Douglas Carswell

01 SEP 2016

"Soft Brexit" is no Brexit at all

The Remain refuseniks have a cunning plan to block the will of the people. The idea is to keep Britain in the EU but – here's the genius part – rebadge "EU membership" as "soft Brexit". Because no one will notice, right?

In the run-up to the referendum, Vote Leave couldn't have been clearer about what a Leave vote meant. We campaigned for control: over our laws, our borders, and our trade policy. Control is what the majority voted for.

The only way to take back control is to leave the Single Market. That's not news. Michael Gove said it time and again during the campaign.

Of course, we want continued access to the Single Market – that is, we want to continue buying from and selling to Continental Europe, and to do so tariff-free.

But free trade with the EU doesn't require Single Market membership. Canada, Turkey, and Switzerland are proof. Each has its own tailored arrangement with the EU. We can agree our own bilateral free-trade deal too.

The Remain rearguard wants more than free trade. They want what the British people explicitly rejected: European political union.

So they claim that Brexit is some big mystery. They say no one knows what it means. They make out that keeping EU laws, EU courts, EU free movement, and EU external tariffs doesn't mean we haven't left the EU.

It's David Cameron's great EU reform ruse all over again. After all, that really convinced people the first time, didn't it?

Over 17 million people voted to leave the EU. They know what they voted for: no more laws from Brussels, no more uncontrolled immigration, no more political union.

Deceiving the electorate takes more than a cheap trick like this. British voters know that soft Brexit is no Brexit at all.

Whom do the continuity Remainers think they're kidding?

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