Falken Sincera SN828 Tire Review: How good is it?

Hello and welcome to my Falken Sincera SN828 tire review.

Three words that describe Falken Sincera SN828 are: Safety, security and reliability. The Sincera SN828 is a high life, low noise and all-round performance tire that is available for smaller cars, primarily hatchbacks. It is available in different sizes and can fit almost any hatchback plying on the road today. If a budget tire and a smooth drive are your priority, you should definitely continue reading this Falken Sincera SN828 review.

I have used Falken Sincera SN828 in the past on one of my initial cars. Although I have come a long way since then but this tire still continues to be one of my favorite recommendations to people with very specific needs and expectations.

First Look

A symmetrical design, a special feature to know the remaining life of your tire and a strong sidewall is what make this tire a treat. The symmetrical tread design has two main parts that I always focus on while recommending this tire to anyone. First, the center rib is continuous and deep which ensures greater stability; and second, the outer shoulder blocks are strong to improve cornering and handling. When you combine these 2 features with the fact that the design also ensures minimum noise reproduction, you get a tire that is loved by the family.

The tire is also equipped with a very special feature which tells you when the tires need a rotation. The tire has depressions on the tread which are circular in shape. As you keep on riding and plying on the roads, the tire wears off and the circles turn to squares which means that the tire has completed 1/3 of its lifespan and will need a replacement soon. This novelty makes the confusing task of ‘know when to replace tires’ easy-peasy for the inexperienced car owners.


One reason why Sincera SN828 gained sudden popularity is its price. This tire might just cost a little more than a family dinner. Now when you get a tire so good for so low, why would you NOT invest in it?

A few quick features that make it a wonderful deal:

  • It is budget friendly
  • You get a novelty feature that saves you a lot of headache
  • Low noise while driving
  • High grip on the road
  • 50,000 miles warranty to make your life easier

Falken Sincera SN828 Review: Test Drive

I have driven these tires a lot. I used them for 3 years before selling that car. When I had them, I did around 18k miles on them, happily. Owning them for 3 years gave me enough time and opportunity to test them thoroughly in different conditions.

Dry Conditions

I used to drive my car mostly on the dry roads. I would mostly drive modestly and rarely speed up. These tires maintained a certain authority and grip on the road giving me the confidence that I could apply sudden brakes and not suffer a slipping or skidding situation. However, this was limited to moderate speeds. On high speeds, the tire began to lose traction and would often find it hard to grab the road which made me feel insecure and force me to come back to a lower speed.

Having said that, the cornering and gliding through tight turns was a piece of cake and never suffered a dip.

Wet Conditions

On the wet roads, the tires were (just) as good as they were on the dry roads. The tire did not struggle to maintain a regular traction. The stability could be felt in the steering and the grip was highly evident as the vehicle moved on the road. Sadly, the story used to change as soon as I started speeding. The tires would often lose the traction and as a driver, I would start losing confidence in the car. But again, for an everyday drive, these tires were marvelous and get all the brownie points.

Snow/Icy Conditions

While the Sincera SN828 can handle a little amount of snow, I would totally not recommend taking them on a snowy adventure. These tires neither have the structure nor the capability to handle more than a few millimeters of snow. If you live in a place which faces even a little amount of snow or often take your vehicle to these places, Sincera SN828 would not work for you. I would recommend looking at a different tire for driving on snowy roads.

Comfort and Noise

These tires are made for city roads and they work perfectly on those. They never lose traction and do not make excessive noise. In fact, even while cornering on the edges, you will get anything inside the cockpit.

The tires also handle bumps and cracks quite effectively. They work like a charm on the city as well as highways. They truly act like a touring tire when it comes to comfort. Working together with the excellent suspension of the car, this tire can provide exceptional comfort on the highways.

Wear and Tear

A lot of people who have been using Sincera SN828 complain about wear. However, one thing that they do not consider is the fact that they paid almost beans to get them. These tires might not be the longest lasting variant available but at the price they cost, they are perfect. My set was working great even after all the miles and some crazy stuff they had been through. Plus, a lot of people to whom I have suggested this tire love it and recommend it further to their family and friends. The rotation feature (the one that tells you when the tires have been worn out) adds more value to the tire and makes it a steal.

Final Word

This is a touring tire for the people who drive responsibly. These are not the tires for the people who love to speed or drive rash. The performance in the dry and wet condition is remarkable but when it comes to snow, these tires a big letdown. However, considering the price that they bear, I see no point in expecting them to perform ‘great’ in every condition. If you have a hatchback and need a set of budget tires, go for Falken Sincera SN828.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this Falken Sincera SN828 review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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