Douglas Carswell

Douglas's new book, Rebel - how to overthrow the emerging oligarchy, will be published by Head of Zeus in April 2017.  It can be pre-ordered now. 

Head of Zeus press release

REBEL: how to overthrow the emerging oligarchy


Publication Date: 6th April 2017

A radical manifesto calling for a fundamental change in capitalism and politics from independent-minded MP Douglas Carswell.

"Elected to Parliament four times – twice as a Conservative and twice for UKIP – I've not merely changed parties. I've shifted my views fundamentally. Politics is a cartel, like much of the economy. Things are run in the interests of a few. We need a revolution." - Douglas Carswell

The rise of new populist movements around the world is a reaction against the emergence of this new oligarchy. This book shows how this has happened, placing what we are witnessing in a historic context, with comparisons to what happened in the Roman, Venetian and Dutch republics. A major reassessment of the history and politics of the West, Rebel puts forward a bold new thesis explaining the forces that have caused nations to thrive or fail.

Rebel goes on to propose a radical reform of politics and capitalism to free democracy from the cartels. Drawing on Carswell's first-hand experience in taking on and beating the established political parties, it shows how we can make this revolutionary change happen.

"I wrote this book because I care deeply about the liberal order that has allowed us to flourish. Sweeping change is needed if the liberal order is to survive the twin assaults of oligarchs on one hand, and radical populists emerging in response to them on the other" – Douglas Carswell


Douglas Carswell grew up in Uganda. Standing first against Tony Blair in the 2001 election, he was elected to parliament in 2005. Currently the MP for Clacton, he helped found Vote Leave, the official campaign to get Britain out of the EU.

Douglas Carswell is available for interview.

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The End of Politics and the Birth of iDemocracy

"A revolutionary text ... right up there with the Communist manifesto" - Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times

Printed by Douglas Carswell of 61 Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex