How to get a spare tire down without the tool

Drive on a long road, one of your car tires can be damaged or explode. Before changing the spare tire, the driver must know how to get a spare tire down first. However, in some cases, you have no specialized tool to get it down. So, how to get a spare tire down without the tool?

Cannot get the spare tire down or get it down in the wrong to can lead to accidental damage. These things are as bad as not having a changing tire. Hence, this article will show you how to get a spare tire down without the tool for the two most common car brands, Ford F150 and Chevy Silverado.

Spare tire removal without tool for Ford F150

Takedown the spare tire of Ford car

Takedown the spare tire of Ford car

First, it requires some simple equipment to handle the shortage of crucial tools. Get yourself some small joint piles. Also, find one partner to give you a hand. When you are in need, the friend shall assist you when the spare tire is excessively large for hard to carry.

Once getting the necessary things, you can now start getting the spare tire. However, to prevent accidental damage and injury, remember to check each car wheel. Normally, you must park the car on a flat, dry surface, and fully wheel-blocked. Safety first, and ignorance would lead to severe property damage and bodily injuries, or even death.

After the car’s front wheels are blocked, it is safe to settle to the underbody parts of the car. First, find the guide tube of your vehicle, which usually at the back of the vehicle. Then, try your best effort to turn and pull it simultaneously. When it comes off, then you can access the drop of the spare tire.

Spare Tire Removal without Tool for Chevy Silverado

Takedown the spare tire of Chevy Silverado car

Takedown the spare tire of Chevy Silverado car

For a model with a robust and heavy-duty build as Chevy Silverado, you would need some different tools. The essential items required include an ignition switch key and a jack repair kit. Jack kit is a long pouch that is placed under the car back seat.

First, accessing the backward car parts and checking the status of the spare tire. Then, kneeling or lying on your stomach to give a check to the bumper. Once you identify the location of the spare tire, change to the passenger side.

Behind the plastic cover, there will be a central opening. Next, use the specialized key, turn it to the right-hand side. Then, bring the kit to the back of the car, open it to get the above equipment.

One rod will have a more comprehensive end than the others. Set this aside and attach it to another rod.

The tool link will give you enough space to reach the bumper. Then, turn the bar in the reverse clockwise way and the spare tire will slowly come off.


A car spraying or unexpected tire explosion is a case that no one wants while driving on the road. However, preparing the necessary skills, as well as the principle of changing tires, will help you most effectively and safely.

In case when you have no advanced tool to take down the spare tires, this article has shown how to get a spare tire down without the tool. If you have any comments or sharing experiences, please type it down below and follow our next articles.

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