Hankook Optimo H724 Review: How good is it?

Hankook Optimo H724 review
Dry 90%
Wet 80%
Snow 75%
Comfort 90%
Noise 90%
Treadwear 80%
Overall 85%

Hello and welcome to my Hankook Optimo H724 review.

It is good to go for tires that will embrace your road on all season without costing you any extra time to change the tires due to different weather conditions.

Is that all?

It is also important to buy a tire that will favor you during the summer but it is also important to consider if the tire has an even wear tread. This is one thing you will get to enjoy from the Hankook Optimo H724 tire.

Despite the weather conditions, there are other important factors to consider before buying a tire.

Why should you buy this tire?

This is not the tire you have to bare with noise as you drive. Why? The tire reduces road noise and makes your trip peaceful. And though it is an all season tire, you will get to enjoy an improved traction during those very wet weather conditions.  Also, this tire will offer you fast braking during wet seasons. Nevertheless that will result to a shorter tread life.  And just as I have mentioned in this Hankook Optimo H724 review, high standard of stability is assured since the tire has a center rib block.

As much as you may enjoy the comfort of the ride, the ability to take corners may be limited.

What of the speed?

Talking of the speed now:

Sometimes the early morning haste cannot allow you to take all the time on the road. You must drive fast to get to your destinations on time.  No problem. This tire offers an increased performance during such times when you are at a high speed. However, you will have to cough a little more when it comes to fuel usage.  Therefore, when you have an emergency that needs you at a particular place within a short time, keep your pocket well packed since fuel usage will be high.

Nevertheless, it is good to note that the tire may limit your speed when taking tires because it have a tendency of sliding when you are taking corners.

What of its price?

At the time of writing this review of Hankook Optimo H724, it is evident that anyone can afford the tire.  Its prices are low than most tires in the market. With as little as $55, you can have the Hankook tire.

Moving on to tread life:

You can drive yourself, and may be friends or family for long distances without having to worry about wearing out of the tires. Yes, even up to 75,000 miles. Again, if you are that kind of driver who hates buying new tires every new season, then, the Hankook Optimo H724 tire is just the best fit for you since it offers a long life tread.

What terrain is it mostly suited for?

What do others say about the tractions? Reviews that have been made by users of this tire about the dry traction; the tire will still offer you a speedy ride even on a freeway. Well, when it comes to the winter traction, the tires do not perform as well as in the dry traction. It is actually rated below 50% which is may make it not a good choices for winter seasons.

Generally, this tire has been tested and proved impressive even in most slippery roads.

What of the snow traction? This tire will give you a cool ride on light snow traction. By the way, how many tires can drive on all; dry, wet and snow tractions. Thanks to the manufacturer of this tire, in it we have an all season tire.

Who is this tire made for?

With your passengers car, the light trucks or even the SUV, you should consult the manufacturer to have the tires. What you only need to do is specify the type of your car and the size you want and you are ready to have your Honkook Optimo H724 tire.

Are there many types of tires?

Yes, a variety of tires are available depending on your preference. First, there are standard Touring All-season Tires. Are you a driver who never predicts your next season on the road since you travel to too many places? No worries. This type of tire comes in handy whatever the season traction it lands on. The Standard Touring All-season tire comes with an S- or T- speed rating durability and a predictable handling.

Some tires also have the M+S symbol branded on them. Don’t go for any tire that is not original. Make sure that if you are purchasing the Standard Touring All-Season tire; you can vividly see a symbol on it. Don’t ignore looking for that symbol. The symbol is used on all Sedans and Sporty coupes as original Equipment which is abbreviated as O.E.

It is also important to buy a tire that will favor you during the summer but it is also important to consider if the tire has uneven wear tread. This is one thing you will not get to enjoy from the Honkook Optimo H724 tire.

With these tires, the tread wear is said to be uneven. Also, the edges are reported to wear out quickly while the centre tread takes a little longer. But there is good news for you from the manufacturer of the Honkook Optimo H724 tire. You can replace your worn out tires by buying the original Equipment standard Touring All-season tires.

Again, you can also use the O.E for other applications apart from worn-out tire replacement but should ensure that you use them as either axle pairs or in sets of four. In this case, they should all match in matter of size, speed rate, the range of loads, category or performance and tire and all other specifications.

As a matter of fact, the Honkook Optimo H724 Review clearly shows that this tire is a good choice for any driver who is concerned about the life of his car tires, the season and the miles his car can take him. You can also take the tire to the manufacturer if in case you are not satisfied with the quality after purchase. The manufacturer gives a warrant to take care of such cases.

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  1. I purchased four all season hankook tires from Sears auto four years ago, 100.000 mile guranteed. I have a about 35,000 on the tires and I not need new tires. Sears is closed so I believe I shall switch to another brand.


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