Best Tires for Nissan Altima: Our Recommendations & Reviews

Michelin Premier A/S​

Michelin Premier A/S

Best grand-touring tires for Nissan Altima

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring

Best comfortable tires for Nissan Altima

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80​

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

Best Winter tires for Nissan Altima

The best tires for Nissan Altima must be able to cope with different driving conditions, shortest brake distance and offer a comfortable and quiet driving experience. Grand-touring tires are the best option for Nissan Altima owners.

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Mid-size sedans are a dying breed today, even though they are arguably the best combination of driving dynamics, space, and comfort. The Nissan Altima is a perfect example of that. Made to meet the needs of the average American family, the Altima also brings better driving dynamics to the table, comfortable and luxurious interior, and striking looks.

And while the Nissan Altima is a pretty good driver’s car by class standards, it is nothing without a good set of tires. Installing a bad set of tires on your Altima will not only worsen the driving dynamics, but it will also make it less safe. On top of that, some tires are very noisy on the highway – you surely wouldn’t want your family to suffer on longer trips.

The best tires for Nissan Altima must be able to cope with different driving conditions, such as dry and wet. They should also be able to stop the vehicle in the shortest distance possible and even offer a comfortable and quiet driving experience. That’s a tall order, I know, but luckily most premium tire manufacturers today have the technology needed to achieve all those things in one tire.

That said, there are still some differences between various tire types. That’s why, before we talk about which tires are the best, I’ve created a sort of a buying guide. There I’ll explain all the distinctive tire types available on the market and why you need a certain one for your needs. If you already know what type of tires you want and need for your Altima, you can jump that part and go directly to the Top 10 best tires for Nissan Altima section.

What to look for when choosing a set of best tires for Nissan Altima in 2023

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Unlike its direct competitor Toyota Camry, the Nissan Altima is geared towards drivers that want a more engaging experience. However, the differences here are still very small and only apply to more responsive steering and a bit more playful chassis. In other words, sure, the Altima is good to drive, but it is still not a sports car. That’s why, when choosing a set of the best Nissan Altima tires, the most important things will be how safe they are to drive in a variety of conditions, how much comfort they offer to the passengers, and how long they last.

That’s why touring, and grand-touring tires are the best option for Nissan Altima owners. These tires are primarily designed with longevity and durability in mind, as well as comfortable and safe driving experience. And while in the past these tires were a bit cumbersome in the corners, it is safe to say that today the best touring tires for mid-size sedans offer advanced levels of responsiveness, traction, and grip in the corners. Yes, high-performance tires still offer a much better driving experience overall, but for the average Altima owner, touring and grand-touring tires are everything they need.

Most touring and grand-touring tires today are of the all-season variety. This means that they work both in warm and cold temperatures and on dry and wet pavement. The best all-season tires also work in light snow, but still can’t replace proper winter tires.

With all that said, there are still some Nissan Altima owners that want a more engaging driving experience. Most of those people own the V6 models, which are pretty quick of the line for a family sedan. High-performance tires are the best choice for those people. With a set of these tires, the Altima V6 will be able to put the power down on the road much better. For you, that means less tire squeal and much better acceleration. High-performance tires also offer much higher grip in the corners, giving the driver the ability to achieve much higher speeds, and they even brake better. This also means that a vehicle with high-performance tires will be much safer. In the end, thanks to the stiffer sidewalls, these tires give a much more responsive ride.

However, they have some disadvantages. First of all, high-performance tires don’t last as long as touring tires. In fact, they last just for a few seasons between replacement. Then, they tend to be less comfortable over bumps, and noisier on the highway.

High-performance tires are mostly available in summer configuration, which means they only work when the weather is warmer. In other words, they completely use their abilities in colder weather, and some of them can’t even be stored in colder conditions. Some manufacturers also offer all-season high-performance tires, and few of them even offer high-performance winter tires.

While we are at the matter of winter tires, they are the best choice for the winter regardless of the driver or the model (four-cylinder or V6). Winter tires work magnificently in colder weather thanks to the more pliable rubber. And I’m not talking only about driving in snow – winter tires have better traction and grip in dry and cold conditions than any other tire type. They are also much better than all-season tires in snowy conditions thanks to the more aggressive tread pattern. However, winter tires don’t work at all in warmer conditions, which means that they can be used just a third of the year in most places. They are also not the most durable of tires, especially if driven in warmer conditions.

After we talked about every tire type you might need for the Altima, we can move on to the list of the best tires for Nissan Altima in 2023. In the list, I will include mostly touring and grand-touring tires of the all-season variety, but I will also include high-performance summer tires for Nissan Altima V6 owners, and winter tires for those that want the safest driving experience in the winter or simply live in areas with cold weather.

Top 10 Best Tires for Nissan Altima 2023

Michelin Premier A/S

Best grand-touring tires for Nissan Altima

Michelin Premier A/S​

The Michelin Premier seems like it was specifically designed with Nissan Altima owners in mind. It is a grand-touring tire, which means that it gives a balanced drive that should appeal to both the driver and the family. However, unlike most grand-touring tires, the Premier is no stranger to faster and more sporty driving, and that’s why it is the best choice for Altima drivers.

Let’s start with the way this tire drives. While it is still not a competitor to high-performance tires, the Premier offers responsive handling and high levels of grip, making it a great choice even for Altima V6 owners. Then, thanks to the symmetrical design with notched shoulders, independent intermediate blocks and continuous center ribs, all part of the Michelin Total Performance package, it also works miracles in wet conditions, where it is probably the best tire in its category. The tread compound that consists of silica and sunflower oil additionally helps for better traction in both warm and cold weather.

Michelin’s proprietary Expanding Rain Grooves and Emerging Grooves also separate themselves in cold weather for better snow traction, which means that the Premier is pretty good in snow as well. In the end, these sipes also tighten in warmer conditions, which additionally improves grip and traction. Overall, in the driving department, this is the most balanced tire in the grand-touring category, giving the driver the ability to push his Altima to the limits without any safety concern.

The high praise for the Premier doesn’t end here. Thanks to the Comfort Control Technology aided with a computer-optimized design for reducing vibrations and noise from the road, a set of these tires will give you one of the quietest and most comfortable rides of your life.

In the end, the Premier is also very durable, even though perhaps not at the level of the best in its category. Like all grand-touring Michelin tires, it is equipped with the Advanced MaxTouch Construction that helps with even treadwear and BAZ (Bended at Zero Degrees) technology with reinforced steel belts and spirally wrapped polyamide for improved strength and durability. However, despite the high-tech internal construction, Michelin only gives 60,000-mile tread warranty, which is lower than the competitors which offer 70,000 or 80,000-miles warranty.

Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring​

Best comfortable tires for Nissan Altima​

Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring

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The Michelin Premier is a very comfortable tire, but if you want to have even more luxurious driving experience, then the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring is the choice for you. This tire is designed to provide the driver with control in dry, wet and snowy weather, and be comfortable and quiet over long journeys.

Here we will start with what the ComforTred Touring does best. Thanks to the Comfort Layer and ComfortEdge technologies, a set of these tires will give you an extremely smooth ride over bumps with fewer vibrations than almost all other grand-touring tires. On top of that, the ComforTred Touring is outstandingly quiet on the highway, even at higher speeds. Overall, a set of these tires will make your Altima a much more pleasurable touring machine.

Despite the focus on comfort, this Goodyear tire is excellent in other areas as well. It comes with asymmetric tread design, which is a combination of independent shoulder blocks and center ribs, a decision that gives it great grip and traction in both dry and wet conditions. The handling is also very responsive with a set of these tires, albeit not at the level of the Premier that sits on the first place on this list. The Assurance ComforTred Touring also works in light snow thanks to the notches and sipes that form biting edges, but only in cases of emergency. Those that live in areas with a lot of snow in the winter should still invest in proper winter tires.

One of the biggest advantages of this tire is the outstanding 80,000-mile tread wear warranty, which is one of the best in the business.

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring​

Best budget touring tires for Nissan Altima​

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

Cooper recently refreshed their tire lineup with two different tires – the Grand Touring and the Ultra Touring. For this vehicle, I think that the better option is the Ultra Touring model, which sacrifices a bit on comfort and durability, but gains greatly in the performance category. More precisely, this is one of the best handling tires in the grand-touring category, and even more impressively, it comes at a much lower price than other premium performance competitors.

On the road, the CS5 Ultra Touring is similar to the Michelin Premier in the way it drives. Responsiveness is very good, and the handling is very precise, both in warmer and colder conditions. On top of that, grip and traction levels are very high thanks to the Coupled Silica compound molded into an asymmetric pattern and Stabiledge Performance technology that interlocks tread elements for better handling. The CS5 Ultra Touring is similarly good in the rain thanks to the high sipe density, but it falls short of the class best in snowy conditions.

The CS5 Ultra Touring is also a very quiet and comfortable tire, albeit not on the level of the best in its category. On the positive side, the 70,000-mile tread warranty is pretty good for a tire that is performance oriented and comes at a lower price than its main competitors.

Continental TrueContact All-Season Touring Tire

Best durable tires for Nissan Altima​

Continental TrueContact

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Valid through Sept 30, 2020

Available at

The Continental TrueContact is one of the best touring tires when it comes to performance – no doubt about it. Designed to offer fuel-efficient, comfortable, and safe driving experience, this tire is probably the best choice for four-cylinder Altima models and more grounded drivers. On top of that, the price is lower than other premium competitors, which is a big plus, especially because this tire is made of Continental.

The best thing about the TrueContact is how long it lasts though. With 90,000-mile tread wear warranty and millions of satisfied users around the world, the TrueContact is the best choice for people that want to forget when was the last time they replace the tires on their Altima.

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus​

Best quiet tires for Nissan Altima​

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus

$70 Prepaid Mastercard by mail when you purchase a set of four select Bridgestone tires.

Valid through Oct 12, 2020

Available at

Thanks to the unique Renoa silencer, the Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus is as quiet as its name suggests. It provides all the passengers in the Altima with a serene and whispers quiet driving experience, even at speeds above 70mph. It is also outstandingly good over bumps. And while this is its biggest advantage over its rivals, the Turanza Serenity Plus is excellent in other areas such as performance and durability.

Thanks to the Nano ProTech compound infused with silica gel for low rolling resistance, the Turanza gives the driver enough confidence to push in the corners in dry and wet conditions, while also improving fuel economy. The Turanza also works in light snow, and it comes with an 80,000-mile tread warranty, which is the best result in its category. And it’s not only the warranty – users around the world are extremely satisfied with how long these tires last.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06​

Best tires for Nissan Altima V6​

Continental Extreme Contact DWS06

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Valid through Sept 30, 2020

Available at

If you want the best possible performance from your Nissan Altima V6, or you’re a more spirited driver who wants to experience higher G-forces in the corners, then the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 is a great choice. This is a high-performance all-season tire that works in different temperature conditions, which make it more usable than summer high-performance tires. And as far as all-season tires go, this one will give you the best possible performance on the road.

Thanks to the silica-enhanced all-season compound featuring +Saline additives and unique asymmetrical design with chamfered edges, the ExtremeContact really achieves “extreme contact” with the road. Grip levels are extremely high in both dry and wet conditions, while handling responsiveness is second to none. On top of that, the Nissan Altima V6 will lose less traction during hard acceleration with a set of these tires.

As expected, the ExtremeContact DWS06 isn’t as comfortable as for touring tires, with noise becoming an issue at higher speeds. However, if you want a tire that will give you the chills on the road, I think that you can accept it to be a tad louder on the highway.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80​

Best winter tires for Nissan Altima​

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80​

$70 Prepaid Mastercard by mail when you purchase a set of four select Bridgestone tires.

Valid through Oct 12, 2020

Available at

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 is now almost universally the go-to choice for best winter tires thanks to the outstanding results it has in almost every measurable category. In most areas, it is the best in its class, and only in few, it finishes second. That’s why, for the safest winter driving experience possible, the WS80 is the best right now.

The secret behind the success of the Blizzak is behind the Hydrophilic Coating, which takes water out of snow and ice, thus improving traction. Thanks to this technology, the Blizzak WS80 has the shortest braking distances in cold conditions on dry and wet pavement, as well as on snow and ice.

Traction and grip are also on a very high level, again destroying its closest competitors. You can thank the advanced Multicellular compound with Nano Pro-Tech that keeps the tire pliable even in the coldest conditions. On top of that, the Blizzak WS80 is also one of the most durable winter tires out there.

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4​

Best high-performance winter tires for Nissan Altima

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4​

While the Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 is the best “touring” winter tire, it is not the best choice for spirited drivers and those who own the V6 model. For those people, the Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 is the best choice by far. This tire might be expensive, but it brings everything that is good from the high-performance Pilot series from Michelin in a winter tire.

With a set of these tires, your Altima will drive like a sports car in the winter, achieving mind-blowing speeds in the corners in the coldest of weathers. The handling will also be very responsive and the braking distances extremely short. The Pilot Alpin PA4 is also outstanding on snow and ice, giving you much more freedom when driving.

These performance benefits are achieved thanks to the sunflower oil-enriched Helio Compound+ tread rubber that remains flexible at lower temperatures and the high-density Stabilgrip 3D technology that enhances acceleration, braking, and handling.

The Pilot Alpin PA4 even comes with 30,000-mile tread wear warranty, which is unheard of in the winter tires category.

General Tire Altimax RT43​

Best budget tires for Nissan Altima​

General Altimax RT43​

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Valid through Oct 31, 2020

Available at,

General Tire is known for offering high-quality tires at lower price points than premium competitors, and the Altimax RT43 is the best example of that. Designed to offer a safe, quiet, and comfortable ride, the RT43 is a great choice for owners of older Altimas’ or people that are simply not ready to spend a fortune on a set of tires.

The General Altimax RT43 is very good in dry and wet conditions, providing high levels of grip and traction, and short braking distances. It is also very comfortable and quiet – up there with the best grand-touring tires, which is a big plus for people who cover a lot of miles annually. Due to the fact that it is all-season type, the Altimax RT43 offers good traction in light snow as well.

In the end, the 75,000-mile tread wear warranty is one of the best in the category and even better than some more expensive tires.

Kumho Solus TA11​

Another good budget alternative​

Kumho Solus TA11

When you purchase set of four (4) select Kumho tires you may be eligible to receive a $75 Tire Rack Prepaid Mastercard by mail-in rebate.

Valid through Sept 30, 2020
Available at

Kumho is another manufacturer that is known for offering high-quality tires at lower prices, with the Solus TA11 being one of their most popular models. Designed to handle the road like the best in the category, this tire shows promise in every type of weather.

Grip and traction are very high in both dry and wet conditions, giving the driver a safe driving experience. The Kumho Solus TA11 is also good in light snow, albeit not at the level of the best grand-touring tires. Not that any of them can be a replacement for a proper winter tire, mind you.

Despite the lower price point, the Kumho Solus TA11 comes with excellent 75,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is one of the best in the category.


While I am pretty confident that all tires on the list of best tires for Nissan Altima in 2023 above are high-quality products and perhaps more importantly, safe to drive, the final decision on which one to choose boils down to what type of tire you really need. Only when you choose a set of tires according to your needs and the weather in your area, you will be completely satisfied with the purchase. In other words, even the best winter tires don’t work in the summer and vice-versa.