What to do if you have a flat tire and no spare?

Have you ever wondered: “What’s happen?/ What’s going on to my vehicle?” when you are going to come back home or go out for work, you notice your car is incline? Then, you completely lose your temper because of a horrible fate. Wow, you “receive” a flat tire. What to do if you have a flat tire and no spare?

What to do if you have a flat tire and no spare

There is the fact that people have flat tires whenever or wherever we go out, at the time, roadside assistance is not always ready to support.

But what to do if you have a flat tire and no spare?

Nowadays, there are a lot of newer cars having no spare! Or it can come from not having maintained your spare tire, that’s why it is too flat or too dry rotted to match in road usage.

If this situation happens to you and your spare is unsuitable for use, the useful advice here is calling somebody to fix the tires. There is another way to solve the problems that called a town truck and find a shop repairing tires near your area. You also remember – "Not to keep driving on the flat tires."

So at present, you’re asking yourself: “Well, what I should do now?”.

Before you make an effort to follow these suggestions, please take some notices below:

Make sure that the place you are in is appropriately safe. The roadsides are dangerous, especially when the night comes. If you feel that they are not safe enough, let’s call someone.

If you decide to continue fixing, make sure your car’s wheels are on the ground. Attempting to take your tire off the vehicle while it is on an incline case (even a small distance) will lead to a terrible result.

The Kit of Tire Repair

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Broken valve stem can lead to serious flat tires.

  • Let’s check the tire whether it has punctures or not and using a plier pair to remove the offending item (such as nail, screw, etc.) if it’s in necessary case. You also may not have any puncture. A terrible valve stem can a real cause of flat tire, too.
  • If you accidentally fall in the position to do as that way, soapy water will support you to investigate where the leak comes from. Mixing dish soap into the water and rubbing the mixture over the tire’s surface will show the air leak.

If it is possible, you should put the valve stem on the tire rotation‘s top. The valve stem is the rubber apparatus expanding from the rim. This is one of the ways you have your tire got air or sealant back.

  • Open the valve cap next, and valve stem is attached to the sealant tube and inject and input sealant into the tire.

Next, driving the car from left to right and vice versa to spread and expand the sealant inside the tire.

Finally, touching an air source. If you have the kit of tire repair coming with a compressor, it is the right time to use.

Remember to replace the valve stem cap.

Using Kit of the Tire Puncture

This is an adventurous type of repairing your tire. You can use it when you’re on the road without tire plug kit:

Make your lug nuts become loosen on your car

Using a jack tool and find the precise lift point from your vehicle and jack your car up.

To remove the tire, let’s finish separating the lug nuts.

Remove totally the items that make your tire punctured.

Make the puncture out of dirty things with the rasp tool that is supplied by the plug kit. This step is finished by entering the tool in the puncture hole, then pull it out.

Use a utility knife to cut the rest of the plug off. (Before cutting, if there is any adhesive applied, let it dry around 1-2 mins).

Last but not least, re-inflate the tire as Pounds Per Inch. In order to check whether any air leaking from the new seal, let’s use the mentioned trick of soapy water above

Let’s use Fix A Flat can

If you are stuck on the roadside, so using a Fix-A-Flat can be a good consideration. Take advantages from this can which is easy and super basic in 5 steps:

Firstly, you shake the can.

Next, you remove the cap of the valve stem.

Put the applicator nozzle on the valve stem top.

There is a button on the container; please push it to make the contents of the can empty.

Let’s go to a gas station and fill the tires with the appropriate pressure.

How about some other options?

Run-flat Tires

Run-flat Tires

For self-supporting when you’re stuck on the roadside, let’s think about run-flat tires.

What is the definition of run-flat tires? Their name says all their function, run-flat tires are designed and invented to run with reduced speed during a limited time. They are created to assist the car weight after your car has the punctured tire; this will enable you to minimize in making an emergency stop situation on the highway side.

Check Roadside Service or use individual Car Insurance Company

One of the final options which you can have is a plan of roadside service, like Triple-A or your own insurance company. They accurately provide emergency roadside assistance for you, as long as you are willing to pay for it, obviously.

If you own a new car equipping with a kit of tire repair, let’s familiarize yourself with the package contents and the detail directions. Basing on this way, if you suddenly get a flat when you are far away from your home, at least, you are able to be familiar with the function of the product. In addition, you strongly take care of yourself.


Regardless of which mentioned method you choose, please don’t forget that it is not permanent ways. Particularly, if you choose the kit of tire repair. Some D.I.Y (do-it-yourself) methods are described above that are meant to support you to a location where can fully repair your tire.

Thanks for reading and I hope you know what to do if you have a flat tire and no spare now? If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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