How To Store Tires Correctly Among Seasons

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As the seasons change, you may need to consider replacing your occasional tires. Regardless of whether you’re switching to winter tires or summer tires, it’s essential to find how you store your slow time of year set. That’s why you should know about how to store winter tires, along with seasonal ones.  You may have … Read more

What Happens If You Don’t Rotate Your Tires?

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Tires are essential to a vehicle for it can support the car’s weight, absorb road shocks, transmit braking forces or most commonly and vitally, keep straight or change car directions. In short, you can’t have a car run without its wheels. For its importance, having tires in good condition means having yourself a comfortable and … Read more

Why do tires lose air? Here’s the reason

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The reasons tires lose air can be divided into two main causes: normal (osmosis/permeation, temperature change) and abnormal causes (damages in wheel parts and tire).Abnormal causesDamaged wheel elementsThis damage, creating holes on tire casing for air to leak through, can either be from a valve stem failure or a bent wheel. Bad valve stemBad valve stemValve … Read more