Best Car Audio Tweeters: Reviews, Specs, Prices Comparison

For most car drivers, who spend a significant amount of time driving, one of the most enjoyable moments are listening to their favorite album with the speakers at full blast. Unfortunately, in most cases, the OEM speakers that come with an average car are made from low cost, low-quality materials. Don’t you want to replace your car's factory speakers with a quality sound system to meet your specific requirements?

These days, the must-have audio accessories for drivers are available in the market with a wide range of designs, weights, sizes, technologies, and prices. Among these, the best car tweeters, which will significantly improve the depth, clarity and overall sound of your car's stereo, are probably one of the most common on to many drivers, especially the owners of Ford, Mazda, and Chrysler vehicles.

To help you choose the best products for your car's stereo, we have compiled a list of this year's top rated and reviewed car tweeters. Let’s scroll down to start our journey!

My Handpicked List of the Best Car Audio Tweeters

To figure out the best car tweeters, we have done several tests and research over some of the criteria such as:

  • Style and Design
  • Power Rating
  • Quality (Material, sound, etc.)
  • Price
  • Online reviews from multiple retailers

Here are top ten best car audio tweeters that would meet your specific needs.

1. Polk Audio DB1001 Car Tweeters 

Polk Audio DB1001

Manufactured by one of the most trusted and top makers and developers of communications equipment and consumer electronics since its foundation in 1961, these sport series speakers from Kenwood can give your car audio a serious upgrade.

Utilizing the steel black basket, these car tweeters are designed to produce dynamic and balanced sound under the harshest of conditions—a much bigger improvement than the price tag might suggest.

Why choose Polk Audio DB1001?

One significant feature of the Polk Audio DB1001 is the strong and clear polypropylene woofers in the midrange, with a balanced-dome tweeter for the treble promising to deliver rich, directionally accurate full range audio immersion for listening to distinct layers and audio details.


  • Great product performance
  • High-quality sound
  • Maintain the clear, realistic sound even when you crank the volume
  • Easy to install


  • Poor bass extension

The Polk Audio DB1001 car tweeters were equipped with the neodymium magnet to serve you the detailed, clear highs. Also, you may be surprised by its flush surface swivel cups which allow placement optimization and flexibility.

2. Power Acoustik NB-4 Mount Tweeters

Power Acoustik NB-4 Mount Tweeters

Manufactured by one of the most trusted and top makers and developers of communications equipment and consumer electronics since its foundation in 1961, these sport series speakers from Power Acoustik can give your car audio a serious upgrade. Utilizing the steel black basket, these car tweeters are designed to produce dynamic and balanced sound under the harshest of conditions—a much bigger improvement than the price tag might suggest.

Why choose Power Acoustik NB-4?

One of the few Power Acoustik NB-4 Car tweeters to come with the good design, these speakers do not just sound great but also are indeed eye-catching and impressive thanks to their blue poly woofer cone. This product also features non-fatiguing Rubber Surround, and 1' voice coil with ASV details, ensuring the maximum performance, low distortion, an open stage of sound, and durability in the high temperature. One of Power Acoustik NB-4 Car tweeters’s advantages is it is made with a perfect balance of quality and cost so that they are some of the best car tweeters with a low price to replace your factory speakers.


  • The tweeter can fit in any car models
  • Price is reasonable for a good quality of the speaker
  • Installation is for beginners
  • Decent sound quality and tight bass.
  • Crisp mid and high sound.
  • Reduced distortion at high volumes.


  • A bit rough clarity

These Power Acoustik NB-4 Car tweeters are slightly on the higher side price, but these are good speakers and do what they are supposed to do.

3. Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S Car Tweeters Kit

Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S Car Tweeters Kit

The Rockford Fosgate Prime car tweeters are compatible with most car models, especially those Ford or Mazda owners. All of those makes it a desirable product for any music lovers. The lightweight speaker comes with a higher power capacity and performance making it the good car tweeters model in the market these days. Most customers felt that it was the best ‘bang for their buck’ considering the strong sound features and high durability of the product and its attractive price.

Why choose Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S?

The woofer is made of Elastic Polymer and comes along with mid-woofer cone designed with Multilayer Mica Matrix. It produces a respectable sound which brings out the smoothness of music in an excellent, balanced way. These new technology advancements help decrease vibrations and resonances and ensure that no distortion will distract your music flow whether it is heavy-bass sounds such as alternative rock, hip-hop, or dubstep.


  • High-frequency range.
  • Great power and better responsiveness.
  • Excellent sound quality
  • No distortion at maximum volume
  • Compatible with most car models.


  • Installation could be confusing.
  • Wrong position installation will reduce the quality of sound

Simply the best verification for its reputation, the Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S Tweeter Kit is the ideal choice if you are looking to replace your low-quality factory-issue speakers.

4. Infinity REF3022CFX Car Tweeters

Infinity REF3022CFX Car Tweeters

The 4 ohms impedance of the Infinity REF3022CFX Car Tweeters is mated to a wide range of its frequency response. The waterproof rubber woofer cone is upgraded with a new Alpine-designed HAMR surround to enhance the speaker’s capability and bass response. The rubber environ allows the high and very linear excursion which provides low distortion, high SPL and efficiency of the overall performance.

Why choose Infinity REF3022CFX Car Tweeters?

You may be amazed of the durability and tight control of the Infinity REF3022CFX Car Tweeters over the diaphragm throughout the frequency spectrum. Such 1" silk dome tweeter can come with an amazing bass response and smooth highs, which helps get the perfect sound based on your seating position and enables you to listen to a solid bass and superb clarity and experience the smoothness of music.


  • Reduced distortion at high volumes.
  • Pack a ton of durability and power into a package.
  • Durability.


  • The high-frequency range is not preferable since it overwhelms tweeters

One of the more high-end models of car speakers that Infinity has to offer, Infinity REF3022CFX Car Tweeters paved their way to the list of best-performed speakers going to impress you.

5. BOSS Audio TW30 Car Tweeters

BOSS Audio TW30 Car Tweeters

The BOSS Audio TW30 Car Tweeters include polypropylene woofers, two sophisticated external crossovers, and titanium tweeters having a bright energy to customize the sound to your preference. With the maximum power of 90W, these speakers are able to produce the sound frequencies of up to 21kHz.

Why choose BOSS Audio TW30 Car Tweeters?

Component 2-way car speakers enabling you to gain access to crystal clear audio frequencies, the BOSS Audio TW30 Car Tweeter is among the best car audio tweeters for the money. In addition, the high sensitivity means the BOSS Audio TW30 Car Tweeters are easy to drive with stock head units.


  • Great performance.
  • Affordable choice compared to other component speakers
  • Well-matched with most of the car models.
  • Excellent frequency response.


  • Not so good bass

Remarkably well-priced for a component speaker, the BOSS Audio TW30 Car Tweeters were designed to bring a new level of sound to your vehicle without emptying your wallet.

6. Kicker CST20 Car Tweeter

Kicker CST20 Car Tweeter

A high-performance loudspeaker system from one of the most popular names in audio equipment, this BOSS Audio TW30 Car Tweeter is ideal for delivering powerful and high fidelity sound. It is also impressive with peak power and high sensitivity. The bass is very clear, the highs and mids are bright and distortion-free.

Why choose Kicker CST20 Car Tweeters?

This speaker fits very well even in tight places due to its plate-like mounting. Moreover, the Kicker CST20 3/4" Car Tweeters are made from durable material and premium construction, which helps them to stand the test of time. The only thing you may consider before choosing it is the peak RMS, a bit low in comparison with other products on the market.


  • High power handling per speaker
  • Well-built construction
  • Fit a variety of cars.


  • Quite low RMS peak

Overall, the Kicker CST20 3/4" Car Tweeter is such a good choice for a premium car speaker that we put it in our list of top 10 great car tweeters in 2018.

7. Pioneer TS-T110 Car Tweeter

Pioneer TS-T110 Car Tweeter

This is a perfect alternative to your car’s stock stereo speaker with several fascinating features. The glossy and simple design goes with a flexible basket frame let you make adjustments easily during setup. What’s more, the multi-OEM adaptor with multiple options available is helpful if you want to make changes in the settings. After testing the sound, we are impressed by its powerful lows, clear mids, and bright highs.

Why choose Pioneer TS-T110 Car Tweeter?

To get rid of unexpected distortion, the speaker has a rubber-coated magnet. With the wide frequency range and high sensitivity, you will be able to enjoy the clean sound and punchy bass. Besides, simple installation is a strength of coaxial speakers in general and the Pioneer TS-T110 Hard-Dome Tweeter in particular. Along with the speaker, you will be given a user’s guide and setting tools.


  • Simple, sleek, Flex Fit basket design
  • Easy to install
  • Many adjustment options available
  • Nice rubber surrounding
  • Powerful lows, clear mids, and nice highs


  • Its Wattage max is too low
  • This product is not flashy at all

Considering those above features and customer’s review, we put the Pioneer TS-T110 Hard-Dome Tweeter in our list of top 10 excelent car tweeters that you should buy.

8. Soundstream TWT.5 Car Tweeters

Soundstream TWT.5 Car Tweeters

The Soundstream TWT.5 Car Tweeter has a clean and sleek design with an oval shape. It also comes with square plates to fit different sorts of the car. The speaker system can run with the maximum output Power, more than many other products on the market. What’s more, the Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone design allows amazing sound reproduction and responsiveness. If you don’t like the installation process and seek for an easy-to-use choice, this one of best car tweeters will make your day.

Why choose Soundstream TWT.5 Car Tweeters?

This device is also lighter than most of its competitors and can be well protected with an elastic rubber surrounding. Additionally, the installation process takes about 15 minutes with easy steps. If you love the cosmetic design and need powerful speakers for your car, this is a must-buy product with a fantastic range and enhanced bass that make it unique. The cone of these care tweeters is made of Polyurethane which keeps them flexible and resistant. Besides, the surrounding is a durable foam that can last so long with a new formula.


  • Loud and clear sound
  • Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone design
  • It offers you a wide range of Power and sensitivity
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Elastic polymer surrounds offer good protection


  • Unable to deliver super loud bass
  • Do not fit for boats
  • No grille available

A down-graded factory stereo system could not reproduce your favorite song smoothly? It is high time to look for a better replacement, and we all know that the Soundstream TWT.5 Car Tweeters can perfectly satisfy your demand with high-quality sound and configuration.

9. Infinity REF6522IX Car Tweeters 

Infinity REF6522IX Car Tweeters

Honestly, we must accept that the music quality of these car tweeters is not the best at all. But if you’re looking for an affordable option, this should be the 1st in your shopping list. The Infinity REF6522IX 6.5" Car Tweeters can run in a maximum power and offer a wide range of frequency. The reduced-depth basket enables it to fit almost every vehicle, but the installation requires much effort. After carrying out some tests, we are strongly impressed with its super-clean bass. The mids and highs are also nicely handled with an acceptable amount of power.  

Why choose Infinity REF6522IX Car Tweeters?

A unique feature of the Infinity REF6522IX 6.5" Car Tweets is EVC™ (Extended Voice Coil) technology, which can significantly improve the quality of music playing. Moreover, the polypropylene cone makes the speakers more durable and well-protected with UV-treated, ribbed surrounds. If you want an affordable device but still look for high quality, this is a must-buy car tweeter that will never let you down. This item does not weigh much and also compact enough to fit most of trucks and cars. However, as it is lightweight, you need to be careful while installing them to avoid unexpected fragility.


  • Ultra-clean bass and reduced-depth basket
  • Easy installation and fit almost every vehicle due to its small size
  • Attractive design and Durable
  • Its Maximum power with the batteries of 12V required.


  • Installation requires much effort

Considering our tests and online customer reviews, we can say that thee Infinity REF6522IX 6.5" Car Tweeters are of good quality for that price range. It’s worth a try!

10. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1T-S Tweeter Kit

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1T-S Tweeter Kit

The Rockford Fosgate Punch P1T-S Car Tweeter is not as popular as the above products, but we find it very cool after going through some sound tests. Its Max power and impedance are enough to prove the power and quality that this speaker offers. Additionally, the Dynamic Balance (DB) Technology is used to enhance the clean and rich sound greatly. No matter what types of music you’re listening to, you can have a good time with powerful and clear lows, mids, highs. The smooth and flush design also makes it perfect for your luxurious car.  

Why choose Rockford Fosgate Punch P1T-S Car Tweeter?

A special feature of the Rockford Fosgate Punch P1T-S Car Tweeter is its Marine certification. Known as dirt and water resistant speaker that has been tested through UV, humidity, and salt-fog, it is the best choice for any vehicle including automobiles, motorcycles, and boats. Rockford has a desire to bring out superb products that can win the test of time. This is one of the good car tweeters made by Rockford that can resist high temperature and humidity.


  • Affordable price
  • Decent sound for who want better quality than stock speakers
  • Dynamic Balance (DB) Technology and Polypropylene UV resistant cone
  • Fit a variety of vehicles.


  • Do not go well with amplifiers
  • Can be fragile if not carefully handled

You can be impressed by the sensitivity and the Max Power of the Rockford Fosgate Punch P1T-S Tweeter Kit, which is enough to prove its powerful sound quality regardless of highs or lows.

What are benefits of using Best Car Tweeters?

For those who spend a significant amount of their time driving, or are planning to do so soon, replacing the low-quality factory speakers attached with an average car without any hassle with Car Tweeters as soon as possible is a sure way of always enhancing your car audio listening experience and enjoying the driving moments. Replacing your old speakers for a pair of awesome replacements or upgrading the stock speakers in your car, then you will be singing along with a lot more energy!

First of all, you need to know exactly what a car tweeter is. A car tweeter is defined as a speaker system that recreates the sound in the medium frequency range. They often come in the shape of cones, domes or compression horns. The best car audio tweeters can handle the important part in any sound system. They are usually expected to deliver the sound without distortion and faithful reproduction.

So, what are benefits of using Car Tweeters?

Fortunately, thanks to their incredible build quality and sound performance, car tweeters have now become increasingly popular among car owners, especially the Ford, Mazda, Chrysler, or BMW. Thanks to technological advancements, car tweeters, which are among the must-have audio accessories for drivers, are highly flexible and adaptable and available in many shapes, sizes, and performance capabilities.

If you are looking for a ‘one size fits all’ kind set, car tweeters, which can fit in almost any car models, are no doubt the top choice of a large number of car owners wishing to maintain a sound system that delivers the excellent quality of car audio sound. Well, the best car tweeter models speakers always come with a higher amount of power handling capacity than any set of lower size. Expected to range from 140 watts to 300 watts or even more, the average capacity is enough for most car owners.

Depending on different models, the average frequency response offered by these speakers - the key to maximize speaker performance - range from as low as 30 HZ to as high as 32 kHz and more!

Along with that, car tweeters are a dream-come-true product for a lot of music fans who cannot drive even a mile without a few good tunes thanks to the surround sound quality, as well as the highly-sensitive motor structure well-designed to make sure of maximum performance.

Featuring multiple drivers (mid-ranges, woofers, tweeters, and even super tweeters) for exceptional sound reproduction, the car tweeters bring a whole new listening experience. Even when audiophiles like you are playing your music exceedingly loud, the excellent combo diminishes sound distortion to the lowest level.

Another plus point of these car tweeters is that in spite of their extremely lightweight, they still have everything for delivering an extraordinary experience. To clearly deliver top-notch in-car entertainment, the car tweeters come with construction materials of higher quality and enhanced clarity, depth, as well as your car’s clearer, more detailed, more dynamic stereo sound. Even the beginners find it super easy to install these car tweeters as the installation process doesn’t require any advanced understanding. It is to be heard to be believed, literally!

The price for a set of car tweeters is competitive. And above all, they are affordable. Moreover, almost all car tweeters come with a 1-year warranty from the audio manufacturer. It is just as enough time for you to test your items out for yourself!

How To Choose The Best Car Tweeters

Choosing a suitable car tweeter to create a new sound in your car or truck has never been easy. For example, the very first step is to decide whether you will buy a full-range or a component speaker.  But everything doesn’t end after your first choice. Besides choosing between coaxial and component speakers, there are still several factors that need to be taken into consideration as follows:

  • Sound quality
  • Size and Configuration
  • Power Handling
  • Price

Sound quality

Listening to an entertaining song is a good choice to keep your mind away from stressful traffic jams. And obviously, a car without a smooth sound system must absolutely be big trouble for music lovers who own an automobile. If you also have a passion for music and high-quality sound, you must be disgusted with the stock stereo system of your car because most manufacturers focus too much on the powertrain as well as the appearance of the vehicle; and ignore the car tweeter.

Sometimes the sound quality also depends on the type of car tweeters, Coaxial or Component? It is not simple to answer which one is better. In general, component speakers offer better sound quality, but they are more expensive than the coaxial ones. Another difference is installation process: the full-range speaker is much easier to be installed on your car, while component speakers settings may require much effort. After all, if you focus on the music quality, component speakers should be the 1st in your shopping list. If you do not have much experience and have no installation skills, a full range one can get the job done quickly.

Size and Configuration

If you want to replace the OEM units, it is important to get some information about the stock speaker that is already in your car. Under some circumstances, you can take them out can measure the size. But it is not necessary as most car audio shops will provide you with suitable products when you tell them your car’s make, model and year of manufacturing. Then they will quickly know the size and configuration of the existing speaker in your car. Especially if your current speaker is full range, in most cases, the shopkeeper will give you a new speaker that perfectly fit your vehicle.

Power Handling

A good car speaker needs to be able to handle the power from the head unit or external amplifier so that you can take full advantage of the sound system. That’s the reason why many people buy a head unit before thinking about pursuing speakers. If you haven’t bought a head unit for your car, you are quite free to choose car speakers with any features you like and then look for a suitable head unit or amplifier to get the most out of it.


Generally, the average price of mid-range speakers is not as low as full-range speakers of the same model. That’s the reason why car manufacturers rarely, actually never install mid-range speakers on your car instead of low-cost factory sound system. The quality of the mid-range speaker is far better than full-range ones so if you are a music enthusiast or want to set up your car perfectly; a mid-range speaker is undeniably a smart investment.


According to Scientific American's research, Americans drove over 3.15 trillion miles in 2017, and it tends to increase after each year, which is somewhat associated with the growing car sales volume. As a result, the demand for brilliant car tweeters has significantly risen in recent years too. However, with dozens of patterns available on the market, it is not an easy job to find a suitable product for your beloved vehicle. That’s why today we have created the above list of top 10 best car audio tweeters review, which will help you to choose the most fantastic speaker with an affordable price.

Of course, choosing a suitable tweeter for your car is not so simple at all, and that’s why we wrote this article of top 10 best car tweeters on the market in 2018. We all hope that after reading this list, you will be able to understand essential features of car speakers and find out your dream audio system, which can offer premium sound quality and make your car look better too. After all, thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to hit the like button. If you have any question, please leave it in the comment section so we will give you our answer as soon as possible!

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