Best 4×6 Car Speakers: Reviews, Specs, Prices Comparison

If you are looking for the best 4x6 car speakers and overwhelmed with a lots various kinds of car speaker on the market, you can’t determine which 4x6 car speaker you should buy. Hence, this article will recommend you some top of great 4x6 car speakers – both component and full range car speakers with the view to helping you to have the best selection.

Car speaker is device included in the sound system, which is installed in your car to create a comfortable environment for a driver like an air conditioner. Also, it provides daily information about special events, traffic around our life via radio. Typically, there are two main kinds of best 4x6 speakers car audio: component car speakers and full – range car speakers, also known as coaxial, with many models, various features, and specs, so choosing the best one, which is suitable for your need, is not a simple problem.

I will give you some review information about what the 4x6 car speaker is, some features and specs you need to know about this product, how to use it, also the reviews from the consumers and how to choose the best 4x6 speaker car audio.

Best 4x6 Speakers for Car Audio

Best 4x6 Coaxial Full Range Car Speakers

Full range car speakers, often known as coaxial speakers, are the most popular type of car speakers. A full range speaker often goes with a tweeter and the woofer cone. People often choose the full range car speakers more than the component speakers because the full range speaker price is much cheaper than the component price. However, the sound from the coaxial is relatively lower – quality than component speakers.

The full range car speakers can handle entirely the range of frequency spectrum. Because, their drivers are close to each other, so it’s extremely easy for the frequency to interfere to each other. Full range speakers have various configurations with the number of drivers such as: two- way, three-way,..

The two-way car speakers indicate that a woofer handle low frequency and a tweeter handle high frequency. This is the most common type. And the three – way car speaker are similar to the two-way, but there’s an extra driver which will handle the mid – range frequency.

Here are top 5 4x6" full range car speakers comparision:







Tweeter Design

1-3/16" Balanced Dome

3/8" Dome

3/4" Dome

1-3/16" Balanced Dome

1/2" Balanced Dome

Impedance (Ohms)






Tweeter Composition






Woofer Composition


Multilayer mica-matrix

Mineral filled poly



Woofer Surround


Rubber-coated cloth

Butyl rubber



Sensitivity (1W at 1 meter)






Sensitivity at 2.83 volts






Frequency Response

40 - 28k Hz

35 - 42k Hz

90 - 22k Hz

37 - 26k Hz

50 - 20k Hz

Minimum RMS Wattage






Maximum RMS Wattage






Peak Power Handling (Watts)






Top-mount Depth (Inches)

1 7/8

1 13/16

1 13/16

1 11/16

1 15/16

Bottom-mount Depth (Inches)

2 1/16

2 1/16

2 1/8

2 1/16

2 1/16

Cutout Diameter or Length (inches)






1. Pioneer TS-G4644R

Pioneer TS-G4644R

Pioneer TS-G4644R model is the excellent selection for you to replace your old factory speaker. With distinctive features, the two – way design can handle until 200 Watts MAX power (nominally 30 watts). Mica cone woofer and Injected Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) not only improve sensitivity but also reduce distortion. The tweeter of 1-3/16” Piezoelectric provides high great – quality performance. Moreover, this model is rather easy to install into various kinds of vehicles.

Because of the small size of speakers, the bass sound of them is not as great as your expectation. However, in general, Pioneer TS-G4644R speakers relatively bring good sound at the affordable price. Also, they are easy to be installed into any vehicles.  I believe Pioneer TS-G4644R will be superior to the other kinds of speakers with the same price.


  • Easy to install any vehicle
  • Reasonable price


  • Lack of bass
  • The quality of sound is little lower than the other products of Pioneer Brand

2. Pioneer TS-A4676R

Pioneer TS-A4676R

The cone design with multilayer Mica Matrix Cone Design for reproduction and the responsiveness guarantee to bring the best – quality sound.

The Pioneer TS-A4676R is one of the products of TS-A series. In addition to offering great values, this model also responses more accurately and make a suspension system stiffer. The TS-A4676R speaker with an air vent in the cooling basket will keep it always cool under any severe conditions. This cause the speakers to handle the power better.

Manufacturers use various materials, which are combined to produce a light and rigid diaphragm. Thanks to this combination, the speaker can reduce the internal loss and impressive response sensitivity. Therefore, you will own the vibrant, clear and great – quality sound. With the new design of tweeter - Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone structure, the frequency range of your speaker will be improved significantly.


  • Audio quality is extremely amazing from the mid to high frequency response range
  • Competitive price
  • The design with the material in premium PRS series of Pioneer


  • Inadequate bass leads to low – end performance
  • Continuous power (RMS) is just 30 W

In general, if you want to replace your existing speaker by Pioneer TS-A4676R, this is an amazing idea.

3. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462

With the special features, you can hear all kinds of music distinctively. The speaker produces fantastic sound. For the money, they are just amazing to find. Multi-OEM Adapter is one of the most convenient specifics, which allows speakers to be installed certainly in OEM Openings.

Therefore, a pair of speakers can be fitted in most vehicles. Butyl rubber, polypropylene injection and mineral – filled cone are indicators ensuring the excellent – quality sound. Although sometimes it can’t handle some frequencies and causes distortion, it can be installed easily and quickly in general, and the sound from it is greater than the stock.


  • 25 percent greater surface than the standard 4”x6” full range speakers due to the surround technique of Rockford Fosgate’s Vertica
  • Low-end frequency brings excellent performance
  • The convenience of Multi-OEM Adapter


  • Price is little higher than other products with the same features
  • Life-span is questionable

If you have demand for a low – end performance speaker, this model speaker should be on your top list.

4. Pioneer TS-G4645R

Pioneer TS-G4645R

Pioneer TS-G4645R goes with amazing features that would be considered when you want to replace the lower – quality speaker. MICA composite cone woofer ensures for the sensitivity improvement and distortion reduction. With two – way design, they can handle to 200 watts peak power and 30 watts nominal.

Pioneer is a well – known brand that has been existed in this industry for a long time already. Thanks to its high – quality products, consumers are reliable in this brand.

In addition to satisfied – quality, this model has an affordable price. Due to being equipped with a compatible basket, this feature makes it fit in various kinds of cars and trucks.


  • Affordable price
  • Durable design
  • Great replacement for your speaker


  • Little to no bass
  • Little vibration when turn up high volume

5. Kicker KSC4604

Kicker KSC4604 KSC460

This Kicker goes with Polypropylene Woofer, surrounded with tough rubber. This feature ensures your car speaker’s durability and excellent – quality of the audio performance in low – end spectrum. Speakers with thin – mount design make them be installed behind factory grilles. Silk - dome tweeters provide exceptional performance in the high- frequency range. Besides, they also produce clear and crisp audio.


  • The mids and highs range will bring the best performance
  • The 75 Watts of handling RMS power output  can make the loudest sound
  • The thin design makes it install easily behind factory grilles.


  • Uncertain about its longevity
  • Bass performance is not as expectation

Best 4x6 Component Car Speakers

Some car speakers with the same models have both component and full range speakers. What are the distinctive features of each kind? Which one is superior and suitable for you?

Component car speakers provide the optimal – quality sound with an advanced design. A component system typically consists of two tweeters, two woofers, and two external crossovers. They separate from each other but work together smoothly.  Component systems provide superb – quality sound and commonly the price of component car speakers is higher than the full range ones.

In component speakers, high-frequencies are often handled by the tweeters and low – frequencies are covered by woofers. And mid-ranges produce the mid – frequencies.

Here are 5 best 4x6 component car speakers evaluated by consumers:

1. Pioneer TS-A4675R – 3 Way Speakers

Pioneer TS-A4675R 4X6 3-Way Speakers

This Pioneer with item model number TS-A4675R is a 4x6 component car speaker type. With its dimension above, it seems a quite small speaker. Therefore, it is not able to produce a lot of basses. However, the voice sound is great with its size. The music from these speakers reproduces the atmosphere sounding original. With their distinctive features, speakers with multilayer mica matrix cone fit most vehicles.

This speaker is excellent to compare to others. The high – range speakers will pronounce clear sound without harsh. The midrange speakers are not as vibrant as the high, but still enough to support rear speakers. While the low ones are underwhelming, they are not as tremendous as two other kinds. Although they are often distorting at low frequency and high intensity and do not create thump more, they create an amazing sound at the reasonable price.


  • Easy to install in your car
  • Reasonable price to compare with others
  • Small size
  • Great quality sound


  • Very little bass due to a small speaker
  • Unable to handle a good range
  • Used in noisy truck or car is not a good idea

2. Kicker 41DSC54 – 3 Way Speakers

Kicker 41DSC54

Kicker speakers not only provide high – quality sound but also fit most vehicles. Kicker 41DSC54 is one of the best 5.25” car speakers of Kicker. The handling power capacity is up to 50W – RMS rating or 200 W – Peak rating with quite high – sensitivity rating of 90dB.

The design of 41DSC54 model with great sensitivity will raise its volume loudly. Although this model is installed with low - powered unit, you also can activate your tunes and maintain this during your ride. With the three – way design, this device can articulate the sound well. In addition to dedicating the mid and low range to 5-1/4″ polypropylene woofers, it also sends the highs to the tweeters with PEI dome. In general, the products of Kicker 41DSC54 will create amazing quality sound.


  • Appropriate handling capacity with high – sensitivity
  • Amazing – quality sound
  • Reasonable price


  • Lower frequency

3. KICKER 43CSC464 - 2 Way Speaker

KICKER 43CSC464 4x6

The 43CSC464 model is a good combination of 4”x6” woofer and an integrated tweeter of 0.5”. This kind of cone woofer made of Polypropylene material will bring a maximum – powered peak output (up to 150 W per speaker) and the tweeter with balanced – dome design also provides a high – quality sound.  Besides, the extended voice coil (EVC) with Kicker’s trademark technology will create deeper bass, which gives you a thumping feel. This is a best 4x6 speakers with good bass.

The innovative PEI tweeter formed with Neodymium magnets will provide amazingly clear sound. Moreover, some extra indicators also make the speaker operate more efficiently. The poly – foam surround with UV treatment prevents your speaker form heat damage. Tweeters with zero-protrusion can keep a snug fit inner amount. If you are not satisfied, feel uncomfortable with the sound from your existing speaker and have demand for replacing by the new one, Kicker 43CSC464 is a great choice to meet your need.


  • Easily compatible with any kinds of car
  • Crystal clear sound


  • Complicated installation

4. NEW KICKER DS46 - 2 Way Speakers


The next of top 5 component car speakers is also a Kicker product. The Kicker speakers with 11DS464” x6" model are easy to install. Manufacturers have upgraded it with flexible features to fit in any car’s doors. Two – way speaker systems provide the clear mid-range frequency and precise highs. These systems eventually define the great – quality audio sound system.

Moreover, these speakers till use a heavy-duty engine structure. And the Extended Voice Coil technology, known as EVCT, creates remarkable performance and extremely clear bass. They are designed with polypropylene cones, ribbed and UV – treated surrounds, which bring optimum quality sound and precise linear excursion. The tweeters with half – inch and balanced dome supply excellent definition. The products of Kicker brand always earn the reliability from consumers.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible fit to any cars
  • Two- year warranty


  • No plastic guard, no cover

5. Kicker 43DSC4604 - 2 Way Speakers

Kicker 43DSC4604

Do you want to upgrade your car audio speaker? However, you are afraid of the complicated installation. Kicker 43DSC4604 will help you solve your issue. This model fits almost cars and trucks, so you do not need to do any modification to your car. Moreover, you can save your time to enjoy beautiful songs.

Kicker speakers with DS series will improve your sound significantly. A PEI tweeter with zero-protrusion feature produces a high and crisp sound which your factory speakers could not handle. In other words, Extended Voice Coil technology (EVC) provides high – satisfaction sound. DS series are also upgraded great – sensitivity engine to boost the speaker’s volume. Some other indicators also ensure long-lived sound such as UV-treated surrounds, neodymium magnets of balanced- dome tweeters.


  • Easy to install and fit in almost vehicle
  • High – quality and crisp sound


  • Little higher price than other products

How to Choose the Best 4x6 ​Car Speakers

Choosing a high – quality speaker with an outstanding performance has never been an easy task. If you don’t know clearly about their specifications, features, you may take a lot of time for this task.

You should choose the 4x6 car speaker which has the sound from driver may be really soothing and familiar with our ears. The sound reproduction leads to the discrepancies, which are highly observed. This type with good-quality performance can reproduce a low-distortion type amazingly. Our ear can detect sensitively the medium frequencies which are produced by the mid-range speakers.

With a lot of various kinds of the 4x6 car speakers, if you choose a low-quality performing one, it will affect to sound volume and quality of your car negatively. Choosing the best 4x6 speakers with good bass will enhance high quality sound and performance significantly. Either a component car speaker with high – quality sound or a full range car speaker with reasonable price is a good option for you. 

1. Some points you may concern to buy a best 4x6 speakers car audio

Before determining to buy any 4x6 speaker car audio, you should inspect and consider several things such as its size, installation and most of all is the speaker quality.

Determine the range of the 4x6 speakers

You should measure the range of these type speakers. This action is fundamental to help you not only to save your time but also to avoid wasting your efforts. They frequently range from 250 Hz to 2000 Hz. This type may give you a sound without high obstruction and large power or distortion because it can enhance sound quality both music and vocals. The range of its operation depends on one speaker driver to another one.


A down – graded car speaker could not produce the excellent performance. You should choose a better replacement for your car, which can satisfy your demand perfectly. However, their quality depends on both products and brands. There are various types of 4x6 speakers car audio on the market. Therefore, you could choose the best one for your car.


You should also consider about the installation. The size of the 4x6 speaker you’ve chosen affects to the installation. If you do not properly measure the size of it, then choose the one that’s not fitting to be installed, you will get a problem. Speakers with the size of 4x6 make you install easily.


“You will get for what you pay” is not always true. An expensive 4x6 car speaker maybe has better performance than a cheap one. However, an affordable – price car speaker can also meet your demand relatively. You should put this factor under your consideration when you are in tight budget.

2. What you should look for 4x6 speaker car audio

Thanks to the excellent performance of the 4x6 speakers car audio, the demand for it is rising. Hence, the manufacturers also produce and supply various and high – quality products to meet consumers’ demands.

Most of the drivers choose 4x6 speakers car audio for their car because of the best sound quality. How about you? Which features do you want to choose for your car speaker? How to choose the best 4x6 speakers car audio? Here are some recommended things you should focus on:

The rating of handling power (watts - W)

Each speaker has each capacity of handling power. Peak Power (MAX) and RMS Power often indicate for that capacity. They measure how much power the 4x6 speakers can handle in consideration. While the Peak Power rating points out the capacity of power that can be handle by speakers in short bursts, the RMS is the measurement indicating the amount of power handled continuously.

To check whether the speaker is suitable to your car or not, let the power system of your car. A 4x6 car speaker can handle a lot of power. If your car’s power system is low (about 2 to 50W – RMS), it does not bring the effective results. On the contrary, if your car owns a high powerful system, the 4x6 car speaker with high RMS rating will be a good choice for you. Therefore, choosing a right speaker with an appropriate rating close to your device will be the perfect selection.

The rating of sensitivity (decibels - dB)

This measurement indicates with the distinctive mount of power, how much volume can be given from the speaker. It also shows the device uses that power how efficiently at the power provided by the device. If your car speaker owns a higher rating of sensitivity, it will deliver the louder sound than the lower one.

Typically, a car with low-powered systems (maybe maximum 15 W RMS per channel) should go with the 4x6 speaker with high-rating sensitivity (more than 90 dB). In contrast, the systems with 16 W – RMS or more, called as high – powered systems, should go with low - rating sensitivity. These combinations will give your ear great – quality sound.

The frequency response of your carspeaker (Hertz  - Hz)

Every kind of speaker often correspond with every frequency range. The speaker can radiate sound in this range – from the lowest to the highest. For instance, if your car audio speaker has the frequency range from 20 Hz to 22000 Hz, that means the deepest bass sound is 20 Hz and the highest is 22,000 Hz.

This range of frequency is rather safe for our ear. If you love a deep bass output but don’t like a subwoofer, the 4x6 car speakers with frequency about 50 Hz or below should be under your consideration.

The rating of Impedance (Ohms)

This rating number indicates the resistance of the speaker to the current flow. A speaker with lower impedance rating will get more current to flow while the higher will allow lesser current. How to choose a 4x6 car speaker with an optimum impedance? Both low and high impedance rating do not bring good quality sound. The optimum rating is maybe from 6 to 8 Ohms. This level is the most suitable for your speaker to bring enjoyable sound and low-risked damage.

3. How to Test 4x6 Speaker?

By the way testing the sound delivered by the 4x6 car speakers, you would know whether it’s suitable for your demand. Through a CD with your favorite songs, you can test your 4x6 speaker. Starting from the musical rhymes, your ears will determine this sound is acceptable or not.


Choosing best car speaker which has great – quality sound will not only bring you the wonderful life but also inspire you in working powerfully. After reading this post,you will know the different between the component car speakers and the full – range car speakers. Each type has special - unique features and its pros and cons.Many different types, various models and brands will bring you a large selection of 4x6 car speakers. Each product has its pros and cons.With above information about top 5 component car speakers and top 5 full – range car speaker, I hope you will choose the best 4x6 car speakers for your car.

In addition to top component and full range speakers with the great 4x6 car speakers, this article also recommends you some measurements to consider for buying the 4x6 car speaker: the range of frequency, quality and installation; which ratings you should concern:power handling rating, sensitivity rating, response frequency and the impedance rating. Moreover, it also gives you method how to test if the sound is enjoyable or not. Let’s enjoy the great – quality sound delivered from your best – chosen speaker.

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