Best RC Cars for Kids and Toddlers to Enjoy

One thing that every kid has in common while growing up is a toy. Toys are in fact the number one currency needed to grab a kid’s love and attention. Naturally, toys are made to be gender specific, with toys like Dolls, makeup kits, plastic cooking utensils, fashion objects and so on. made out to be for a female child. While toys like; Guns, Balls, Electric Automobiles, Magic tools kit etc., are set aside for male child.

This segregation has changed over time, with girls loving boyish toys and vice versa. This is seen in the case of Electric toy cars. Toy cars are now being made for use by all gender, and they are even added to the collection of several female characterized toys like a dollhouse (car parked in the Garage).

The introduction and advancement of the remote control function in toys cars have further made them more appealing to everyone. These toy car’s remote control makes it possible to control the toy over a short or long distance. This remote take many forms; small size two buttons, steering wheels look alike, Gaming pads, joysticks, etc. This way toy car has grown to become very useful in pranks among several other fun activities.

Toy cars are designed to resemble the most coveted automobiles, and to bring alive a fantasy. With the ability to find a toy car that looks exactly like a real car used in a movie or a very expensive luxury ride, the usefulness of toy cars to a child overall happiness cannot be understated. If you plan on getting remote-controlled toy car for your kid, there are some fundamental things to look out for a while doing so.

The importance of taking note of this things is to know the right kind of car to buy, based on several favors such as the age of the child, the color of the cars, models, remote control function amongst other important things.

Below is a short review of the top 10 best remote-controlled toy cars, suited for use by kids of all age bracket.

Top 10 Best RC Cars for Kids and Toddlers

RC Car


Recommended Age

Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car

3 AA

18 months and up

SGILE Remote Control Car Toy

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (included) / 3 AAA

8 year old and up

Morphibians Crocodile

3 AA

3 year old and up

GBlife Jumping RC Toy Cars


14 year old and up

Blomiky RC Dump Truck

2 AA

8 year old and up

Prextex RC Police Truck


2 year old and up

Haktoys HAK101 Invincible Tornado Acrobatic Stunt RC Car

2 AA

3 years and up and up

KidiRace RC Police Car

2 AA

3 years and up

GirlMazing Big Foot Jeep

4 AA

Sharper Image Toy RC Car


8 years and up

Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car with Music and Lights Electric Radio

Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car Music Lights Electric Radio Control Toy

This is a very bright toy car that will surely attract several lookers whenever it is in use. This is a race car for kids between the ages of 5 to 7 years. It comes in bright and attractive colors. It also comes with a remote control that allows the car to move left, right, forward and backward. On the remote, there is a button that allows the car to honk and play music when pressed. The car comes with a driver figure that is removable and replaced. The remote-control feature of this car makes it perfect for a car racing game, and another toy car relates tricks. The remote control is also designed to be straightforward and easy for the child to play with.

This toy car just like many of its kind makes use of a rechargeable battery that can be charged through a USB port. The remote control, on the other hand, makes use of a removable dry cell battery option. This toy also has several unique features like; voice recognition ability, excellent kinds of music.


It develops the voice recognition ability of the child.

Easy to use remote controller.


The battery takes about 1 hour to be fully charged, but it can only provide 12 to 15 minutes of playtime.

This is a very common thing with toy cars; the batteries need to be light weighted, since a heavy battery will add more weight to the toy, making it slow.

SGILE Remote Control Car Toy, Rechargeable RC Wall Climber Car for Kids

SGILE Remote Control Car Toy

Whenever you are thinking of getting the perfect toy car for you kid of about 8-13 years of age, this is an ideal pick. The SGILE remote control car is a fantastic child toy built with ABS plastic material. It has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with a charging time of 60 minutes and playing time of 7 minutes. Due to this, you can rest assured of keeping your kids very busy for a long period of time while you get some other important things done.

The remote functions up to a distance of 20 meters, which is enough space to reduce interference. The remote control also makes use of three, 1.5V “AAA” battery that doesn’t come with it. The size of the remote-controlled car is 13 x 6.5 x 3.5cm with a weight of 160g.

The tire used on this particular toy car makes it possible for it runs only on smooth surfaces like walls, ceilings and glass, as it navigates forward and backward, turning left or right with a 360° stunt rotation. It has intelligent LED lights and comes with one Remote Control Wall Climbing RC Racer, one USB Cable, one controller and one Instruction manual.


  • It comes in multiple colors.
  • It is a toy that helps develop the kids mentally.


  • It needs adult supervision at all time.
  • It can’t move on all terrain.
  • If not used properly, accidents can occur.

Kid Galaxy Amphibious RC Car Mega Morphibians Crocodile. All Terrain Remote Control Toy.

Kid Galaxy Amphibious RC Car Mega Morphibians Crocodile

The Kid Galaxy Mega Morphibians Amphibious RC Crocodile toy referred to as a Morphibian. This is an impressive, high-performance radio control beast likened to a speedboat. The 4x4 high-performance toy car can drive effortlessly on every surface, even on water. This alone makes the toy really great for outdoor activities, which mean more fun for the kid.

It is designed to function as a real-life Crocodile, moving from land to water with a watch paddle style wheels which helps it move. It is also used for racing, and easy to use for children from the age of 8-13 years and above.

The toy was also awarded the Family Choice Award for product excellence in 2016 by the panel of parents, educators and qualified professionals. This has further made this toy a big deal and coveted my most kids with interest in cars.

It runs on a 2.4 GHz multi-channel technology with a transmitter that connects without interference by signal to the receiver.


  • It has high speed to help the kids have more fun
  • It has a 4x4 turf digging tire which are power wheels to move on land.
  • It helps the kids learn at the same time have fun.


  • The antenna on the remote is very fragile because it looks like just a piece of dangling wire.

This should help teach the kid to be responsible with fragile things. So, it also serves as a perfect toy for a great life lesson.

GBlife 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control Jumping RC Toy for Kids

GBlife 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control Jumping RC Toy Cars Bounce Car No WIFI for Kids

The GBlife JUMPING SUMO RC Toy is an awesome, high jumping remote controlled kids toy car that can perform lots of amazing tricks because of its stretchable wheels. It is a cool and fun toy for kids to have and the bright green lights and interestingly funny melody makes it a nice toy car for kids. They RC toy car is very durable, and its remote control of the toy car does not need Wi-Fi to function. The remote control also has a frequency of 2 which gives it a considerable control distance of 50-80 meters.

The car is perfect for winning a toy car racing competition. The toy car is well crafted to be really fast since you get to increase the speed by stretching the two wheels simultaneously, as you enjoy racing with it.

The care is shockproof, and it is also designed to plays some really cool and kid-friendly music, which serves as an attention grabber for kids, at the same time make it enjoyable to use.

This is perfect toy car for kids in the age bracket 8-14 and above.


  • It is very fast with high speed 360°rotation within 2 secs.
  • It can Jump high up to 80 cm.
  • It has a racing feature which allows several cars to race at the same time.
  • It has flexible tires that can be extended and retracted freely.


  • It is mainly made up of plastic, so it can quickly get damaged.

Most toy cars are made from sturdy plastic materials. This toy is not an exception. So even if it has plastic material, you should expect durability and long life.

Blomiky 1:18 540 11″ 6Ch 2.4G Remote Control Dump Truck

Blomiky 540 6Ch 2.4G Remote Control Dump Truck 4 Wheel Driver Mine Engineer Construction Vehicle RC Cars Toy

Blomiky 1:18 540 11″ 6Ch 2.4G Remote Control Dump Truck with 4-wheel drive is a mining engineer construction vehicle toy car for kids with carriage controlled with a remote control to rise and decline as well as rotate towards all directions (front, back, left and right). It has a double motor metal four-wheel drive with rubber covering to increase the thickening of the wheel, giving it enough power and support to Climbing effortlessly. It also has terrific lighting on the front and back that lights up with music. The remote-control bulldozer toy is specially made to function as a real bulldozer with a dual lock type external charging. It comes with one RC Dump Truck, one Transmitter, one 4.8V Re-chargeable battery and two other 4.8V Rechargeable batteries as a gift, one Charger, and one Boomity Wipe.

This is a fun toy for kids that like to play contractors, buying such kid this type of car will not only help to boost their confidence, it will also help to channel their play time into a more educative one.


  • It has a strong signal of 2.4GHz, and there is a lack of frequency interference.
  • It is made of durable materials that make it function well and last long.
  • It is used indoors and outdoors.
  • The carriage can rotate towards all directions (left-right, front and back)


  • The Controller Uses 2 AA Batteries which are not included.

Prextex Remote Control Monster Police Truck

Prextex Remote Control Monster Police Truck Radio Control Police Car toys

This is a police race car for children of 24 months and above. The race car is radio controlled, and this allows it to be moved to the left, right, front and back. It can be controlled from 30 feet away. The size of this toy car is 3 x 4 x 2 inches, which makes it perfect for fitting into small spaces and school bags. It has a very bright and effective police blue, red and white lights. The wheels of the car are made of rubber material, which makes it easy for the car to race at a speed of 10 mph/ hr. The toy car makes use of a rechargeable battery, which can be easily recharged with a USB cable. The car is built with a fast charging option, which makes it possible to charge the battery quickly. The car comes with colorful lights on the roof of the vehicle; this feature gives it a realistic look. The wheel of the toy is made with rubber, and it was designed in a way that prevents sliding. The body of the toy is shaped in a way that allows for easy grasping.


  • It is fully rechargeable. Therefore, there is no need to remove the battery to charge.
  • It requires a shorter period to charge.
  • The toy helps in the character development of the child.
  •  The body of the car is made with very durable and crash resistant plastic.


  • The toy provides a short time of play even when fully charged.
  • The USB charging option makes this almost negligible since it can be easily charged from power banks and other electronic devices.

Haktoys HAK101 Blue Upgraded Invincible Tornado Acrobatic Stunt RC Car

Haktoys HAK101 Blue Upgraded Invincible Tornado Acrobatic Stunt RC Car

This is a beautiful toy that is full of many features. The toy is perfect for kids with interest in rough racing and other car-related stunts. This race car is for children from age 4 and above. The size of the toy is 7.75 x 6.25 x 6.35 inches. It comes with a remote control that allows it to move left, right, forward and backward. It is specially made to perform acrobatic stunts, a complete 360 degrees tumbling and awesome flip over. The RC car comes in blue color and can be used by both boys and girls. It also comes with an ON/ OFF music feature and colorful LED lights that light up the translucent wheels of the car. The toys feature a high-performance battery of 4.8V 500mAh. This is a rechargeable battery that takes about 80-100 minutes to charge to full capacity. The remote control does not have an inbuilt battery, so you are expected to get two dry cell disposal 1.5V 'AA' size batteries.


  • It is a unisex toy, that is, it can be used by both boys and girls.
  • The bright and colorful lights on the wheel help the child with the identification of colors.
  • It is fully rechargeable with a USB cable.
  • Unlike other rechargeable toys, this toy has a short charging period of about 80 to 100 minutes.


  • Since it is an acrobatic stunts car, it could pose a danger to the child while playing with it.

KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car for Kids

KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car for Kids

The RC Police Car is structured to look like a real police car, its sirens sound and emergency light is enough to make kids want to get one. The car is designed to be child-friendly, kids will enjoy the high speed, and tight turns feature of the vehicle that allows it hunt down all the criminals in the neighborhood. Kids will be so excited and filled with energy getting this power racer. This police car has a rechargeable battery that comes with it and can be charged in the wall. The car is carved out of quality materials preventing it from breaking easily even after many collisions. Its 2.4Ghz frequency makes it distinct from other toy cars as it allows for a smooth driving. Let your kids start feeling the beauty of being a police officer from now. This also has a psychological positive effect on the kids as they tend to fall in love with being a law enforcement officer rather than a thug in the neighborhood.

An RC police car is designed to be easily operated by kids. The kid can choose to go solo while learning or maneuver to top speed as he competes with friends. Its 2GHz remote technology gives it access to race multiple cars as much as 6 in the same area without interference. Its built-in rechargeable battery can be charged with a mini USB plug, and it can offer as much as 30 min of driving experience. Enhance the bond of love between you and your child by getting them this gift of their dream.


  • It is can withstand a high collision
  • It is rechargeable


  • Not for adults

Since it is a toy, toys are supposed to be for kids in the first instances. An adult should get a real vehicle.

GirlMazing Big Foot Jeep R/C Vehicle

Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep RC Vehicle

Made by Jada Toys, Girl mazing is a toy car specially designed to suit the personality of a girl child. This beautiful vehicle comes in varieties of colors ranging from purple to pink, and many more. Just order for any color of your choice, and it will be delivered to you in your doorstep, or you can get it for your kid at any toyshops. This car is structured to look like a real jeep, combining character and individuality that girls will love to have. This vehicle comes with a durable battery which allows it to be operated for several hours before running out of charge.

Girl mazing comes with a remote that allows it to be used easily. If your child is an adventure lover, this car is specially made for her; its huge large off-road wheels can stand any terrain, the car can walk on any type of floor, smooth or rough, it will move perfectly with no destruction. The vehicle comes with fully functional radio control, licensed vehicle and also Glamour Deco Stickers which all add to the beauty of the car. Your child can place in her doll, sit in a place and enjoy watching the beautiful toy move around while she has the control in her palm. Aside from controlling the direction of movement, it’s speed can also be regulated with the aid of its wireless remote. The vehicle is designed to be durable for sidewalk play and indoor driving. The sit can also be adjusted to ensure your doll or other action figures sits comfortably.


  • Comes in different colors
  • Has remote control


  • Not big nor strong enough for kids to sit in. Toy cars in this section are not made for kids to really sit in, so this shouldn't be a deal breaker. 

Sharper Image Remote Control Car

Sharper Image Remote Control Car

The Sharper Image remote control car will get your kids elated with its fantastic stunts, 360 degrees spins and beautiful LED lights. The car is made from quality materials enabling it to withstand numbers of the crash. The well-designed wireless remote controller allows you to easily control the vehicle. A single press of a bottom is enough to make the thunder tumbler remote-controlled race car to perform incredible tricks on any floor type. The mesmerizing LED light of the vehicle automatically spins when turned off.

The two frequencies of this vehicle allow you to race multiple thunder tumblers for a long time. To race with another thunder tumbler, just pair a blur or red with a black for head to head action. The red and blue thunder tumbler has the same frequency and cannot be used together.  It is designed to perform 360 degrees single tire acrobatics stunt in any terrain. This patented fifth-wheel vehicle can operate for hours and also comes with a wireless designed remote controller for easy use. Amazingly, the beautiful toy comes with a reasonable price and can be purchased at any toyshops across various cities, it can also be purchased online from your country of residence and will be shipped into your desired location. The Sharper Image remote control car is a special classical gift every kid will love to get. Strengthen your bond of parenthood with your kids by getting them one of this today.


  • Can withstand a high crash
  • Workable in any terrain


  • Can’t be used when out of charge

Using and charging any device destroys it quickly. Not being able to use it while charging is an added advantage.

Things to consider when selecting the best remote control car for kids and toddlers

The class/type of toy car

Just like in real life, there are many types of toys cars to choose from. Be it a sports car, truck, police car, military tanks, construction bulldozers etc; you will find them available.

So you need to make you know with the type of toy car which will interest the kid you plan on buying it for. The best bet is to allow such kid to select the kind of car they want, but in case of surprise, a simple toy car pictures survey for the kid can tell you a lot of about the type they will cherish the most.


The size of the toy is another factor that needs to be considered when getting the perfect toy car for a kid. Too small and you have an easily damaged toy, too big you have a havoc-wrecking tool. So, you should make sure the toy size is well calibrated to fit the age and responsibility level of the kid you plan on getting it for.

In cases where the kid in question is a fan of large-sized toy cars like a truck, there is always a smaller version of this.   Just stick to what you feel will be easy to control and won't lead to damages in case things gets out of hand. 

The age of the kid

Toys cars are also being grouped into age groups, and several factors are being considered when grouping toys into various sections. This grouping is mostly always done by the toy manufacturer themselves. Since they are professionals, they must have gone through several exercises to determine the perfect age group for any particular toy car. So, it is always in your best interest to stick to this age grouping. In most cases, this grouping usually has some variation, as a toy manufacturer might decide to make the same type of toy car for a different age group. The only difference in these two variations will be in their properties and features. So even if your kid wants a particular type of toy car, if you are lucky, you can still find one in his or her age group.

The extra features

Knowing what kind of additional features the toy car you intend on buying has, makes it easy to gauge the level of fun the toy is expected to provide. Some toys are packed with extra controllable features, such as; sirens, drifting, extending, jumping etc. So, you need to find out which functions makes a particular toy car worth the money you are about paying for it, and if these features will actually interest the child you intend on buying the toy car for. Since you do not want to buy an expensive toy car only to find out that the toy is outdated and cannot perform any of the latest tricks a high-end toy car should be able to.

The power source

Toys cars are now designed to make use of remote controls and move without needing physical contact. This is made possible as a result of some mechanically designed motion system, which allows the car to run on its own. Since this system is mechanical in nature, they need to be powered by force to bring into motion. This force in regarded to as the power source. In most electric toy cars, this is usually done making use of an electric source. This electric source usually occurs in two forms, either through the use of a non-rechargeable or rechargeable battery sources.

So, depending on your access to constant electricity, you get to select the power source that meets your needs the most.


Buying the best RC car for your kids is now very easy with the advancement and development of online shopping. This has also made it easy to pick the classic toy car. To select the perfect toy, all you need do is input the appropriate parameters in the search filter section of most online retails stores, and you get the ideal selections of toy cars to buy from.

For starters, we have included the top 10 best toy cars on the market at the moment, and we know for sure your kids will have great fun playing with them.

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