Continental Tire Reviews

Continental Tire Reviews

Founded in 1871, Continental tire has been producing some of the highest performing tires in the industry. What started out with solid rubber tires for bicycles and carriages has now grown into much more.

Today, Continental is well known for its line of maximum performance tires for use on the street or at the track, along with top models for highway use by drivers of all types of cars, trucks, SUV’s and crossovers.

A few of the leading models on the road today include the Continental ExtremeContact DWS, which delivers ultra high performance all-season traction and handling. Other models like the PureContact are engineered to provide a lower rolling resistance for added fuel efficiency.

For SUV’s and crossovers, the CrossContact LX20 is one of the better tires in its class for traction, handling and ride comfort. Designed for street or track use, the ContiForceContact is yet another leading model from Continental.

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