Douglas Carswell

Douglas is an optimist.  He believes the world is getting better, and favours free markets, accountable government and individual liberty.

Douglas helped found Vote Leave, the successful campaign to get Britain out of the EU.

He has been elected to Parliament four times, twice as a Conservative, and twice for UKIP.

Prepared to switch party and trigger a by-election in pursuit of what he believed to be right, in October 2014 Douglas won the Clacton by-election with "the largest increase in the vote achieved by any party" in any British by-election ever.  

Some of his success he attributes to his pioneering use of digital technology and data. He has produced campaign videos watched by almost a million and a half people a week on Facebook.

Douglas' book, The End of Politics and the Birth of iDemocracy, anticipated many of the changes that we are now seeing throughout the Western world. His new book, Rebel: how to overthrow the emerging oligarchy, is being published in early 2017.

In recognition of his efforts to bring change to Westminster, Douglas has been named Insurgent of the Year by the Spectator.

Before standing for Parliament, Douglas had a proper job working for one of the world's leading fund managers.

He is married to Clementine, and is a dad.  

Born in 1971, Douglas' home was in Uganda until his late teens. He read history at the University of East Anglia and King's College, London.

The End of Politics and the Birth of iDemocracy

"A revolutionary text ... right up there with the Communist manifesto" - Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times

Printed by Douglas Carswell of 61 Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex