Ohtsu Tire FP0612 A/S Review & Rating: How good is it?

Dry 90%
Wet 85%
Snow 75%
Comfort 85%
Noise 85%
Treadwear 85%
Overall 85%

Hello and welcome to my Ohtsu Tire FP0612 A/S review.

The one drawback in most ultra-high performance tires is the price. With some going at pocket-bursting prices as high as $488 per tire for a Pirelli P Zero High-Performance Tire (245/40R21), you’ll need to be fully- loaded with spare pennies to afford the comfort that this category of tires brings to your ride. Luckily, Sumitomo Rubber Industries, makers of Falken and Ohtsutires have a tendency to throw in handsome surprises by making budget but very reliable tires including the well-thought-out Ohtsu fp0612 a/s tire.

The Ohtsu Tire FP0612 A/S review explains that the tire is an all-season tire is designed to deliver a good performance with added wet condition capabilities. And as with many all-season tires, the Ohtsu fp0612 a/s tire offers a strong grip, responsive handling on various conditions and a cozy ride to help you meet your performance and comfort needs all year-long.

Who is this tire for?

The Ohtsu Tire FP0612 A/S offers all-season versatility and is engineered to help drivers and owners of high-end sports cars realize the inmate potential of their cars. Sporty coupes, crossovers, and sedans are the most suited for these tires.

I’m talking about Audi A3, BMW 3 &5 Series, Lexus IS 250, Kia Optima, Ford Mustang, Honda Civic, Nissan 370Z, Sentra and Altima, Volkswagen Beetle and Golf, Subaru Impreza, Chevrolet Camaro…name them. As I had mentioned, this tire’s secret is its low pricing and its ability to deliver above-average results regardless of the drive or weather.

Is it the most luxurious?

Well, seeing its price, you shouldn’t hope for out-of-this-world luxury but it feels quite okay at this level.

What terrain is it mostly suited for?

As an all-season tire, this tire has a number of interesting features that enable it to perform well in both wet/winter and hot, dry, summer rides.

First, we have the asymmetric tread pattern which improves the traction afforded by the  Ohtsu Tire FP0612 A/S tire on dry pavements.

This, in turn, enables the tire to remain stable as well as responsive on the highway.

Then, we have the bold tread blocks.

Now, this is quite significant because, in the end, drivers of sports cars like to dominate the roads with their lightning fast driving and unending overtaking. You see the larger tread improve the tire’s grip when taking on a corner while ensuring that the car remains steady even at high overtaking speeds. Both the tread pattern and size help stabilize and cool this tire for a satisfying ride in a hot, dry summer road.

Importantly, the Ohtsu Tire FP0612 A/S is also a dependable workhorse in winter chill with the 4 extra-wide circumferential grooves all around the tread helping to spit water from the tire thus boosting its grip on wet roads.

At the sametime, the grooves are angled undoubtedly upgrading this tire’s traction when driving on icy surfaces. We don’t intend, by any means, to say that this is as good as it can ever be for winter or summer driving – that’s left to specialized winter /summer rubber- but we feel that we can’t ask for more considering the price.

And so, whether riding across the scenic West Coast when frost reigns or just leisurely driving to a family summer camp through the highway to an outlying town, the Ohtsu FP0612 A/S tireshould be up to it.

But it can’t be the champion everywhere. Or can it?

So, while it won’t collapse from the occasional upcountry trip on rocky terrain, it clearly isn’t happy going off-road. But even the pricierToyo proxes 4 plus tire doesn’t seem to like frequent off-truck trips so we can understand it.

What about comfort?

Another lovable quality of this tire is that it’s fully able to serve as a capable touring tire. I say so because to a large extent, the company has engineered the tire such that the tread design absorbs vibrations and reduces the impact that’s a sure occurrence when riding on uneven surfaces.

Also, the tire’s varying shoulder tread blocks improve its handling of elevations and turns and ensures that the car remains well-balanced while minimizing road noise.

The Ohtsu Tire FP0612 A/S, therefore, remains restful even over long journeys making it a handy option for drivers of sports coupes and sedans looking for a pleasant tire for their daily travel needs.

It certainly hits a lot of spots, but is it expensive?

The reason why we are attracted to this tire is the pocket-friendly pricing. Indeed, looking around in the market, not many high-performance all-season tires are this affordable. The tireprice starts at about $34 which is a bargain for tires at this level. In comparison, the rival Toyo proxes 4 tire will range from about $124((225/45R17)) while the Pirelli P Zero High-Performance Tire can even go to a scary $488.

In terms of sizes, the Ohtsu FP0612 A/S tire is available in over about 23 different sizes starting from 185 /60 R14 all the way to 225 /50 R18.

Majority of passenger cars are within this range so you should definitely get a perfect size. On warranty, the Ohtsu FP0612 A/S tire comes with a 40,000 mile treadlife warranty. Well, this is lower than a number of others, notably the Toyo proxes 4 tire which guarantees50,000 miles.

Nevertheless, going back to pricing; we feel that this difference shouldn’t be a big issue.

Should I buy it?

Despite the fact that the Ohtsu FP0612 A/S tire doesn’t have a super-long tread-life, neither the best traction on dense snow, the price (starting at $34) is just awesome. The Ohtsu FP0612 A/S tire review discusses that the tire actually registers more than sufficient results on the key performance determinants for all-season high-performance tires including a smooth ride, quiet drives, high-speed stability plus handling not to mention superior grip.

The responsiveness on the highway and handling of corners are the other winners now that you could be a fast driver and a serial over-taker. All in all, we are of the opinion that the tire could be a reasonable choice for Sporty coupes, crossovers, and sedans especially since it’s one of the most affordable tires.

But in the event that you have some space bucks, and want an ultimate mind-blowing performance and comfort, then the Toyo proxes 4 tire could make a fantastic choice.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this review of Ohtsu Tire FP0612 A/S review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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