What is covered in a Jeep Powertrain Warranty? Easy to Find!

When buying a vehicle, you should discover coverage options. This is an essential part that a manufacturer guarantees in warranty policies of your vehicle, especially the Jeep.

Understanding everything in the jeep’s factory warranty provides and the period play an important role in making a purchase decision.

Moreover, you also take into account other selections included. This article will help you find the answer to “what is covered in a jeep powertrain warranty?”

An overview of the Jeep warranty

Before recognizing what is covered in a Jeep powertrain warranty, you need to make an overview of the Jeep coverage.

When you purchase a Jeep, your warranty is a piece of evidence from the manufacturer that they will support you behind the scene. Even if you choose a certified pre-owned Jeep, you still receive a true factory warranty from the company.

Types of warranty in the Jeep purchase

From the date of buying your jeep, a Jeep Basic Limited Warranty (is called the jeep bumper-to-bumper warranty) includes the entire cost of repairing and replacing new components in your jeep.

This warranty also has the cost of accidents from low-quality materials, workmanship, roadside assistance for towing (the first five years only), and any kind of factory preparation.

It is better to ask a help from a reliable dealer

The latest Jeep model has a three-year warranty with 36,000 miles and this is the Basic Limited Warranty. It also inherits many protection levels for your Jeep and the contract will list parts that are not included.

The Basic Limited Warranty also has a powertrain warranty to keep the parts that make the vehicle run, like power and transmission.

Keep in mind that the Basic Limited Warranty is not available in some situations such as unwired headphones, tires, and extra accessories.

Warranty categoryCoverage lengthCoverage limitation
Basic Limited WarrantyApproximately 3 years (36, 000 miles)All parts and systems of the manufacturer produced only
Anti-corrosion Perforation Limited WarrantyApproximately 3 years without mileage limitationCorrosion problem in the metal panels or road hazards. The warranty does not include rust or metal damage in the sheet
Powertrain Limited WarrantyApproximately 5 years (60, 000 miles)The cost of replacing or repairing imperfect parts in the engine, transmission, and driver lines.
Federal Emissions WarrantyGeneral elements: approximately 2 years (24,000 miles) Specified elements: 8 years (80, 000 miles)Emission parts and special components, including the catalytic converter and the Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

What does a powertrain warranty cover in a jeep?

What is covered in a Jeep warranty? A powertrain warranty scatters all parts of a vehicle, create power, and make it move safely on the road. What is covered in a Jeep warranty? The insurance option probably includes the engine type, transmission as well as the drive-train system.

If any of those elements are explored to be faulty or harmed within a period, the manufacturer will settle to the defective components after repairing or replacing them. Some extra repairs and other elements in the Jeep Basic Limited Warranty might not be expired.

The Basic Limited Warranty has approximately 5 years or 60,000 miles

Is it possible to extend the Jeep warranty?

Your new Jeep warranty will support protect your vehicle, but it has limitations. The manufacturer covers repairs from damaged parts or imperfect workmanship from the factory only.

If a part of your power breaks because of an accident, the repair coverage is available. Nevertheless, if it has something wrong with frequent use, you will have to pay that repairing cost. In other words, you cannot claim the faulty from normal use.

How could I receive the best extended warranty?

People often identify the benefit of getting an extended warranty on their vehicles, but they are not sure how to hook the best deal. And it is quite difficult to reach a suitable deal that meets your needs.

Check with the third party

Dealers usually add the price of a guaranty when they roll it in your vehicle’s purchase and you have to pay interest on your purchase.

A warranty from a third-party provider will help you clarify all terms in the contract and avoid paying extra fees in a long period. However, make sure that you find a reliable dealership.

Check the warranty expires of the factory

You should check the warranty expires providing by the factory because you may get some problems when dealing with the warranty terms in the contract later. This could be a trap for new buyers or those people do not draw attention to the Jeep warranty.

At the same time, you also need to keep the price of a warranty at the lowest level before purchasing a Jeep or the expiration of the warranty.

Consider all terms in the warranty beforehand

Never make a fast decision

When you have to decide something in your purchase or your life, never determine something in a bad mood. Furthermore, you should understand all points in a story or terms in a warranty before saying yes or signing.

When doing your homework, you have gotten a half path to catch the right thing in hand. With a Jeep warranty, you might save a half price.

Should I extend the Jeep warranties for a different used vehicle?

Although coverage limitations are the same, the terms in the contract of a used vehicle or a CPO are shorter. It includes the model, production year, and vehicle condition that will state your terms.

The good news is that you ought to expect the limitations from one to five years, or between 12,000 miles to unlimited miles. Therefore, you should draw attention to the Care plans of the company.

Bottom line

What is covered in a Jeep powertrain warranty? In essence, all defective parts or faulty components that are damaged by manufactory will be covered when repairing or replacing them.

Nevertheless, normal wear and tear of a part in your vehicle may not be considered in a coverage option because it is not the mistake of the factory. It is quite complex to make clear but you can understand it easily if you have a good dealer or the third-party provider.

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  1. Are motor mounts covered in the Powertrain warranty. Had vibration in reverse gear. Dealer said it was a faulty motor mount but said it is not covered under the PowerTrain Warranty. I would think a motor mount is an essential component of the power train. Am I wrong

  2. Does a Jeep Powertrain Warranty cover “SERVICE SHIFTER” ?
    Is that part of the powertrain ?
    As far as I can tell by all the comments on-line this has been happening on Jeeps since the 2014 Cherokees.


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