience that everybody wants to do at least for once – driving while listening to music. Don’t be worried about being stuck with no other real option for music, FM transmitters ensure hours immersing in the perfect audio quality!

Not only keeping you entertained while on the road, these third-party Bluetooth devices can also play other roles – like let you make and receive calls easier. However, there is still the issue of repetitive and unwanted music and some of them also double as chargers for your mobile devices.

By suffering from problems with interference and poor sound quality, FM transmitters bring you to your own world of music with your music device (like your laptop, smart phone, MP3 player that’s built right into your phone, Apple device, or dedicated MP3 players). Then, you choose a radio frequency on the transmitter which is not occupied by a local radio station. Next step? Just tune your radio, turn the volume up, and enjoy your audio transmitted across the FM radio frequency you’ve just chosen. What can be easier to breathe new life into a flagging car audio system?

What difference does FM Transmitter have?

FM transmitter vs tape adapter: which is better?

If you are looking for a cheaper option, tape adapter is certainly the answer. But if the sound quality is your priority, there’s something to discuss. As you might know, the FM transmitters’ signal is transmitted into the outer space through an antenna. Thus, for those living in an area with so many radio stations, it is really annoying to experience the FM transmitters’ signal drops in and out frequently all the time.

FM transmitters are often a good idea in theory. They have no physical connection to the radio, which means that drivers do not have extra cords trailing around the car or require an upgrade to the existing audio system. There will be a ton of static if you live anywhere remotely close to a city and there is no difference between a cheap and expensive FM transmitter when it comes to the sound quality.

With a cassette tape, you will not get any interference, but it wears out quickly and don’t expect the stellar quality. Though cassette tapes don't have a fantastic sound, you'll get a decent enough sound, no squeeks from it, and it'll be reliable if you buy a mechanically good one.

FM or Bluetooth transmitter

You want to listen to music wirelessly in your house? So far, you have found two ways to do it on the cheap. (1) FM transmitters for cars + cheap FM radio. (2) Bluetooth transmitter + receiver.

When it comes to the sound quality, using Bluetooth is vastly superior to using an FM transmitter.  But when it comes to convenience, many would lean toward the FM transmitter and choose the first option. Any FM tuner can pick up the broadcast, and a weak signal and analog performance deterioration are the worst that can happen. If you travel between counties as you may find yourself having to constantly adjust the frequency you the phone is broadcasting on, FM can also be a pain.

Expect the quality to be like playing a CD on the actual car stereo if you use bluetooth. If you use the FM transmitter, the sound will be like broadcast FM radio and open to interference. Compare the quality of a CD (or a decent bit rate mp3) to that of a strong FM station like Radio 1 or 2 using any device if you want to test sound quality before buying anything. Just use the FM transmitter if your ears can't tell the difference or if you want to stick to the cheapest option.

FM transmitter or aux cable

Aux adapters are generally more expensive than FM transmitters but these Bluetooth hands-free car kits also offer better clarity than a FM Transmitter. Another downside to a hands-free Bluetooth aux kit is its lack of compatibility. FM Transmitter would more likely be used in a car without an aux input while if you want to use aux adapters, your car stereo must have an auxiliary input on the front.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to stop FM transmitter static?

In order to eliminate or minimize static, which is the result of interference, use frequencies at the lower end of your vehicle's stereo's range or try lowering the volume of the music you are playing (at the input to the transmitter.) How to protect yourself from this type of interference? It is not a bad idea to plus or minus 0.2 MHz the FM frequency that you choose to set your transmitter to. If none of these above helps stop FM transmitter static, then check the antenna to find out if it is installed properly. Place the device on your vehicle's dashboard or passenger seat, away from the FM Transmitter itself. If necessary, move the car in a position where the FM radio transmitters’ signal is strengthened. You should not be bothered by static when properly calibrated with your vehicle's stereo.

How to boost fm transmitter signal?

You want to know how to make FM transmitter clearer? I have a solution:

  • Step 1 – Choose an Unused Frequency. Do not choose radio frequencies that are being used by local radio stations.
  • Step 2 – Correctly Position the Transmitter.
  • Step 3 – Reduce or Remove the Antenna on the Receiver.
  • Step 4– Upgrade to a more powerful unit if the FM radio transmitter still produces a weak signal.
  • Step 5– Build an FM Radio Transmitter Antenna.

How to make fm transmitter clearer/more powerful?

How to improve the quality of sound being transmitted through radio? Just lower the volume of the audio player and crank up the volume of the radio transmitter. If they do not help, try switching to another radio frequency to check whether it solves the problem or not. Sometimes, the radio frequency is distorted due to some interference coming from other radio frequencies. Since local radio stations use more powerful transmitters, it will always bleed through the personal FM radio transmission. Switching to a frequency that is not currently used by anyone else is the simple solution to this problem. Although it is imperative to find an empty frequency, if a powerful station is using a frequency that’s right next door, you might still experience interference.

Since installing and positioning the antenna properly may make the signal clearer. Make sure that the FM radio transmitter and the car’s antenna do not have any obstruction. For those who live in an area that has a lot of FM stations, then there is a chance that your FM transmitters cannot work well. If a hissing sound is heard, this is a sign that your car is not positioned in a desirable area where radio signals can be picked up. Wait until the car is in an ideal location and the signal is strengthened enough, then try again. Make use of directional FM antennas that can be installed to both the transmitter and the car to enhance the signal reception. And for better quality signal reception, make use of extendable antennas.

Will FM transmitter drain car battery?

Some transmitters draw very little current, others a little more. Will FM transmitter drain your car battery? It depends on if the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle is always powered. If it is, it shouldn't drain the battery much unless you don't use the car for weeks at a time. To be sure, you could change your power supply to ignition instead of constant power depending on how handy you are with electrics. Shouldn't do any damage overnight or even over the weekend. Just unplug it.

Can FM transmitter play Spotify?

As Radio Transmitter is a gadget that would simulate a "radio station", it is not surprising that you can use spotify to play music to your car radio. AUX and 3.5mm stereo jack combo is the usual thing to hook it to the car stereo. Thing you have to do is to think of the usage of the phone. Make sure that your phones can be connected via 3.5mm stereo jack to the transmitter.


A great device that allows anyone to listen to his or her favorite music playing on an iPod or any other audio device wirelessly, an FM radio transmitter is a must addition to your car. How can you choose the best Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitters? Know that FM Transmitters are not always about the price. The higher price the FM transmitters are, the better they are. It is not always the case. Be sure to check the display size, the sound quality as well as the level of technology employed. These are some of the features which will make your long hours in the car worthwhile. To save you the trouble, we have also put together a list of the top best Bluetooth FM transmitters, FM transmitters for android, and FM transmitters out there for you to look at.

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