Can You Drive a Car with a Coolant Leak? Avoid If You Love Your Car

What makes the engine cool during your driving on the road? The radiator keeps the engine cool and avoiding the potential accidents from overheating. The coolant diminishes heat in the power through many coils. Then, the coolant moves the air to the engine to circulate the heat around the power system. Can you drive a … Read more

Why do tires lose air? Here’s the reason

Why do tires lose air - Feature Image

The reasons tires lose air can be divided into two main causes: normal (osmosis/permeation, temperature change) and abnormal causes (damages in wheel parts and tire).Abnormal causesDamaged wheel elementsThis damage, creating holes on tire casing for air to leak through, can either be from a valve stem failure or a bent wheel. Bad valve stemBad valve stemValve … Read more

How can tires be recycle?

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A recent study showed that tires release toxic chemicals into the natural environment, which is extremely toxic to humans. So, how can tires be recycled to reduce the pollution?How Does Old Tires Impact on the Environment?Waste tires take thousands of years, but they are not necessarily biodegradable. There are three horrible impacts of old tires … Read more

How to tell if tires are directional

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When you have directional tires, you can effectively swap fronts for backs on a similar side of the vehicle. But how to tell if tires are directional? If you believe your tires have been mounted mistakenly, we suggest having them re-mounted by an expert. This condition ought not to prompt premature tire wear; anyway, your … Read more

How to let air out of tires safety with 5 easy step!

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Being pneumatic, tires require a specific amount of air to run smoothly. Therefore, when it might be over-inflated, the question is: How to let air out of tires properly?  By following the right air pressure level as recommended by the manufacturers, you will ensure your vehicle to have the best efficiency and performance. Why over-inflated … Read more