Best Safe Driving Apps to Help End Distracted Driving

Speeding and distracted driving are the main causes of accidents. That is the reason why some countries over the world ban the use of hand-held equipment while driving.

While smartphones are considered as the most dangerous distraction, accurate use of apps on smartphones can minimize risk and increase safe driving behaviour. There are some best apps for safer driving listed here for you to choose from quickly.

These apps will monitor distractions, call for help if you need and protect yourself. Let’s get started now!

What Is A Safe Driving App?

For someone who may not know, a safe driving app performs a function, or it includes a feature allowing you to drive more safely. It can monitor your vehicle's speed to notice you if you drive too fast or cut down on the distraction.

When smartphones used in the car keep leading to accidents, it makes sense to pay attention to safe driving.

Best Apps for Safer Driving Reviews



The first application to assist you with a safe driving journey in the list is Life Saver. The manufacturer has created this application to help the driver to focus more, not affected by external factors while driving.

From there it can minimize the risk of unwanted. For Android operating systems, Life Saver will access your operating system. As for iOS users, they will be alerted to focus on the road through the notification banner. The special thing is that the application will automatically detect the user is driving if it is running in the background.

However, if you do not want to be notified anymore, you can choose to turn it off. This application has a passenger mode that is allowed to be used in moving vehicles. You can activate it at any time, and add an emergency call list, preventing bad situations.

Besides, Life Saver allows your relatives to track your driving journey if you are traveling alone. If your mom or dad always complains about your arrival time, this handy app will ease their anxiety.

For teen drivers, parents can manage their children through Life Saver. Each month will have a dashboard showing statistics on safe driving time, number of violations, emergency unlocking and unlocking passengers.


  • Free
  • Access navigation
  • Give each user a discount on their car insurance


  • Drain on the battery

This is truly a great app that many users find useful, so it can be a great choice for you.


Another application that you may like is Drive To help the driver focus more, Drive will automatically read your incoming messages out loud while you are driving.

It can be said that the manufacturer has designed this application with the desire to minimize one of the most likely causes of a crash while driving - reading messages while on the road. Its mechanism of action helps drivers to keep their eyes on the road at all times and not be distracted by several other things.

This is a pretty convenient app that automatically turns text messages into audio messages. Drive then sends a text to the other party informing him that the driver is currently unable to respond to the message. Therefore, you will not have to worry that your friends will feel ignored.

Besides, the design that allows you to stay connected while you are hands-free will not affect your phone, the battery will not be drained because of it.

Another great thing is that this great app automatically converts abbreviations and dates into full words. For example, if you receive a message that had 20/1/19, the application will automatically read 20th January 2019. It's convenient, right?


  • Good natural voices
  • Understand dates and acronyms
  • Reply to senders automatically to let them know that you heard the message


  • Need the internet connection

This app receives many good feedbacks from users around the world. The first time they used it, they were so impressed. It is undeniable that this is one of the driver assistance applications worth using.

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

TrueMotion Family is an application developed by technology company TrueMotion. This is an application for all family members, attracting them to become safe drivers and always focused during driving.

The first great feature I appreciate the most is driver scoring. TrueMotion Family will automatically track each person's trip and score based on four factors: distracted by calls, messages; drive safe; driving speed and danger time (about 0 am to 4 am).

Through this, family members can be ranked and share the results to see who has the highest score. Those who have the lowest score will have to improve themselves while driving.

The mechanism for detecting distraction while driving can distinguish between driver and passenger. At the same time, it can detect whether you are using your phone to text, play games while driving or not.

With the ability to measure two levels of distraction passive and active, it will grade you. If the frequency of the lack of concentration decreases, your score will be increased.

Another advantage of TrueMotion Family is that it has a position-aware mode. Everyone in the family can track each other's real-time via this app. However, this is a feature that can optionally turn on or off according to the user's wishes.


  • Pretty accurate
  • Great as teaching aid
  • Great for new drivers


  • Update location more slowly than expectation

Just for the first time of use, I appreciate this family-friendly app. Because it not only helps the driver to have a focused and safe trip but also helps to connect everyone in the family.



Created with the motto: "Caring for what matters", DriveSmart always ensures that drivers will have the safest and most comfortable ride with their cars.

When using this application, incoming calls will be transferred to voicemail, and it will also mute incoming messages. If you're worried that not responding quickly will upset your friends, DriveSmart will automatically send them a message telling you that you can't reply right now.

Besides, the developer designed this application with many features integrated. It not only measures the distance and time of each trip but also predicts incidents through speed, braking, turning, and reacting to traffic lights. Thereby, the user will be able to improve driving performance from the advice of this application.

Besides the free version, you can also upgrade this app to a more advanced (paid) version called Drive Smart Plus. Whenever your vehicle starts moving, it will automatically turn on without any action from you. The application also helps parents to track their child's driving journey in the best way.

Especially, the developer of Drive Smart sponsored a contest for teenagers to encourage them and their peers to drive carefully and safely. The winner will receive a reward of up to $ 10,000.


  • Simple and user-friendly
  • A plenty of positive values
  • Improve driving skill


  • The recording does not work sometimes

I have also experienced DriveSmart's features and were quite surprised by their usability. I think it has the full feature to please you.



Last but not least, EverDrive is an indispensable application in this review.

It can be said that distraction while driving can completely cause unwanted accidents. Therefore, while driving, the driver must have the highest concentration. But sometimes you may not be aware of this and distracted by calls, or messages from the phone.

EverDrive was created to help you eliminate all these problems. During each trip, this application will track all the main elements and your actions. It then scores you when you stop driving.

High or low scores depend entirely on your level of concentration, along with speed, reaction to the signals. Therefore, to get the highest score, you should drive the most carefully.

If you are a competitive player, EverDrive will satisfy you. This app allows its users to compete against each other's scores. Thereby, you and your family and friends can work together to raise the awareness of safe driving. That's very wonderful!


  • Notifications are not annoying or obnoxious
  • Good drivers can receive insurance discounts
  • Free


  • Drain the battery of your phone

Some users used to employ quite a lot of driver assistance applications from different developers. And they have to say that this is one of the apps they appreciate the most.

How To Minimize Distracted Driving?

Do not do multi-task

Drivers should do only one thing when they are on the road, that is drive. They must not do many tasks at the same time. These tasks include not video chatting, texting, or posting something on social media while driving. In general, you should not use your technological devices.

Do not eat or drink

Drinking or eating while driving will be a huge distraction. Drivers should eat or drink before or after finishing driving. If necessary, they can pull over the car to eat.

Prepare all adjustment prior to hitting the road

Drivers can set climate control, GPS, sound systems, seats, or mirrors before starting the journey.

Keep eyes straight on the road

Drivers need to avoid looking at things on the road such as eye-catching billboards or cool-looking buildings. It is highly recommended that drivers should scan mirrors every eight seconds and move eyes every two seconds.

Do not drive while feeling sleepy

Drowsy driving is one of the most remarkable factors resulting in crashes annually. And this can pose a threat to driving execution more than alcohol does. Therefore, a drowsy driver should stop driving by pulling off the road or find a place to have a rest.


How do these apps affect my battery life?

Similar to any apps using location or GPS, these apps will affect your battery life. Generally, they use a negligible battery amount when you are taking a trip as battery performance may vary and is affected by other apps you are installing.

Almost all people will not notice a huge difference before and after installing these apps. However, if your phone is used for a long time or you have a long commute, you should plugin when driving.

How do I update the app?

Actually, the software companies always work hard to make apps better, and often push out updates improving existing features and adding new ones.

It is recommended that you should set up your phone to automatically update applications to make sure that you are running the greatest and latest version of these apps.

How much is the app?

The app is free, and some apps might come as part of your package of insurance.

Will the app truly help me improve driving?

The answer is yes. The app will update you regularly on your driving style through the in-app messages. It also offers advice on the method to improve your driving style and helps you aware of what you need to focus on. However, it is all up to you.

Can you explain about the Red Messages?

The red message will be sent if the app has recorded any driving behaviors that are believed to be dangerous and may put you at risk. They are accelerating or braking too harshly, driving too fast or too late at night.

This may alter something about your driving or call us to explain to make sure you will drive more carefully in the near future. Hopefully, we do not need to send you any of these because getting too many may influence on your policy cover.

Final Words

Here are our top picks of the best apps for safer driving. It is recommended that you can go to your smart phone's play store or app store and looking for "safe driving apps". You will easily find any app which is compatible with your phone.

Also, there are several non-mobile phone related devices that offer many safe driving features. They are worth testing as well.

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