Pirelli Tire Reviews

Pirelli Tire Reviews

Based out of Milan, Italy, Pirelli Tires is currently the world’s fifth largest tire maker and one that is consistently on the cutting edge of new tire technology.

Today, Pirelli not only produces a full line of passenger car and truck tires, but is active in F1 racing and other motorsports events around the world.

A few of the brands in their tire lineup include:

Cinturato – The newest brand in Pirelli’s tire lineup features eco-friendly tread designs and a lower rolling resistance for added fuel economy. The P7 All Season Plus is highly rated by many leading consumer reporting magazines.

PZero – Serious car and racing enthusiasts are well aware of the PZero line of tires coming from Pirelli. They are engineered to deliver increased traction, stability and cornering grip for today’s hottest sports cars, coupes and sedans.

Scorpion – Models under the Scorpion name are specially designed for higher performance on all types of trucks, SUV’s and crossovers.

Read our Pirelli tire reviews to find the best tires to fit your vehicle and driving needs.